DETROIT (WWJ) – Census figures released Tuesday show women have now surpassed men in the number of advanced degrees earned.

Mark Perry, economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint, said with their higher degrees, women are really in a position to lead.

“It’s the women now who are getting the educational skills they need for today’s labor market,” Perry said. “They’re the ones who that would be in the best position in the future, with these advanced degrees, to go on and assume leadership or managerial positions in the future.”

Perry said the economy has hurt male dominated jobs like construction and manufacturing. With the male dominated industries suffering from the poor economy, many have seen a shift in family dynamics.

“It could be the case that women could become more of the breadwinners in the future and men would maybe either work part-time or take care of the kids,” Perry said.

Although they are earning advanced degrees, it still may be some time before women see a decrease in the wage gap. According to a recent study, working women in Michigan are paid an average of $13,524 less than their male counterparts, and the gap costs Michigan’s families a total of more than $16.7 billion annually.

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  1. A Michigan Worker says:

    This news item points out one major defect in America’s business strategy. America needs to make more things including construction, all forms of manufacturing, all forms of science, all forms of technology, all forms of engineering and math applications. America made its wealth making things for the world. Lets get everyone in America working again, ihcluding men. And lets stop shipping employment out of this country too.

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