DETROIT (WWJ) – According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are  “functionally illiterate.” The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with the Fund’s Director, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, who explained exactly what this means.

“Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” she said.

“I don’t really know how they get by, but they do. Are they getting by well? Well, that’s another question,” Tyler-Ruiz said.

Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.  

“For other major urban areas, we are a little bit on the high side… We compare, slightly higher, to Washington D.C.’s urban population, in certain ZIP codes in Washington D.C. and in Cleveland,” she said.

Tyler-Ruiz said only 10 percent of those who can’t read have gotten any help to resolve it.

The report will be used to provide better training for local workers.

Note: Illiteracy rates are from the National Institute for Literacy, as reported in a new study by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund.

 View a copy of the report –  (.pdf format)

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  1. [wfudd says:

    So much for diversity

    1. Anthony Phillips says:

      A voucher system would go a long way to solving this problem. It would save the state a great deal of money as well with many private and perochial schools costing far less than $7000 anually.

    2. tunish says:

      President Johnson’s legacy. Democrat’s in action

      1. Steve Stoll says:

        Do you mean “Democrats?”

    3. Vito Danelli says:

      harood, I would blame the loss of the auto industry to free trade and our insane immigration policies.

      Over 1 million Green Cards are issued every year to people from all over the world. We’re exporting jobs and importing poverty.

    4. American Citizen says:

      The courts are corrupt too. Now what do we do?

    5. Rick H. says:

      but they can vote for obama!

      1. BoBummer says:

        They don’t have to. The Democratic Party does it for them. And for the rest of us.

    6. Bob says:

      Amen, Harood!!

    7. PHILLIPPE says:

      SAD very sad they need get HUKED ON FONIX. PROGRAMS STARTED.

    8. Clint says:

      Yes, if only those kids had been disciplined, then they would have learned to read. Hahahahahah.

  2. scituate_tgr says:

    Keep voting for dems Detroit!

    1. NotDeadYet says:

      They will, too. The 47% who can’t read will all vote for the candidate they are told to vote for. After all, they can’t read about the issues or candidates, can they? That candidate will always be a Democrat, so if even a few of the literate side vote Dem, the election will always be a lock. And the cycle will always perpetuate itself.

      Hooray for “community organizers”, and “leaders within the community” who deliver the votes.

      1. Tj Drake says:

        You mean that they will vote for the person that promises them the most handouts.

      2. Ed says:

        Mike, you said it. It’s a cultural issue. Sad facts are that for a lot of Detroiters, education is not important. Otherwise, there would not be a 47% illiteracy rate.

        When is the last time you met a gang member with an advanced degree?

      3. Eric D. Mertz says:

        This is why I think you should have to pass basic high school civics to vote. If you can’t read, you should not participate in the system, because you cannot make an informed decision, and will vote the way someone tells you to vote.

      4. BRDG says:

        Subsidized failure begets MORE failure. Drastically cut benefits to dropouts and watch America rise from the ashes. NO mo free money.

    2. Dee says:

      exactly!! Those in Detroit , have allowed the Dem’s to lead them NOWHERE! and they have become so complacent, they dont see anything wrong with it, as long as they get their Govt Checks in the is good for them. Dem’s have destroyed Detroit, which once use to be Vibrant and full of life, Now its a crime ridden cesspool.

      1. mp says:

        right. because the republicans who want to cut out education spending from the budget will change that. You morons are what is part of the problem.

      2. jimmy not that jimmy says:

        mp – looks like we could have cut 47% of education funding years ago, saved a ton of money, and arrived at the same result. Who can possibly support the monopoly of public education given these results?

      3. Frank says:

        alot of good that funding did for Detroit huh? Take the blinders off please money will not fix the problem, a proper upbringing might, and no handouts will for sure.

      4. Mike says:

        MP – Detroit public school teachers currently earn an average of $71,000 a year. Just how much do YOU think it should take for the teachers to be able to teach basic concepts like reading?

        1. AGordon says:

          Yea, because if the kid doesn’t show up for class or do their homework, it’s also the fault of the teacher, right? Last time I checked, education also involved the kid having to make an effort, too. Teaching is easier than learning, so why not partly shoulder the burden on the kids and the families?

      5. Mike says: is my source btw.

        My sister is a public school teacher, barely earns half of that, and about 85% of her class has a literacy rate at or above grade level(and all of her students except the mentally disabled are able to at least -read-). The issue is not money, it is cultural. You can’t just throw money at an issue and expect it to be fixed.

