This is the story of a patient love.

I was recently in Vegas, having dinner with my husband outdoors on a beautiful 80 degree day.  A woman walked by our table dressed in a long peach gown and wrist corsage. Heading toward the gazebo, she asked my husband to take a picture of her with her fiancé.  So begins the story of Victory and Judith.

It really began 47 years ago. In Adrian, Michigan, Vic asked Judith to marry him. Though she initially said yes, Judith thought they were too young at 17 and 18, and gave the ring back.  Vic went into the service.  Both eventually married someone else.

But Vic never forgot Judith.  He moved to an adult retirement community in Vegas.  Judith’s cousin joined not long after.  Seeing a resemblance, Vic asked about Judith and discovered her husband passed away last August.  He decided to send her a sympathy card in Michigan.

Judith and Vic talked a lot via email. In February, he asked if he could take her out for her birthday. Vic flew back to Michigan to be by her side. Both say the date was as if they were never parted. Vic said their kiss took him back to age 18.  Now 65, he told Judith, he “didn’t want to waste a day. Forty seven years ago, you gave me something back.  I’d like to look for a special ring again, if you don’t mind”.

A Special Kiss Remembered
A Special Kiss Remembered

Apparently, Vic found what he was looking for.  On a warm, sunny day in Vegas, he got down on one knee in the restaurant and asked his love to marry him again!  This time she said yes, for life!

She Said Yes!
She Said Yes!

What are the odds of them finding each other again in life and feeling a connection?  What are the odds of them asking the only Michiganders in the restaurant to take their picture and share their story?

A Pleasure to Meet You Both!
A Pleasure to Meet You Both!

In Vegas, Vic wins the best prize of all with his lucky coin firmly in one hand.  It says “Believe”.

All You Have To Do Is Believe
All You Have To Do Is Believe

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Comments (20)
  1. Victory Becker says:

    We want to thank Lori Pinson for writing this article. It is truly a dramatic love story for us. We certainly thank Cathy McLarty for puting us back in touch.

  2. Cathy McLarty says:

    You both know I was only the middle person. The creator above is the one to thank. I know you both do that on a daily basis. God has a plan for all of us. Being in the last season of your lives, I am so glad your season will be the happiest ever!!!! Love to both.

  3. Lori Pinson says:

    Thank you for allowing me to tell your story. I shared it with our viewers all this morning on both CBS and CW50. It was a ray of sunshine on this rainy day in Detroit!

  4. Kris Kelly says:

    I love a good love story!!

  5. Audrey Potter says:

    This is truly a God Given brought together by Him, love story. One that they will never forgot.

  6. Violet Wallace says:

    Congratulations to this very happy couple! May they have many beautiful years together. Remember, the years between were for a reason, and the years from now on, are also a reason! May God bless you both!

  7. Ron Sharon leffingwell says:

    Congradulations for one of the best residents of Leffingwell Estates. We would welcome Vic to our family of residnets. This was a very lovely story.

  8. Ron & Beth says:

    We are so very happy for your happiness. It certainly has to be a match made in heaven. It is far too unusual to just be a coincidence.

  9. J. Pebbles says:

    What about Judith’s 30 plus years married to Mr.Stephenson who passed away just a few months ago? His two children and biological grandchildren? Not to mention his family in the Toledo OH. / Memphis, TN areas.

    Isn’t there a certain time a person should allow before asking for someones hand in marriage? Unless there was “monkey business” going on! This sounds made up to me. I feel for the remaining family that has to see this quick and unjust move so quickly.

    I knew Mr. Stephenson and could not believe what I heard this morning.

  10. Amy says:

    Congratulations Judy! I’m so happy for you. What a wonderful article.

  11. Tammy Creger Gibbs says:

    So Happy for you Judy! It’s too bad that some people have to post negative comments! Come on what century do we live in? I also lost my Husband, I didn’t know there was a book on grieving etiquette!

  12. Cindy Kreeger says:

    I, too, love a good love story. When a man and a woman are meant to be together. Surely the date of Judith’s first husband was December 2009, and not one month after his passing. A person has not mourned in that short amount of time. Hope this is wrong. If the date is wrong, congratulations!

  13. Colleen M says:

    I am right with you there Tammy. Until someone has lost a spouse they don’t know what the grieving process is.. When you have been married to someone who you thought would be your one and only and then they die and then later on you find someone else whether you knew them from the past or just met them, you can’t help how soon it happens. so what your suppose to grieve for years after and not be happy because of the of the other family members.. Sorry my happiness comes before first…

  14. diane Jackson says:

    Congratulations! Hope this doesn’t mean we’ve lost our best Class of 1964 alumni booster.

  15. Charlotte Olin says:

    Very Shocking!

  16. Victory Becker says:

    I feel I need to comment on this blog to the comment by J Pebbles who thinks he is some kind of authority on grieving. He supposedly was Jim’s friend and obviously doesn’t know that Judy was deeply in love with Jim for 30+ years. His insinuations were totally out of line and he obviouly doesn’t know me. If he would like to know me write to He can say what he wants to me but should learn to keep his mouth shut went speaking about a lady who has done nothing wrong. I have been in love with Judy for 47 years and was engaged to her in 1964 and thanks to some devine intervention we were put back together for a chance meeting. Judy STILL grieves but has to move on, she still has her moments and I am glad to be there for her. She had a wonderful marriage and some creep should not be able to comment on a blog with such venomous insinuations. By the way Jim passed in August not December FTYI.

  17. Carol Patterson says:

    Dear Judy,
    Congratulations and Gods blessing to you and Victor….
    Go hand in hand and cherish the time you have together…

  18. Chirs Saylor says:

    As the Stepson of Jim Stephenson for 30 plus years I feel I know him very well. I know for a fact he we would want my Mother to be happy and he would not put a time line on it. Life is short and if you could ask my Stepdad that question I think he would agree. If something feels right you should do it, we are not given a day our time will come. I suggest anyone who has lost a love one can understand how presious our time is here on earth. For those judging I would encourage a postive approach to something that turned from sorrow to happiness. I miss my Stepdad more than anything but know he would be happy about this not angry.
    Congrats Mom, and I look forward to welcoming Vic into my families life.

  19. Lynette (Paulson) Loffing says:

    Congratulations Vic and Judith. Wonderful things happen to wonderful people!!

  20. Madeline (Saylor) Smith says:

    Ron & I look forward to seeing you, & mmeeting Vik this Friday.
    Much love, my friend.
    Hugs, Mad

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