DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan saw a population decrease in the past decade, but the state’s demographer thinks that won’t be the case in the next 10 years.

Ken Darga, Michigan’s Chief Demographer, said he is optimistic about a reversal in population loss because of the slowly recovering economy.

In total, Michigan lost 55,000 people in the past decade, including a 25% population loss in the city of Detroit alone. But, Darga said not to get too carried away with that number.

“News about Michigan’s population has been somewhat overblown. Things haven’t been quite as dire, as they’re often portrayed in the media. But then on the other hand, there has been a negative demographic trend. Even though it’s fairly small, a fairly small demographic trend can have a pretty big impact,” Darga said.

Michigan was the only state in the nation to see a population loss during the decade, costing the state one of its congressional seats. That lost has forced a congressional redistricting in the state. 

What does Governor Rick Snyder think about the whole situation?

“I think this decline in population for the state really just re-emphasises the issue that we’ve been facing. We are in a crisis in this state and we need to take an approach and attitude to say it’s time to reinvent Michigan,” Snyder said.


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