Did The Red Wings Get Screwed?

If you watch closely to the 9:38 mark on the video link below you will see that the puck was under the left pad of the Sharks goalie. Check out the video below.

  • Chris

    It looks like the ref sees the goalie pushing the puck out of the net. That looks like it went in, from the wrap around.

  • Daniel Chisnall

    He was pushed into the net. Wouldn’t matter wasn’t a goal.

  • Jon

    It definitely was a goal and in the net before the whistle

  • Matt

    NO goal, pushed into net and also if that was the puck by his pad how did it get underneath Franzen?

    • LocalHero

      Congratulations on the moronic comment. If that wasn’t the puck he was kicking out, then what was it? A different puck? Debris? A Coke can?

      And you can clearly see the puck slide toward & under Franzen after he kicks it out. That’s how it got under him.

      • Box

        not to mention the jackwagon from niemis own team pushed franzen/abdelkader into him, but thanks for playing

  • Blake

    you cant see anything in this video.

  • Josh

    even if the puck crosses the line in this case it wouldnt count because the ref has to see the puck cross the net. If the puck is under his pad and the ref doesnt see where the puck is at the time then no goal. Then he was also pushed in the net so no goal. I wish it was a goal.

    • Josh

      whoops i meant line cross the line not the net

  • Josh Smithmier

    Replay doesn;t show anything that would make me think a goal was scored. If there are other angles out there showing something more definitive, I’d be more upset.

  • James

    I agree- how did the puck get under Franzen?? There is no push or stick play from goalie or the player on the left of goalie to put the puck under Franzen so it may not even have been under the goalies pad. Who knows but one thing is certain- the Red Wings must play a lot better than the first to games if they are going to advance and not “hope” for goals like the one in the video.

  • Bob

    Watch the goalies LEFT leg !! he brings it out from in the net.

  • Bob

    Should be a GOAL, he was pushed in by his own teammate !

  • craig

    Blake your a dumb ass it was a goal

  • Jerry

    The ref waived the play dead before Niemi kicked the puck out with his pad. So even after review it would have been waived off.

  • Craig

    You can see him kicking the puck out of the net….. so dont say you cant see nouthing

  • Paul

    A goalie being pushed in only negates a goal if it were an OPPOSING player who pushes him in. If his own teammate pushes him in it’s a goal, which – if you watch the video – is exactly what happened. It amazes me how many people don’t understand the rules and try to comment on plays like this – including the refs and announcers.

  • Paul

    “The ref waived the play dead before Niemi kicked the puck out with his pad. So even after review it would have been waived off.”


    you think it matters when the whistle is blown in relation to the goalie getting the puck OUT of the net rather than when it went IN? wow.

  • Paul

    Here you go, rule 69.6…


    “In the event that a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck by an attacking player after making a stop, the goal will be disallowed.”

    Notice it says “by an attacking player”

  • Kayla

    If you pay attention Wallin only fell on Franzen because Abdelkader shoves Wallin on top of him. So there is no way this is a goal, Wallin did not push Niemi into the net

  • Cody

    Hard to say if it was in before Nieme was shoved in the net or not. Regardless, I just wish the “war room” would have reviewed it like they are supposed to. Wings need to pick up their play!

  • Kayla

    The TSN highlights show a much better angle, you can see that Niemi successfully blocks the puck with his pads before the pile up. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=364331 they show it at 1:48 minutes into the video.

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