With so many challenges and issues facing Detroit, guess who’s trying to help? Here’s a hint … cars, energy, retail and media.  This week on Michigan Matters Carol Cain talks with Jim Vella of the Ford Fund, Rishi Jaitly from the Knight Foundation, Karla Hall of the DTE Foundation, and Laura Trudeau of the Kresge Foundation.

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  1. indycar01 says:

    before funding ANY charity. please visit, MRMCMED.ORG, reform march of dimes.org, over 200 charities no longer fund animal research (humaneseal.org). animal research has NEVER been validated (pcrm.org). “currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs FAIL in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory animal studies” said health and human services secretary mike leavitt. “work on prevention of polio was LONG DELAYED by an erroneous conception of the nature of the human disease based on MISLEADING experimentail models of the disease in monkeys” albert sabin, m.d., during a 1984 house subcommittee. “there is a laundry list of problems with mouse models of cancer research” dr.bob weinburg, director of the ludwig center for cancer research at m.i.t. every year charities spend 100s of millions of dollars on animal research. STILL no cure, how many more millions (Billions??) before they stop being so GULLIBLE… do they STILL believe the world is flat?

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