LANSING (WWJ) – More state budget discussion in Lansing this week, after  a state senate committee proposes cutting 15 percent in funding to Michigan’s universities, with more accountability when it comes to stem cell research.

Senate Republican John Pappageorge says taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being used. 

“The taxpayers sent us here to keep track of stuff, so regardless of the issue, we need to know what’s going on, we should ask for it,” says Pappageorge.

Democrats say it would discourage stem cell research at universities.

  1. alan poganski says:

    Once again the republicans are not satisfied with balancing the budget off the poor. Now they are going after the sick and injured for a balanced budget.

    The people have spoken and we want all forms of Stem Cell research funded. How many people must die needlessly because of a lack of a therapy from not funding the research?

    Congressman Greyson said it bluntly when it comes to the replublican plan to treating the sick, If you are sick or injured and don’t recover on your own, “Just Die and Die Quickly” .

    How many more people have to die needlessly for republican core values?

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