DEARBORN (WWJ) – A jury trial has been ordered to decide whether Koran-burning Florida pastor, Terry T. Jones should pay for the police presence at his planned protest in front of a Dearborn mosque on Good Friday.

Jones was called to a Dearborn courtroom to answer a local lawman’s charges that his planned demonstration will incite a riot.

Jones captured headlines last September 11th, by threatening to burn a Koran on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Though it didn’t happen, he did burn a Koran earlier this month that sparked violence in Afghanistan.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said he has reason to believe Jones will do it again as part of Friday’s demonstration in front of the Islamic Center of America, but Jones denies having such plans.

He said he will protest even if the city denies a permit.

The Wayne County Prosecutor will ask a Dearborn District Judge, Thursday, to make the controversial Florida pastor pay thousands of dollars for extra security for his planned protest in front of a Dearborn mosque.

The prosecutor said it will cover the extra cost police will incur for a helicopter, barricades and overtime for police officers. Prosecutors want a peace bond from Jones for fear the protest could lead to violence.

How do Metro Detroiters feel about Jones’ visit?  Dan Fogal of St. Clair County said Jones should have the right to protest, as long as they’re peaceful about it.

“I know people around here don’t have any ill intentions. As far as I know, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to get out of control. He’s just trying to make a fool out of himself, as far as I’m concerned,” Fogal said.

“Marie,” talking to WWJ while filling up at a gas station next to the mosque, wasn’t sure what to think.

“Personally, I don’t really care either way. I mean, it is freedom of speech. But he should have respect for people who do believe in that religion,” she said.

“Somebody could get hurt, protection their believe. So, I think he should pay (for security),” Marie added.

An open letter from Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly to Jones urged the Florida Pastor to move his protest to the City Hall and away from the mosque. And, O’Reilly says he wants anti-Jones groups to stay away from the mosque as well. “We are going to be very cautious with groups that come together and clash, initially, with aggressive verbal because we’ll be watching closely the minute that crosses the line into any physical violence. It’ll be dealt with sharply and quickly,” says O’Reilly.

Rallies and counter-protests have also been planned.

The Dearborn mayor said if any group protests in an area where they would have needed a permit, they will be ticketed and asked to leave. He planned to have extra police on duty.

Comments (14)
  1. liberty says:

    Why is it the news media didn’t seem to have a problem with the burning of arabic bibles in afghanistan, but here, in America, where we are supposed to be encouraged to be free in our thoughts, are being down trodden. I think we should send a message and burn an ephigy of muhammed too. No religion should be above another. Remember, religion is totally man made.

  2. Tired says:

    Why doesn’t the media and everyone just ignore this guy. All he is looking for is attention and free publicity. Everyone seems to be feeding into it and making it worse than it should be. Don’t help this guy in his crusade and give him any attention. Let him have his little protest all by himself and find something more constructive to do. There are bigger problems in this Country to worry about.

  3. Gary says:

    “The Wayne County Prosecutor will ask a Dearborn District Judge, Thursday, to make the controversial Florida pastor pay thousands of dollars for extra security for his planned protest in front of a Dearborn mosque. The prosecutor says it will cover the extra cost police will incur for a helicopter, barricades and overtime for police officers. Prosecutors want a peace bond from Jones for fear the protest could lead to violence.”

    All to protect the religion of “peace”. I don’t agree with burning any books but with all the rioting and threats from the Muslim world that this one pastor has caused gives us a justifiable reason to question the legitimacy of the label “religion of peace” that the Muslim’s claim.

  4. Dan says:

    Hello… we all know where Pastor Terry Jones is going when he dies. Burning a book of faith, of any kind, should be a fast ticket to Hell. What kind of God and Jesus does Mr. Jones believe in that is differnt than the God and Jesus in the Koran?

  5. Marty says:

    Looks like the muslim extremists have succeeded. As a Christian, I wish this much concern was taken whenever somone wanted to destroy a Bible. The muslims have successfully limited free speech in America and instilled fear regarding any negativity toward their religion. Am I the only one that sees how America is being manipulated by these extremists? I don’t agree with what this guy is doing, but I do agree with his right to do so. Isn’t that what makes us different from other countries??? Our government is playing right into the intimidation these extremists are trying to perpetuate in America. This guy wants to burn some paper with words on it. If the muslim religion is so weak that it can’t withstand this action, then it is indeed a weak religion that can easily be shaken. People can burn all the Bibles they want, and my faith isn’t shaken one bit. My faith can stand alone despite anyone’s criticism or destruction of a Bible. This guy shouldn’t be treated any different from someone who chose to protest outside a church and/or destroy a Bible. This is so NOT a religion of peace!!!!!!

  6. koranagirl says:

    If you want to support a feminist, all peace and all love version of the Koran, go and purchase a copy of “The Korana of Motiher Goddess” available on Amazon, ebay and Lulu dot com.

    Show the world that the US stands for peace and equality in Islam.

    And then practice it! QED

  7. koranagirl says:

    yeah, that’s it. if you want to show you stand for peace and love and equality, then a better way to show it is for this guy to pass out tons and tons of Korana’s.

    then no one can criticize. how can you criticize peace, love and equality?

  8. Rebel says:

    Shira law will be here before you know it. We are kidding ourselves if we don’t believe it. Look at parts of Europe where there are more Muslims than we have in Dearborn and look how they are pushing for Shira law in those areas. The birth rate of Muslims in many European countries far exceeds the local population birth rate – so when there are enough Muslims in these countries Shira law will happen as they will just vote it in. We are kidding ourselves believing these politicials who believe Islam is a religion of peace – just look at the reaction to the buring of the Koran in Afghanistan – killing innocent people over that really is a peaceful act – right. All you young people who believe this is a peaceful religion – just ask the FBI why they have increased their agents 10 fold just in Los Angles because of the change in the mind set of the Imans in all the Mosque in that area to a much more radical nature.

  9. Mike says:

    This is America and entitles citizens to freedom of speech whether or not one agrees. This fact was known to any and all who immigrate to the US. As such this awareness means any rioting becomes premeditated and not the responsibility of Americans exercising their rights. It is reasonable to expect personal restraint from those who do not agree. That is a reasonably prudent man may not agree but would not riot.,

  10. Mark McKee says:

    I don’t think Mr. Jones is doing the right thing by burning the Koran but he has the right to do it. Who is the real problem here, the man who will burn some paper and then go away or the people who are threatening violence if he burns the paper? Trying to get your way by means of violence is not what this country is about. We have free speech so that people have an outlet for their frustrations and do not have to resort to violence. When we give into those who threaten us we accept and encourage their behavior.

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