DETROIT (WWJ) – Breaking a record is not always a good thing. Michigan gas prices, Tuesday, have reached the highest price ever recorded. AAA Michigan reports the statewide average price for an unleaded gallon of gasoline at just over $4.21. The previous record was slightly lower, set in July 2008. 

Filling up at a Marathon on Ryan Road near 12 Mile, one woman seemed genuinely excited about paying $4.02 (cash only).

“This really is the cheapest I’ve seen!” she said.

Mark Bonnett of Dearborn Heights told WWJ Newsradio 950 the rising price of gas is limiting his leisure time.

“Especially when you drive a Ford F-150 like me and probably many others. It’s ridiculous. You know, I can’t go where I wanna go and I have to just stay home. I mean, it’s outrageous! Something has to be done,” Bonnett said.

Filling up  in Livonia, Harold Dougherty agreed.

“It’s kind of ridiculous. Why is gas so high? They regulate cigarettes, liquor and everything else — but why is gas so high and they don’t regulate it?” he said.

According to, Michiganders will find some of the cheapest prices in Flint. At a Sunoco on Center at Davison Road, prices were reports at $3.89, cash only, or $3.98, credit. If you’re headed south, prices in Hillsdale, Michigan, have been reported at $3.98 and $3.99 per gallon.

In Metro Detroit, it looks like Macomb County is your best bet. GasBuddy reports the best deal, $3.99,  is at Costco on Market Street at Hall Road in Shelby Township.  Not a CostCo member?  Try the Marathon 
on Fort Street at Vreeland Road in Brownstown.

Do you know where to find a good deal? Comment below.

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  1. Richard Lipke says:

    No I don’t know of any good deals but just a thought for everyone.
    It use to take about a 5 minute drive to either get my plate or drivers license renewed. Then the Secretary of state decided to save money and closed many of the local offices.
    Now it takes me a 30 minute drive one way,which I feel increases my chance of getting into a auto accident of some ones else fault, and now the price of gas at $4.17 locally around here in ST. Clair county.
    I’m on social security disability benefits, no increase in 2 years, is this ever,ever going to end?

  2. JACK says:

    How many times are we gonna be lied to ? always poor excuses we are being fed WHAT A RACKET :( IT IS A BAD JOKE , JUST LIKE OUR GOVERNOR , WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES :(

  3. John says:

    Visit to stay on top of and help others stay on top of what’s being charged throughout our State.

  4. Joseph Pearl says:

    Thanks for reporting this very important development. This is very beneficial to my practice as a consumer attorney.

    Joseph Pearl
    Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorney

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