How are people celebrating Earth Day?
10. Sam Cassell doesn’t celebrate earth day, he waits until May to celebrate Blargon 5 day. Scott in Berkley
9. Najeh davenport doing his part by donating his special blend of fertilizer to each American household…Ryan in a truck
8. How are people celebrating earth day? Marty Morningweg is worshiping the wind Tom at work
7. FROM: Deuce… How people are celebrating Earth Day: Delonte West is sending a dozen roses, some jewelry, and a his room key to Mother Earth
6. Greg Oden is spending earth day telling everyone what life was like hundres of years ago when the planet was clean enough that we didnt need earth day.
5. For Earth Day, Matthew Broderick ditched the car and rode his wife to work. JK @work
4. For earth day, Rodney Stuckey switched to clean burning natural gas to fuel the fire that burns inside him. -Norm
3. Jim Price is celebrating Earth day by giving Earth props. It is in a “nice area”, of the solar system. – from boosh
2. celebrating earth day – Terrel Pryor traded his Rose Bowl jock strap for an earth tattoo- Paul canton
1. When asked why he didnt celebrate earth day, allen iverson said, “Were talking about earth day. Not christmas. Earth day”


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