SOUTHFIELD (WWJ)  – U.S. officials are trying to decide if the public should see graphic photos and a burial-at-sea video of a dead Osama bin Laden. They want to quell doubters who say bin Laden wasn’t killed — but are worried about inflaming Islamic sentiment.

Not everyone calling the WWJ listen line wants to see them. Here are some of the comments we’ve been hearing:

“Why would you open up an old wound? Let him alone.”

“I think that if they show those pictures publicly, it would just further infuriate al-Qaida.”

“I have no problem with them showing the video or pictures of his body. He didn’t care what he did to Americas and other people.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that they should show bin Laden.”

“They should not release videos or pictures. I think that we should trust the word of our Navy Seals and our President of the United States.”

“I believe 100 percent that I should be shown. That way we can see the justice.”

“It wasn’t too gory to show all the news coverage when the twin towers came down and all the people that he killed. So, as far as I’m concerned, I want proof that he’s dead.”

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Comments (13)
  1. liberty says:

    Due to the pain he has caused in this world and the fact that he is not a true Muslim, his picture should be printed, placed on the ground and defecated on.

    1. DOROTHY says:


      1. sherry says:

        mam if we had to worry about a photo so much that would be an easy problem remember were at war actual war now right now remember

    2. sherry says:

      Liberty ,believe me he was a true muslim,that is the exact problem do you realize there prophet was an actual child molester these people marry 3yr olds have relations with there own sons check out bashi boy it is a custom muslims practice

  2. Steve in Brighton says:

    The only reason I voted yes is because I want people to shut up about the conspiracies.

  3. John says:

    This government is so corrupt you would be naive to believe anything it say”s. Who cares if terrorist get upset are they going to dictate to the american people how to live our lives. Show the pictures, because untill i see them i think its a campaign ploy

    1. sherry says:

      Darlin quit freaking out ,eventually you can see the picture of dead osama ,just stop talking like that its wierd, your in the us stop acting like aone of the savages ,relax

  4. Mark McMackin says:

    I want to see his brains blown out

    1. sherry says:

      Mark,Mark,Mark,noone likes binladen okay we all know he,s a freaky perv but come on post that really,Arnt we suppost to set an example to & for the dirty savages

  5. shannon says:

    Why are people so scared of everything? Oh no a terrorist is going to get me! you bunch of wusses! It really amazes me how you can scare the public by doing anything. Just like when they have millages in the cities that if you vote no you have less cops. Who cares can’t you people protect yourself? Why do you people have to rely on everyone else to protect you? it time to be a grown up and learn to take care of yourself wusses

  6. ken says:

    Yea, Americans and the rest of the world have a right to see photos and video of Bin Laden’s death and burial. He and his followers have affected our lives in a very negative way. It’s admirable that the US government is concerned about the feelings of Muslim world .However, the US should consider the feelings of its own citizenry first; most of which, want to see the images. Al Qaeda’s hate for Americans is absolute: Not releasing the images will not cause Al Qaeda to hate us less and releasing them will not cause Al Qaeda to hate us more.

  7. sherry says:

    the war will continue with another leader of atrocious movements behaving in the same manner as did bin laden keep your chins up watch each others backs love one another be good to your fellow brothers and sisters take care of the children they are helpless & they are our future , don’t get overwhelmed by hate live with peace in your hearts stay humble remember one day this world will be cleaned of all filthy things we can only do our best but we cannot control every factor of life so with that being said i hope the best for all of us simple people ,love from sherry living in Texas

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