GENESEE COUNTY (WWJ) – Authorities say the estranged wife of Golden State Warriors and former Michigan State basketball player Charlie Bell has been charged with assaulting him with a box cutter at his home near Flint.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says Kenya Bell has been released from jail one day after her arrest in Grand Blanc Township.

bell kenya booking photo Kenya Bell, Former Miss Michigan, Charged With AssaultShe was Miss Michigan USA in 2001. Charlie Bell , who starred on MSU’s national championship team in 2000, sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Leyton says two children were present during the attack. The 35-year-old Kenya Bell faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence.

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  1. William Howard says:

    Things didnt happened the way it’s made out by the media this is my sister. Your making her out to be something that she’s not. Everyone gets angry and does things out of rage but not one person is dead or badly injured. The main ones that suffered in this whole ordeal is my niece and nephew. Never believe the media.

    1. GOHARDSPARTAN says:

      William, I knew your sister at MSU and she was a very friendly, intelligent and positive person. I agree with you that people should not be so swift to judge her as they do not know all of the details surrounding the situation. I’m praying and wish the best for her and your family.

  2. TG says:

    All that is probably true but let’s be honest. If the man were the abuser he would have been guilty without any benefit of “not be so swift to judge”. Also, abuse is abuse no matter what sex of the abuser. Most acts of violence are out of rage and NOT planned. That does not negate the reponsibility of an adult to act responsibly and to pay for their actions. I am quite sure there are members of Charlie’s family who feel different. He is loved by someone who does not want to see your sister or anyone else inflict harm on him. No one has a justified right to abuse. Also it is not the proper thing to demonstrate to children.

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