DETROIT (WWJ) – The 56th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner, hosted by the Detroit Branch NAACP took place Sunday in Detroit among some controversy for one of the honorees.

About 60 protesters were boycotting Sunday’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner and gathered outside of Cobo Center, upset over the decision to honor Kid Rock.

NAACP President Wendell Anthony introduced Grammy-nominated artist Kid Rock at the dinner Sunday. “We aren’t saluting the flag, but the person,” said Anthony.

In receiving the award and addressing the controversy over flying the confederate flag at some of his concerts, Kid Rock , whose real name is Robert Ritchie said; “This is awesome, I will cherish the award forever, I love Detroit and I love black people.” 

Ritchie did say that he never meant anything bad by flying the Confederate Flag. While at the podium Ritchie said he was donating $50,000 dollars total, in amounts of $10,000 to each of five charities:

Youthbill, Habitat For Humanity-Detroit, Belle Isle Conservatory, Detroit Recreation Department and the Mosaic Youth Theatre.

Ritchie finished by saying that we should not forget the people suffering from the devastation of the tornadoes in Alabama and that he was donating $50,000 to the victims in that area.

Kid Rock and Senator Bert Johnson were the recipients of the Great Expectations Award given by the NAACP  during the civil rights organization’s annual fundraising dinner.

Keynote speaker U.S. Congressman John Lewis said it’s time for the NAACP to get in trouble again, to speak out more. “Don’t give up, keep your eyes on the prize,” Lewis said.

Next year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the NAACP and to begin that celebration, NAACP President Wendell Anthony, UAW President Bob King, UAW Vice-President Jimmy Settles, and Congressman Lewis lit a torch.

Comments (49)
  1. HooDatIS? says:

    naacp is a blessing to us all

    1. Al says:

      NAACP is Americas most blatant racist organization. Of course if you’re the ‘RIGHT” kind of racist, it’s ok….right?

  2. Louis Carabini says:

    ………………..Musician Kid Rock is introduced during a ceremony at the Detroit NAACPs annual fundraising dinner May 1 2011…..Kid Rock performs at Ford Field in Detroit Jan. AP – Grammy-nominated artist Kid Rock told nearly 10 000 people at the Detroit NAACP branchs annual fundraising center in Detroit that his use of the Confederate flag during on-stage performances has nothing to do with how he feels about blacks. I love Detroit and I love black people the musician said Sunday night during the annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner at Cobo Center.

  3. Jeff says:

    Excuse me, but there is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and what would happen if we had the National Association for the Advancement of White People? They say that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People needs to be more vocal? Why? Do they not get enough from our government or our states and cities. Some one please tell me why the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is not a racist organization?

    1. tomeka says:

      how far do you think “colored” people were getting during the inception of the organization? please stop being a simpleton. White is everywhere, you and I both know this. Minorities have to have their own when they get kept out of the loop by the so call majority

      1. Heather says:

        Whites are the minority now, so there is no logical reason that there can’t be organizations aimed specifically at caucasians. It is racist that there is always a fuss made by everybody else when white people show that they are proud to be white.

      2. John says:

        @Heather, whites aren’t minority. There are +230,000,000 whites in this country out of 308,000,000 Americans. Did you also realize that there are 1033 hate groups in the United Statates? Guess How many of them are white? 1030 group are. Do you know how many hates groups are black? Only 1 group. Do you know how many hate groups are Latino/hispanic? 2 groups. Do you know how many hate groups there are Asian? 0 groups.

      3. Phillip says:

        You are seriously mistaken John. Not sure where you are making this number up.

        The most comprehensive list of hate groups is probably the Southern Poverty Law Center (

        In my state alone, I found 5 predominantly black groups. That was just 1 state.

        Now I’m not saying the majority of hate groups aren’t white…I’m sure a number of them are. However, you are severely limiting the number of black groups as well. In addition, a number of hate groups are religious in nature and I’m sure they having various racial makeups.

