LANSING (WWJ) – The leader of the Democratic minority in the Michigan Senate says she is pursuing a constitutional amendment to keep Governor Rick Snyder from dipping into the state’s School Aid Fund to help pay for his proposed business tax credit.

State Senator Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing said the Fund should remain earmarked strictly for K-through-12 school funding support, and not as a supplement to the Governor’s proposed $2 billion business tax cut.

“We generally spend about $13 billion on our schools annually. And for the governor to come in and try to take this money that’s been dedicated for schools and force enormous cuts on our kids is just a bad idea when you’re trying to move the state of Michigan forward,” Whitmer said.

Governor Snyder has proposed taking $900-Million out of the fund in next year’s budget. The Michigan Senate is expected to vote on the matter on Wednesday.

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    It is now time for the public sector unions (teachers) to take their well deserved hair-cut just like the rest of us who have already done so. do they think they are better than us? It ure looks like it!

    1. Colleen says:

      The teachers have already been taking cut after cut. There is a SURPLUS in the fund that taxpayers decided should only be used for education – we really have enough in there to give the school districts another $150 per child, not cut $300 per child. Why should Snyder be allowed to raid a fund that again, the taxpayers said was for education, so that Amway can get another tax cut, even after sending all our jobs to China?

  2. Eleanore B. says:

    A college education is a choice for motivated young adults, not a gimme to be paid for from taxpayer dollars. Grants, loans, scholarships and oh yeah, jobs can be used to pay for a college education. Get off your butts people and start working for what you want instead of expecting handouts.

    1. Josie says:

      You tell me what job someone who does not have a college education can get that will pay for college. If funding is cut, there are no grants or loans – that comes FROM taxpayer dollars. But I guess it’s better to let people stay in minimum wage jobs so people like you can look down their noses at them to “get off their butts”.
      You need to get off your butt and stop being so ignorant.

      1. Eleanore says:

        I worked three jobs in the summer, one during the school year, applied for and received scholarships and had a student loan (which does not come from taxpayer dollars, they come from banks) because I knew I’d need a college education. A minimum wage job beats a welfare check.

    2. Josie says:

      Loans come from the government. The banks, etc. just manage those loans. How long ago did you get your degree? I just finished my masters and had to take loans despite holding a full time job that pays much more than minimum wage.

      So it’s better to hold a minimum wage job, be unable to afford insurance, unable to afford safe child care, and be just one paycheck away from total disaster. As I said, people like you need the poor just to have someone to feel superior to.

  3. you know its right says:

    Wher did you park that broom while you were in class?

  4. Eleanore says:

    Wow, why should the taxpayers have to subsidize your advanced education? That was your choice to get a Masters degree so it’s your responsibility to pay for it – not mine or anybody else’s. Many employers reimburse tuition – even McDonald’s.

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