Two Cops Suspended, Warned Patrons Of Raid At Illegal Club

DETROIT (WWJ/AP)– Two Detroit police officers are suspended, accused of partying at an illegal after-hours club while on duty and tipping off patrons about an impending raid.

The club, near Southfield and Joy Roads, was being staked out late this March when Officers Henry Jackson and Jamil Martin, who were not part of the operation, went inside.

Authorities said the officers and most of the patrons left by the time the club was raided. In all, three people were arrested and 18 were ticketed.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement it believes as investigators were finalizing details of a warrant for the raid, patrons inside the establishment were tipped off as to the pending operation and left the premises before the raid took place.

Police believe Jackson and Martin warned patrons via text messages about the raid. They both have been suspended with pay as an investigation into the incident continues.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • anjayla stafford

    As I have said before Detroit Police
    Are the most sorriest cops I have ever seen
    No wonder they can’t do their jobs
    Right they are too busy hanging out
    In illegal after hours clubs.
    They have the nerve to look down
    At you like you are a criminal and
    They are the biggest criminals
    And cat can do a better job than
    These so called cops can!!

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