DETROIT (WWJ) – The grand pipe organ inside Ford Auditorium will be separated into two parts with half going to the D.S.O. and the other to St Aloysius Church.

Detroit City Council authorized the contract Tuesday in spite of a plea to keep the organ in one piece from American Guild of Organists Detroit Chapter Attorney Melonie McKenzie Stothers.
” …plans on destroying the organ by splitting it in two, and the guild would be able to preserve the organ intact and is prepared to do so and remove it from ford auditorium,” says Stothers.

Comments (4)
  1. JB says:

    As with all Detroit decisions, evidently it is better to destroy than to preserve!

  2. Debra McKinley says:

    Absolutely agree, this makes NO sense.

  3. Kathy says:

    What a dumb decision.

  4. Aaron says:

    unfortunately, this article is not exactly accurate, and paints a poor depiction of what is actually to happen. The organ is going to be SAVED not destroyed. This instrument is unique in that it is 2 complete (1 larger, 1 smaller) organs controlled by one console. DSO is getting the smaller portion, St. Al’s is getting the larger portion. Both are complete instruments and are redundant of each other. Modern organ design would never suggest an instrument like this, so finding an eventual home that would desire an organ like this is totally unlikely. In this case, the organ gets new life, and stays here in Detroit… and .. oh yeah, by the way, it gets to be used and heard, unlike the past 25 years.

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