ANN ARBOR (WWJ/AP) РAn Ann Arbor man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after authorities say he deliberately ran over and killed four ducklings with a Hummer in a fast food restaurant parking lot.

Dillon Pearce, 19, was charged Tuesday in the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor with one count of killing/torturing animals.

Ann Arbor police say he ran over four of at least eight ducklings a McDonald’s parking lot on Monday evening. He was arrested at a nearby gas station.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the suspect’s lawyer claims the suspect was actually trying to rescue the ducklings in the busy lot and had suggested to employees that they move the nest.

David Nacht claims his client was parked and eating lunch with his friends when they spotted the ducklings and had taken “active steps to try to protect them.” It was during a second tour of the restaurant’s drive-thru lane that Peare apparently ran over the ducks unknowingly. Employees then called the police.

Nacht called the charges “absolute baloney.”

If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison.

Pearce was arraigned Tuesday and was freed after posting bond.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 4.

(Copyright 2011 РThe Associated Press contributed to this report.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (25)
  1. Marie says:

    Good!!!…..I hope the BRAT/JERK gets a MINIMUM of 2 years along with a mandatory course on respect for life!!!!…Just because ducklings are not human that doesn’t give anyone the right to be cruel and inhuman to animals

    1. Jammer says:

      You should really think before you type, Marie.

      You weren’t there, you jump to the assumption that he maliciously did it. Remember that all news reports have a bias. It’s way easier to paint some one up as a bad guy than it is to make them look good.

      Media gets an amazing amount of money for smearing people and making them look terribly. Unless you were there, maybe you should consider the fact that it may have been an accident.

      He was in a hummer. Last time I checked they’re pretty big cars that also are pretty high off the ground, not too easy to see tiny ducklings out of.

      Also, while I’m all for animal rights, you have to question the mental capacities of the duck that decided to build its nest in a busy parking lot. Nature’s law is survival of the fittest for a reason.

      1. Far says:

        I wish I had a giant hummer to run you over with!

      2. Concerned Citizen says:

        I wish more people realized this. Don’t get me wrong, This kid deserves an animal cruelty felony (I don’t want a hummer-driving duckling-killer voting in my elections) if he actually ran over those poor ducks on purpose. More importantly though, I hope he’s forgiven and all charges are dropped if it turns out to be a legitimate accident.

        Lets wait for the trial to play out before we jump to any conclusions.

        However, driving a big huge car that he can’t see out of isn’t an acceptable excuse for accidentally running anything over. As a responsible driver it’s his job to be aware of his surroundings regardless of the limitations of his vehicle. If he can’t safely operate a vehicle that big, he shouldn’t be driving it.

      3. Jeanne says:

        I for one appreciates this individual’s emphasis on rationality and not jumping to conclusions. I wish more people thought about things like media bias and different sides of a story before forming strong opinions and demanding everyone else conform to them. I for one will reserve my judging of this man’s character, (someone I have never met nor have any background information on other than the contents of this short article) until such a time as I have been made aware of all the facts in accordance with this incident.

      4. Abby says:

        Please, Dillon Pearce has a history of causing trouble and being destructive.

        “A total of five teens were charged with damaging the school resource officer’s Ford Crown Victoria between 5 p.m. March 5 and 11 a.m. March 6 in the school parking lot. Ann Arbor police said the rear window and tail lights were smashed out with a hammer, a recliner was placed on the roof of the car and feces was poured on the roof.”

        Guess who’s one of those teens? Doesn’t sound like a good, upstanding citizen to me. Sounds like a guy who would fine it hilarious to run over some ducklings in daddy’s Hummer.

      5. Matthew Sherrard says:

        If he really wanted to save the ducklings he wouldn’t be driving a Hummer.

  2. Susan Cary says:

    Freak’n idiot, hope he gets what he deserves, Hope he gets it good !

  3. Susan Campbell says:

    Glad this kid isn’t anyone in MY life. We’ve all heard about the link between people who torture and kill defenseless animals and committing violent crimes against people later in life, right? I have so much disgust!

      1. Cary Campbell says:

        Indeed, I hope this man rots

  4. Rollie says:

    Good thing it wasn’t a squirming nest of beady eyed rats…

    They’d of lynched him on the spot !!!

  5. Charles Brown says:

    I live in a town with a river in the middle and NOBODY has EVER done this, i don’t believe this would happen… They would get beat so hard down here in TX.

  6. Fructose Sucrose says:

    Kill this POS.

  7. B says:

    Everyone calling for his head, remember there is a justice system, he’s innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps, he was trying to help the ducks and accidentally ran them over.

  8. justagirl says:

    slow your roll everyone! innocent until proven guilty. what if he really did do it on accident like he claims to have?

  9. joe says:

    Yeah everyone keeps jumping to conclusions but they dont know the real story or this person at all. Like mentioned before, what if he was trying to help them?? The news always puts things out of proportion to get people to watch it and gossip about it

  10. Angela Poire says:

    If you’re seriously trying to help wildlife one would think that you wouldn’t trying it from the drivers seat of a Humvee. He couldn’t even SEE his tires, how could he be trying to ‘help’? At worst that’s a stupid lie, at best it’s just plain stupid.

  11. YS says:

    17/2/09 66 in 35 zone
    28/10/09 61 in 35 zone
    28/10/09 fail to change address
    2/6/10 possession of marijuana
    24/11/10 careless driving
    25/4/11 possession of marijuana

  12. yzzlthtz says:

    It’s silly to hate on this guy for picking ducks over, say, rats, as one commenter pointed out. However, the simple fact that he drives a hummer puts him on my “we’re better off without him” list.

  13. James says:

    Have you ever seen anyone driving a hummer that wasnt an idiot?

  14. jim h says:

    is it an excuse to say “he couldnt see because a hummer is too high”?what if it was a little kid who ran out? why is he driving something he cant see whats in front of him? and i think daddy has spoiled this kid enough already let him take his punishment . how many of you were driving an $80,000 vehicle when you were 19? he is a spoiled punk let him do laundry for bubba for a year or two

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