PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – Plymouth-Canton school administrators are the latest to make some tough budget choices this week, laying off 269 teachers in an effort to address an $18 million district deficit.

Even though they hope to recall roughly 200 of those teachers, district spokesman Frank Ruggierello said there are no promises at this point.

“When 90-percent of your budget is people, you don’t have much choice. You know, your provide a service, so you have to reduce the service. Unfortunately, this year, it’s such a deep cut that you’re looking at increasing class sizes,” he said.

Ruggierello said he listened to Governor’s Snyder’s education address, Wednesday. While he liked many of the things that he heard, especially in the area of early childhood education, he felt the biggest issue of all wasn’t discussed — and that’s money.

“I understand you have to think ‘big picture,’ … I get that.  And I didn’t disagree with a lot of things that he said. But I don’t know how you talk about those things without talking about the financial problem. They seem to go together,” Ruggierello said.

The Plymouth-Canton school district currently supports 26 schools and nearly 19,000 students.

  1. HooDatIS? says:

    just take away lunch and afterschool programs too
    they dont need that either
    visit my blog

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