DETROIT (WWJ) – Drugs, money, weapons. All the elements of a drug raid. The raid turned into a million-dollar drug bust in the city of Detroit, and the drug of choice was marijuana.

That’s what police found, armed with a search warrant, when they searched a house on Burwood, in Detroit. Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon tells WWJ, officers raided the house and found nearly 100 marijuana plants, worth about one-million dollars on the street.

“We confiscated a few thousand dollars in cash, a shotgun and our search is continuing at this point,” says Napoleon.

Sheriff Napoleon says they also made one arrest, with more possible.

And he has a message for drug dealers in metro Detroit: “The message is very clear, we’re here, we’re going after these major operations and we’re not going anywhere.”

Comments (2)
  1. Jeg says:

    Benny should look on Craigslist at the incresing amount of requests for commercial space for growing operations which far exceed the 72 plant maximum under the MM law passed. These “farms” with far greater quantities will ruin the intents of the voters

  2. Mike says:

    Marijuana helped me recover from extreme abdomen surgery and saved my life.
    Also, I am now off my blood pressure and stress medication, because THC works better then liver killing pills.

    The people that negatively protest against Marijuana are usually uneducated; very low IQ, closet racist, religious freaks!!!!

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