DETROIT (WWJ) – Will the U.S. release photos of Osama bin Laden’s body?  Michigan Congressman (R) Mike Rogers, the  chair of the House Intelligence Committee was asked that question Monday.  He says a decision has not been made.

“We want to make sure that we maintain dignity, if there was any in Osama bin Laden, so that we don’t inflame our problems other places in the world, and still provide enough evidence that people are confident that it was Osama bin Laden,” says Rogers.
Rogers was also asked about the ten years it took for U.S. Intelligence to track down bin Laden.  He says given the massive nature of the mission, he’s surprised it didn’t take longer.

“People that want to find blame today, I think are misplaced. In the sense that when you look at the incredible undertaking, this was an incredible operation that I argue few countries in the world, if any, could do,” says Rogers.

He says when U.S. Intelligence is operating in other countries, especially in hostile countries,  agents “can’t just knock on doors” to find criminal suspects.

He applauded the Intelligence Community for its relentless pursuit of bin Laden.

“Anytime you can take an operational leader, or an inspirational leader of which I argue he was both, off the battlefield, it is a great day for our national security,” says Rogers.

Rogers says the million-dollar compound in Pakistan where bin Laden was hiding out was a sophisticated and almost impenetrable fortress.

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