    2. ciemma says:

      The National Association for the Advancement of White People is the rest of the U.S. Think about it.

      1. John Galt says:

        Ummm… whites are a minority now pure number wise in 10 States and 35 cities. When do things get to be equal for everyone? Lol

      2. Marlon says:

        And I totally agree ciemma. They have enough organizations for white advancement. Jeff just needs to join one. Get with the other white boys. They will advance him quick.

    3. Mo says:

      Jeff, if you don’t know why the NAACP isn’t racist, i have a feeling you will never know. You’re probably the same person that complains about BET. Get a life, pick up a book, look around you, you ignorant piece of SH%T

    4. beKool says:

      Some one please tell me why the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is not a racist organization?

      Because its not the GOP is it ?

      1. Marlon says:

        Well beKool the definition of a racist is defined in Webster’s dictionary as a person or group of people who are economically. financially, socially, politically, and educationally superior of another set of people; and uses those advantages to hurt, deprive, and humiliate another set of people. Thus you have the white people that practice racialism against blacks calling themselves the majority. A black person cannot be a racist because he or she or they do not have any superior advantages over the white majority in the United States.

      2. S_my_H says:

        Lmao Marlon are you kidding me? I think you need to go back to the dictionary and choose the first definition of racism not the one that best suits your agenda. Your definition came from The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. The primary definition of a racism is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. Therefore ANYONE can be a racist regardless of ethnic or cultural background.

      3. Michael says:

        I disagree with you Marlon. Every race can and has shown racism. While I agree that groups like these are good for any race, I personally have been a victiim of discrimination due to my race and I am white. A prime example is when I lived in Pomona, California, a city just out side of Los Angeles, I was constantly a target of racism from both black and mexican people because there those races were the majority (I am a white man, who incidently is married to a black/mexican woman). Racism is not only about jobs and opportunity, sometimes its about just living life and being treated as a human being. Now being a rational person, I dont hold that against the entire race, but there are bad apples in every race. Every human being in the world has the opportunity to make the choice if they are going to be a racist of any kind. It is up to each individual to make that choice. Some just make the choice that negatively impacts other people, while others make the choice to try to help make the world a better, more civilized place.

      4. John says:

        There are 1033 Hate groups in the United States (FBI Source)

        1030 Hate group – White
        2 Hate Group – Hispanic/Latino
        1 Hate Group – Blacks
        0 Hate Group – Asian

        So, don’t you think this justifies for NAACP existence?

    5. H. Wolfe III says:

      The whole concept of race is a fallacy to begin with, invented by the oppressor to keep down the oppressed.

  4. GOOD2DAY says:

    sio when the minorities outnumber us white, which will happen soon, we can have Our White Celebrations and Organizations with out being called racist??

    1. ron2thehills says:

      When the current minorities outnumber the whites AND the minorities out earn the whites AND the minorities outnumber the EMPLOYED whites AND the minorities become the political majority, then you can go ahead and start your organization buddy. I’ll support you.

      1. Marlon says:

        Well will the NAAWP invite 50 Cent or Flo-rida to their convention. Thats like asking the KKK to invite Ice Cube and Ludacrous to the cross burning.

    2. Marlon says:

      Well we as blacks are only 39 million in the US. Thus we can’t ever out number you white people. How ever black skinned people are the majority throughout the world at 3/4 of the world. That is why white supremacy is a global activity. You never hear of the native black people who are killed in the middle east and africa by our government operations. The media never says this to the public. The US government and Nato has never bombed or invaded the regimes that oppress the african nations. HMMMM!!!

      1. MJH says:


  5. richard gardner says:

    The desire to “get in trouble” is worriesome. An organizatin can do far more good by addressing the problems faced by minorities in this country, especially those in poverty. “Getting in trouble” is just a phrase I know. But trying for the spotlight instead of doing the work that needs to be done, seems to me a waste of time and resources.

