Khang’s Blog: Enough With Raburn

I’m tired of seeing Ryan Raburn in left field. I don’t expect him to be a gold glover but he too many times he looks lost out there. I’m tired of seeing him take the wrong path on a fly ball and then making a desperate leap only to fail. I’m tired of him costing the Tigers runs. Ryan Raburn’s effort in the field was even questioned by the ESPN broadcasters during Monday night’s game vs. the Yankees. And if Ryan Raburn can’t even produce at the plate I’m even more tired of him. Ryan Raburn isn’t the only problem on the Tigers but I just wanted to mention that I’m tired of Ryan Raburn.

  • TaterSalad

    Let the bum go and the sooner the better! Actually, I have already given up hope on the Tigers for the season. Rayburn isn’t the only problem. There is alot of “deadwood” on this team.

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