Recently, WWJ-TV asked me to take on a new task.  The job was at the Michigan International Wine Show.  (I know, not a bad gig.)  No, I wasn’t invited to taste the wines.  In fact, this situation didn’t give me much time to try any.  Why was I recruited? My job was to be an auctioneer! 

Think about it.  This could be a tough sell, pitching folks who only want to have fun tasting tons of wine.  Also, the auction came near the end of the evening when everyone may be feeling a bit sparkly.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt confident folks would want to help kids.  You see, the live auction was to benefit Sweet Dreamzzz, a children’s charity that provides bedding and sleep kits to at risk kids.  Their waiting list of recipients is around 5,000. 

I took the stage during the last half hour of the wine festival.  And you know what?  I had fun! 

Auctioneer Lori

Going Once, Going Twice.....

We had some awesome prizes; a golf getaway, a Tayshaun Prince autographed Pistons’ basketball, a mountain spa retreat, car detailing, and concert tickets…all easy to sell items to a willing crowd.  I was pleased to see the audience grow and actively compete!  The bids kept coming and all 10 of my items made money for charity!  These pictures feature some of the happy participants. 

Waiting to bid

Don't wait too long to bid!


Discussing the bids

Talking over the bids

Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for Sweet Dreamzzz!  Now that’s what I call winning!

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