  6. Marlon says:

    Well here’s your answer. Black people have never been free in this country. We are still being treated as fourth-rate citizens or should I say people. Why? we have a Constitution that says that we are 3/5 of a human being. Jeff ask me this why did so many people had to die to overcome Jim Crow? Why did so many people die to get civil rights? Why did the CIA bring drugs into our black communities? Mainly, crack and heroin! Why did the government and the CIA set up the Bloods and the Crips? Why did it take the government over 40 + years to investigate the deaths of black people who were murdered during civil rights? Why is it that the government has paid reparations to the Jews, the Japanese, the Kuwaitis and Iraqis, and other ethnic groups, but refuse to pay black people in America anything when our women were raped, our men were beaten, our families were separated never to be seen again, our men were lynched, and our black leaders were assassinated? Even, our african ancestors were killed being transported in ships to this country – 40 million of them? And on top of that the government has taken more from us than they gave? The answer – the system does not give a hoot about us not even those Europeanized Negroes in the NAACP. So before you blame us for honoring your people – look at your government and ask them, why.

    1. Mb says:

      I get tired of this argument. White hates black, black hates white. White kills Black, Black kills white. When will we learn that there is no color to be seen but how we treat each other is the key to true peace. Now I will not deny that African Americans were deeply wronged. But the truth of the matter is that Africans had as much to do with making each other slaves as white people did. Do your history and you will know it to be true. Is it right, No. It’s a shame but the true enemy here is evil and hate. Those two things don’t care what your color is. They will find you regardless. As long as white people keep on hating and killing, as long as black people keep killing and hating each other there will be no peace. No, the only true answer to the question of racism is love and respect. If we only treated each other as we would like to be treated true healing ang reconciliation can begin. By the way… I’m white and I wouild treat you with the same dignity and respect that I would want if we were to meet face to face. There is no superior race. Just peaople.

    2. Researcher says:

      Marlon, the language in the Constitution that you are referring to was originally a comprimise to keep the Southern states as part of the union. The Constitution was amended in 1868 by Amendment 14, which removed this language. Counting slaves populations by 3/5 for government representation purposes is no longer part of our nation’s Constitution. They may not have gotten it right the first time, but it has now been corrected. That language has been taken out of the Constitution longer than it was in the Constitution. It took a Civil War and 700 thousand lives to make it happen, so we should not forget the sacrifices of all of our forefathers who fought for all people to be free.

    3. Carl says:

      You want to know WHY they don’t care about us? Because we kill each other, influence idiots to sag and smoke, and you rarely hear about us doing anything outside of that. Look what we’ve done with this freedom. If we acted like white people, THEN we’d be fine. You wouldn’t be crying about how no one loves you.

    4. heather says:

      get over it buddy….oh and before you accuse me of racism, just to let you know, the KKK burned crosses in my great-grandparents yard.

    5. mjh says:

      Marlon, admit it- you are just really upset because you JUST REALIZED KidRock is white…’s okay princess, you will survive.

      On a side note- how many of those 40 million you quoted were captured and then herded onto boats by thier own kind? It always amazes me how someone like you will blame Samuel Colt for making the gun that kills a black man, but not the black man who used the gun.

      You sir are an ignorant racist pig who blames his own failures on “The Man”.

  7. Marlon says:

    The thing that we have to look at is that black have failed to recognize that advancement in this country is for the blacks to become apart of the white culture. But we as the black nation must go back and find our own culture that was sabotaged by the white establishment (white theologians, white historians, old white slave masters, white teachers, and white congressmen). The white majority whom are pro conservative and tea party, are out to advance their own white culture and heritage not the black nation. So what is the NAACP advancing – nothing – for black people. It is just a cry and tell organization of negroes who have lost touch with mainstream black america. It was formed by jews and white men really to get a “watch” over the negro. Remember there was no black president in the NAACP for at least 10 years after it was first established.

