DETROIT (WWJ) – Is the “Detroit” being taken out of Detroit 1-8-7?  

The union representing actors on the ABC TV drama has posted a statement on Facebook saying production of the crime drama will no longer take place in Detroit.

“Another one bites the dust…I just got official word that ‘DETROIT 187’ is leaving Michigan …Sad day indeed!” posted an administrator on AFTRA Detroit’s Facebook page

Last year the show spent $47.3 million in Michigan, with $19.6 million returned through tax incentives. There has been concern about the future of the show ever since Governor Rick Snyder cut the state’s film tax incentive.

Meantime, ABC is scheduled to release its new TV lineup next month — and it’s still not certain whether the show will be renewed for a second season.

WWJ spoke, Tuesday, with Derek Jennings, the assistant to the Executive Producer of Detroit 1-8-7, who believes the scaling back of tax incentives has made an impact on the show’s future.

“I mean, a selling point of the show was that we could produce a quality show on location for less than you could shoot on any lot in Hollywood. So, I think that was a tremendous blow and has to weigh in in the decision-making process,” Jennings said.

So, what will become of the cast and crew who were relying on the show? Jennings says they haven’t quite given up yet.

“We’re hoping for the best, but you have to kind of plan for the worst… just to kind of keep yourself working and keep yourself going,” he said.

The show moved it studios in Highland Park after originally being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The first season ended in March.

Comments (12)
  1. Dewey says:

    Thanks a lot, Rickie. I smell RECALL in the air…not becuase of losing more jobs, but…no, wait. That IS why!

  2. dae says:

    Another show I actually liked bites the dust. Sorry, 1-8-7 ain’t worth watching unless it’s DETROIT 1-8-7!

  3. Francis says:

    The one thing I agreed with that Granholm did was try to create other industries revenues besides automotive. Now that is going away too. These politicians just want to tax business and not give incentives to grow!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Why is it cronyism when Snyder cuts taxes for all industries but it’s great when Jenny does it for one industry?


  5. Diana Johns Adams says:

    Sad to see Detroit 1 8 7 leaving..iI enjoyed the show..

  6. BNK says:

    So let’s see… the show spent $47m and the State gave them back $20m in tax incentives. I’m all for creating jobs, but when you start paying more for those jobs then what they’re worth you have to question why are we doing this? So we as tax payers spent $20m of our tax dollars for a show that couldn’t cut it in the ratings war! I own two business… in 2009 when we lost money, we still had a $30k tax bill because of Jenny’s SBT on business! This is a great way to keep business in our State… that $30k added to our bottom line loss! That $30k is/was one employee no longer employed. You do the math!

    1. Dennis says:

      I am doing the math it sounds as if the state of Michigan (business) made 27 million from this project…… is that a bad thing?

  7. Wendy Peterson says:

    I was a core extra on the show for the entire seasoon and really enjoyed employment. This is not fair to the hard working cast and crew that our new Governor is killing jobs like this in this turbulent job market. I really hope he reconsiders what he is doing to the citizens of this state and AMENDS and not ENDS the film incentive program.

  8. Pyro says:

    You all want to blame the Govenor for Cutting what in reality is Welfare to Producers in Hollywood??? The show spent a whole $47 Million, we subsidized it by $20 Million, and the show could not pull enough viewers NATIONWIDE to make it??? Come on, it was going to be cancelled regardless. We the taxpayers should not be subsidizing anyone, weather it be Hollywood or all those lifetime welfare recipients, cut them all off.

  9. Priorities says:

    I have a business in which offers assistance to those in low income housing and I cant even get an incentive or a tax break to help those less fortunate Michigan residence get on their feet, have also lived in MIchigan all my life and when an outsider comes to town to make a movie, well shell out up to 40% of their budget? Hey, I agree movie making can be glamorous to some, but lets face it, we have serious issues in our state more important than glamour, we need to focus on the foundation of who we are first. As long as schools continue to close, teachers continue to loose their job, our local police and firefighters getting cut, our unemployment still the highest in the nation for what-three + years in a row, How shallow are we be coming here that we can not put our priorities straight?

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