Senate Judiciary Debates Anti-Bullying Bill

LANSING (WWJ) – A Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday is debating a bill that would require the state’s schools to adopt a policy aimed at stamping out bullying. 

The policy would cover actions at school, on the bus and at school events. 

Supporters have been trying for ten years to get an anti-bullying passed in the state legislature. 

Opponents say the bills won’t work and are simply an attempt by gay rights activists and others to carve out special protections.

  • sbanicki

    Rome, Michigan, is burning and are senate is considering an anti-bukkying law? Bullies have been around as long as this country has existed. There are plenty of laws and rules to take of this. Work on something else; like balancing the state budget.

  • business daily

    A school district that has adopted a 100 TFS policy prohibits tobacco use by anyone anywhere on school grounds at anytime. This policy also extends to any school-sponsored event held off campus.

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