    1. WOWzers says:

      YOU have serious issues my friend. You probably believe you were abducted by aliens as well. I can do nothing but laugh at your misguided, far fetched, skeptical controversies. You want equal rights, but more hatred spills out of your mouth. If you want racism to end (which unfortanatly it will never end), then do something positive to change it, rather than sitting here spewing out bile and hatred. You can’t kill racism with more racism, and you can’t stop killing with more killing.

    2. JED says:

      Hey Marlon you want your heritage back buy a one way ticket to Africa. I won’t stop you.

  8. Marlon says:

    So avancement for black people is the Creator first, african culture second, and community third. Once we get these in our spirits then we will dominate the world as we once did before over 10,000 years ago. All praise to the Creator.

  9. Al says:

    So this is what the NAACP has descended to? All you do is host fund-raisers so that you all can keep your jobs? At least “minister Louie” wont have to go back to singing calypso. Wasn’t exactly ‘cleaning up’ on that gig, aynway, was he?

  10. LetItGo says:

    It pains me to hear this kind of talk from other black people. I am so sick of people dwelling on the past, that is why we as a people can not get ahead. Black on black crime has excelled white on black crime, therefore, it is us who are hold ourselves back. Yes, it began with the white people, but it is being continued by the blacks. Once we learn to love one another, and realize that we are all we have, we will be able to move forward. Organizations like the NAACP mean nothing, if we don’t do our part. Expand your mind, and do something to really make a difference it you are bothered by it so much. Work to change the future, because the past is unchangeable.

  11. Catherine Fallon-Blake says:

    LOL! I love black people. Thanks for sharing that so eloquently.

  12. Catherine Fallon-Blake says:

    That needs to be a t-shirt…Kid Rock’s smiling face with 2 thumbs up declaring “I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!”. I don’t know about you, but I’d buy one.

  13. jack says:

    Kid Rock is an idiot. But no where NEAR as dumb as Marlon, who is an absolute tool, filled with hate, and ignorance. Shut your mouth, fool, you making black people look DUMB!

  14. Ralphie says:

    What do you call the gangs if not hate groups and racist? How many are hispanic, black and how many are white?

    1. mjh says:

      Ralphie, gangs a comprised of poor, under-priveledged youths who seek cultural identitity through group ativities…….like theft, drug use / sale, murder, rape and pretty much every other felony available. But don’t dispair- Marlon says they deserve to act that way because of the white guys like me. You know me- the military kid who joined the service, did my time serving the country and now work for a living to support the democrat loving likes of him.

      Remeber- only whites have hate groups. Non-whites have community groups.

  15. Nysegirl says:

    Racist? Aren’t we all the human race? There is just as much hate to share as those who play into this. Oppression of blacks? For sure it has and is still happening. The same goes for the uneducated and poor whites. The latter are what spawns hate groups. It is all about fear lack of education. How many of you white girls cross the street to avoid eye contact with a person of color. Educate yourselves. The people of color have a reason to be angry, but by the same token, must help educate we who have not walked in your shoes. Hate and aggression is never a good answer or choice. Love and understanding can only free all of us. Pollyanna thinking? Perhaps, but as we all know, only love is color blind.

  16. Nysegirl says:

    P.S. This has not one thing to do with Kid Rock. Eferyone must realize that.

    1. Nysegirl says:

      Yes, Kid Rock is not everyone’s cup of tea, but why the hate? He is just an entertainer for those who want to be entertained by him. Is he going to change the world?…Uh, NO. Again. This issue is not Kid Rock. Shall we keep on the subject?

  17. tintala says:

    someone needs to tell the world KID RICK is KID SUCKS!

  18. mjh says:

    Hey Marlon- here’s a question for you; If Obama got elected president- and the whites vastly outnumber the black the -stay with me now- didn’t the whites put him in office? If so, what is your gripe with Kid Rock getting an award from a group like the NAACP? What- whites can vote for black but not the other way around………
    You know what the say, once you go white………

  19. Rastaz Washington says:



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