DEARBORN (WWJ) – He’s back.  Controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones returned to Dearborn to carry out his planned protest of “radical Islam.”  But this week, Jones and his supporters were met by hundreds of counter protesters.

Reporting from the scene, WWJ Newsradio 950’s Stephanie Davis said there were some tense moments following Jones’ speech in front of Dearborn City Hall.

”We will not allow sharia,” said Jones, clad in jeans and a faded leather jacket.

Following his comments to about 100 supporters, Jones walked down the steps to the street and toward the police barricade that separated him from the counter protesters. 

Davis reported that the angry crowd broke through the barrier, and were confronted by police in riot gear.

“Riot police are standing in front of Dearborn City Hall, kind of protecting the Terry Jones supporters from this very large crowd — it looks to be maybe four or five hundred people.  As they approached the barricade, people stared throwing their shoes at Terry Jones’ supporters, and also throwing bottles,” Davis said.

It didn’t appear as though anyone was seriously injured.  At least two people were arrested.

According to Jones, the agitated protesters made it tough to get his message out.

“I actually wanted to close off with prayer and simply the Pledge of Allegiance, but that seemed to to be pretty difficult to do. So, when I saw that was definitely not going to work, then we came back up (the steps) and tried to do it there,” he said.

Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Rielly said Jones was told not to approach the crowd.

“He was not supposed to come down to the fence-line. He was told and asked not to and he refused to comply, because he’s an antagonist,” O’Rielly said.

“I mean, his goal was to start trouble. And, it’s unfortunate, but, you know, free speech has a funny line… But I know what he wanted to do was cause trouble,” the Mayor said.

Friday’s events came one week after a court order shut down Jones’ planned protest at a Dearborn mosque. 

Jones said it’s his right that he be allowed to protest what he calls “radical element in Islam.”

“I do want to continue to raise awareness of the radical element of Islam, not the moderate, not their rights. But at the same time, we are quite pleased that this has become a First Amendment issue because the First Amendment is what makes us who we are,” Jones said. 

Jones was jailed briefly last week after refusing to pay a court-ordered peace bond.  He’s probably best-known for his assistant’s burning of the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

Governor Rick Snyder has said that, while he supports the First Amendment, he hopes Jones “spends as little time in Michigan as possible.”

Stay tuned to WWJ Newsradio 950 for the latest.  Catch up here.

Comments (12)
  1. Paul says:

    O’Rielly, Why not just admit you cannot control these people in your community. Why only 2 arrests? This guy should have been protected. You blew it again. As this Muslim community grows, you will have less and less control. Seems even the Governor fears these people. It’s only going to get worse. At least got to open up some eyes at the trouble, and lawlessness these Muslims bring. You should use video and hunt down these assaulting criminals like they did at MSU when they set the fires after the sports win? I want justice for Terry Jones. He told you so, you choose not to listen. It will be too late one day.

    1. Muslim says:

      we are americans what do you mean these muslims ???? this country has a religion now?? dont forget just like you were born here so was i that makes this country mine to noone ever said anything about not being alowed to be a muslim and clearly you are a hater paul

    2. Ali says:

      paul you are one ignorant guy. you think of muslims as the stereotypical idiots you see blowing themselfs up on tv. you shouldnt talk obout subjects you dont know about. got it? good. we are arab AMERICANS. isiot…

  2. julie says:

    Paul.. You are Racist. Your Statement is disgusting. Your FEAR of people, UNLIKE yourself makes YOU (and Terry) the people to fear. PEACE to ALL my neighbors. I love you Metro Detroit. Thanks for doing us PROUD!

  3. Mary says:

    Paul is so right, who were the ones that were hating, I was there and the crowd didn’t want him to speak but I heard every word he said and it was true about Sharia law. People wake up, muslims have lived in our country for years with no big problems, but now as they are growing in number so are the demands for their goverment to rule. And as they keep growing in number they will keep demanding more. Go Home.

    1. dewnoharm says:

      Mary, unless you are Amerindian I’d have to tell you to follow your own advice. By your rationale the Ameriandians should kick you, whatever you are, out also since you grew in numbers here WITH big problems. They didn’t invite you to take their land and rule over it either.

      Ignorant, fearful, hateful, dysfunction individuals of ANY religion are the things you really should be fearing. They don’t see the bigger picture and cause irreversable trouble for the rest of us, muslim, christian, or not.

      I sure hope the world can get it’s act together and work as one to get off this planet before our dying sun fries the earth. As stupid as we are we’ll need all the time we can get to accomplish that for ALL our children!

      If you believe in a good GOD-I think he would want us to use our brains to better our human situation not to react violently against each other.

  4. CHRISTIAN says:

    I wounder why the muslim’s association wasn’t taken to court to post a peace bond for breaching the peace in dearborn? Pastor Jones just proved his point that islam is violant in nature,and that they have no regard for Americans protesting peacefully in thier own country. I believe its time for the American people to wake up and see whats happening right in thier own back yard,We are supporting a people that have no regard for America or its citizens.all they care about is using American resorces to wage war against a God loving Peace loving. all out good nature America!!!

  5. Angel says:

    What a bunch of RACISTS! How many of you know any Muslims? How many have sat down and read the Qu’ran? The counter protesters weren’t taken to court because they were in a free speech zone, just like Jones.

    How would you feel if people judged your entire faith system based on a few radicals. Treating all Muslims like terrorists is like treating all Christians like the KKK.

    GO HOME?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Many Muslims are natural born AMERICANS. This is just as much their home as yours. Just a few generations ago, the same things were said to the a Irish and Black people.

    Have we as a nation really grown this LITTLE over the last 100 years?

    And just so you all know, since I’ve heard comments from bigotsalong these lines, Islam is considered part of the aJudeo

  6. Angel says:

    That was supposed to read: Just so you know, since I’ve heard many comments from bigots along these lines, Islam is considered part of the Judeo-Christian faith tradition. Meaning: Christians, Jews and Muslims all serve the same God.

    How can someone so full of hate call himself “Pastor?”

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