How are people dealing with this morning’s fog?
10. Terry Foster picked up the fog at the bar last night, but to his dismay it was still hanging around this morning. -Alex in Berkley
9. From Chris at work… How are people dealing with fog….Charles Rogers and Ricky Williams didn’t notice anything different.
8. Ahhhh, the FOG! That’s why Cabrera walked home last week. He couldn’t see Gene Lamont’s stop sign. Chris-Chicago
7. Roberto Luongo just flops on the ground and lets the fog go by- Kyle
6. How are people dealing with the fog? Gene Lamont tried holding it up in Chicago but it ran right through the stop sign. Joe in Troy
5. Fog? That 4 letter network bought the rights to the fog, promoted the heck out of it & it scored better ratings than playoff hockey on versus. Jeff WB
4. How are people dealing with the fog? Snoop Dogg is confused while driving around town trying to figure out where the party’s at? Kenny Novi
3. What other people are doing about the fog…Rod Allen is waiting for it to lift…So I can see ya Joe Mauer! Tim in Sterling Hts
2. How did people handle the fog? It wasn’t fog, it was Jim Tressel’s smoke and mirrors! -Dan in Livonia
1. How will Jim Tressel handle the fog….? He’ll deal with it 8 months later Justin in chesterfield


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