The Lions’ moves on the second night of the NFL Draft Friday were perplexing.

For the second year in a row, they traded up to take a running back, Mikel Leshoure from Illinois.

The Lions’ moves on the second night of the NFL Draft Friday were perplexing.

For the second year in a row, they traded up to take a running back, Mikel Leshoure from Illinois.

He was a good player at Illinois, but he ran in a spread offense. He is a bigger back, pushing about 230 pounds. Yet, he can hardly be classified as a power back. Seems questionable he was so much higher on the Lions’ board than any other player that they felt compelled to surrender a fourth-round selection to acquire him in the second round. Last April, the Lions made a similar move to get Jahvid Best in the first round.

The Lions entered the draft needing a third receiver, but it was hardly a priority given they need four or five starters defensively. They took Titus Young, a receiver from Boise State, in the second round. Young is a talented player, a legitimate Top 50 pick. But was he sooooo much better than others who could have helped the Lions on defense?

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  1. joe says:

    We’re only three picks in and Im already happier with this draft than with any in recent memory. I LOVE the fact that Mayhew doesnt listen to us (who dont know what we’re talking about) or the media (who also dont know what they’re talking about), but instead, follows his board and is bold enough to pull the trigger and move up when he has to. FACT – Before this draft started, the only position that the Lions were dominant at was TE, and they were good at DL. Now, three picks in, they are dominant at TE, DL, RB and WR. Those positions are SET! They are set with young players that will be highly productive positions with more than adequate back-ups for years to come. For those of you who wanted them to take a LB and CB early, while I completely understand the sentiment, the LBs and CBs that were there were not as good of football players as Young and Leshoure. They just werent. So BPA, baby! You cant address every spot of need in the draft anyway! We arent going to the superbowl next year – remember that! Very simply, this is the methodical approach a smart GM takes to build a champion. I could not be more pleased. Wonderful weekend! Wonderful draft! Excellent job Mayhew, Schwartz, Ford and the whole bunch! Excellent, guys!!

  2. kbank says:

    I agree with Pat this time. (and I only agree with him 50% of the time.) With that said, I hope the Lions have free agents lined up for the back 7 on defense. I Cant fault Mayhew, Schwartz and company yet, but come on guys, this didnt look like a good draft, except maybe Fairly.

  3. John Boisseau says:

    Pat – I give the Lions an “F” for this draft. With a gold mine like Fairley available, they had to have offers to trade down but ignored them. To trade up and give up a pick for an unneeded RB was not acceptable. To take DT,RB, and WR as early picks was not appropriate given this teams needs. The OT and OLB picks were avg at best as well as the RB and WR. They failed to address the CB need and should have made future plans when China Doll Stafford falls again. Fairley is a great player, but they already have 2 solid DT.

  4. Kerry Zielinski says:

    Grade C/ D – Fairley has potential – so not an F. Word on the street is he has talent. 1 year of success to show for….but at least he has credentials. The rest of the draft – we had several needs and we did not solve any of them as far as I can see. The people in those needed postions were picked ahead of the Lions. Or perhaps we just let them beat us to them by picking Fairley first.

    We already drafted a RB last year. Are we saying that in this position we still had a weakness ? Are we admitting we messed up last year? Last I checked there is only one football on the field at a time…

    A 3rd WR could be gotten in free agency. A 3rd WR before filling a legit need? Are we telling fans – only one more draft and we will get those people – next year? I cannot see how this makes any sense. No one knows what will be out there in free agency, but it sure looks like we have HUGE needs to be filled.

    1. Renn says:

      Kerry are you kidding me with this comment. First, in this league to ensure a strong run game you HAVE to have a two back system. Best is good but not an every down back. Second, Titus Young was very good at BSU did you not see the Las vegas bowl. Not to mention he shined at the senior bowl.

      “Farily has potential” Only one other DT has dominated in such a way as fairley in the past decade (that is generous) and his name is Suh. Fill those positions of need with proven free agents. That is how you will improve. There is no sure thing in the draft……except for Suh

  5. Renn says:

    Why does the this radio station and the hosts refuse to acknowledge that the Lions can improve the positions of need through free agency ( I have not heard any show talk about it in depth or more than a mention).

    The draft is a time to get, what you believe are the best players available. Initially this appears to be a good draft. You never know what your going to get so going for the best available is the only way to increase your chances for success. Besides the Lions just created a pressure point on the D-line that will have teams full attention. This will allow the back seven to look better than they are. Improving at one position helps others on the field.

    1. Steve P says:

      Simply put time and time again you build a solid contending team by way of the draft.

  6. Niz says:

    Pat is a total dope! the guys been hatin on EVERYTHING lately. Leshoure may have played in a spread offense, but he led the Big 10 in rushing the past two years! Every website, analyst, etc… has graded us with A’s for this draft, except ONE.. who gave us a B+. Do a little research Mr Caputo!

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