Every year we look at the NFL draft with great anticipation, thinking this is the year the Lions improve themselves enough to compete for a playoff spot. With that said, here is my prediction on the top 13 picks of this year’s NFL Draft.

1.  Carolina          I’m going unconventional here in thinking they’ll stay with Jimmy Claussen at QB and therefore select DT Marcell Dareus from Alabama

2.  Denver            They’ll be upset that Dareus is off the board, but they’ll stay on defense and go with LB Von Miller out of Texas A

3.  Buffalo            The Bills will be tempted to go after a QB, but end up with Robert Quinn, DE from North Carolina

4.  Cincinnati        The Bengals continue their run of troubled youth and go with a playmaking WR, A.J. Green from Georgia 

5.  Arizona           The Cards will be very happy that the best overall player in the Draft is available to them at number five with Patrick Peterson, DB from LSU

6.  Cleveland        The Brownies need someone to help out Colt McCoy, he gets that help with WR Julio Jones from Alabama

7.  San Francisco  Jim Harbaugh is a bit stunned that he can have his pick of the litter of Quarterbacks here, so he takes the first one in Blaine Gabbert from Missouri

8.  Tennessee      The Titans were really hoping San Fran would go with QB Cam Newton from Auburn instead of Gabbert, but Cam Newton works for them

9.  Dallas             There has been a lot of speculation about what the Cowboys will do, Jerry Jones likes to make a big splash.  OL Tyron Smith from USC can displace a lot of water…Cannonball! 

10.  Washington   The Redskins have been making mistake picks on the D-Line for years, why break from tradition?  They’ll go with Nick Fairley DT from Auburn

11.  Houston        The Titans are determined to add to their Defensive Line, Aldon Smith DE from Missouri will make them happier than JJ Watt from Wisconsin

12.  Minnesota     The Vikings have been screwing over the Lions for years when it comes to the Draft, not this year.  Cal DE Cameron Jordan makes sense

13.  Detroit          The biggest need for the Lions is probably LB, but to snag one here would be a reach.  Prince Amukamara DB from Nebraska falls in their laps and Mayhew is like Santa!


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