      6. Jofus says:

        Exactly Dee. The liberal Democrats have destroyed Detroit, the residents and are working on the country. Vote conservative Republican, I will.

      7. Joe says:

        There is not one Republican within 50 miles of Detroit.

        Detroit is a model Democrat town!

      8. libertyfirst1776 says:

        Easy fix – hold them responsible for their own lot in life. Slash benefits and make them accountable for their ignorance. It’s amazing that the poorest Africans can come here and be successful – because they have a work ethic. True African immigrants despise the lazy American blacks, and race past them up the socio-economic ladder.

        It’s about education and responsibility. The more the Democrats deflect responsibility and protect the unions, the longer and deeper this problem will become.

    3. Voice of the Truth says:

      Why is this such a suprise? After all we are talking about Detroit.

    4. BernieKittyCat says:

      You have no idea how right you are. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the country but when I vote in Michigan, each candidate has their party’s icon right next to the name. Illiterate Detroiters are voting donkey over elephant ever time.

    5. Trey J says:

      Some cultures don’t value reading. It’s ignerent to expect all peoples to be the same. If we truly value divercity we should embrace our differences.

      1. Ell says:



    6. Jim says:

      This really should be one of the top headlines in the news. A serious issue NATIONWIDE.

  3. JimAKAblue says:

    Maybe they can close 47% of the libraries.

    1. Snake Plissken says:

      If they’d follow New York’s lead and allow porn on the computors, their libraries would be humming with business again . . .

      1. fiscusd says:

        Hey Snake, what’s a “computor”

      2. George Burns says:

        computor…dey?! oy, Maury?! GET A JOB!

    2. steve-o says:

      ha! hilarious..

    3. MrLiberty says:

      They already are. Detroit is closing up to 18 branches of their public libraries.

      1. Santa says:

        I guess that’s because those librarians are part of the 47%..

      2. Reader says:

        Closing their libraries? Would that be before or after blowing $2.3mill on designer chairs and garbage cans at over a grand each?

      3. Bob A says:

        You have to be able to read before a library becomes useful!

      4. sirandrew says:

        The libraries need a section devoted to EBONICS to bring the youth back to the libraries .

        Our welfare dollars at work.Why do they have to be able to read or write. They receive welfare checks,”public ” housing,food stamps,free medical all paid for by the literate taxpayer.

        We have created a a sub culture that grows from generation to generation.

        What will happen when these takers exceed the givers and there are cut backs to these enabling funds? Rioting in the streets and looting.

    4. Zach says:

      Anybody with even a basic understanding of statistics should be asking the question, “Where is the actual study that came to this conclusion?” How many people were surveyed? What type of survey was done? All the ‘report’ does is cover 200,000+ people in a blanket statement with no facts or results.

      1. orangemtl says:

        These ARE the facts. Detroit is a structureless, failing social cesspool. To throw statistical questions into the mix is an attempt to blur an otherwise sharp picture.
        And yes, after college, four years of medical school and six years of postgraduate training and research, I have a ‘basic understanding of statistics’.

      2. Pounce Kitty says:

        The study came from walking down ANY street in Detroit, genius!

      3. maxsnafu says:

        You don’t need to see the statistical sources. This can be verified empirically.

    5. Stukaman says:

      Look at the states and cities run by liberals – NY, CA, Chitown, LA, Detroit, and you’ll see little evidence of fiscal responsibility or literacy, thanks in large part to the control they have over public institutions.

      1. JJ says:

        They need to keep the population stupid and dependent so they can keep getting reelected.

      2. greg says:

        Look at the states run by conservatives – Alabama, Mississippi, The south in general. For every buck this new yorker pays in taxes, my state gets 75 cents back from the feds. Mississippi and Alabama get 2.00 back, because they are so behind they have to be propped up by liberal welfare. You want fiscal responsibility? Make the south pay their fair share and stop suckling off NY and Cali.

        1. beelzebubba says:

          It used to be the other way around. Stop whining.

      3. LongBeau says:

        Mississippi is 37 percent black, the highest percentage in the country. Alabama is 26 percent black. Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina are all approximately 30 percent black. It should be no mystery why these states have the worst statewide educational and health statistics. By contrast, Northern states like Minnesota and Vermont have the best. Wanna guess why?

    6. Jason says:

      Detroit still has libraries?

    7. GL says:

      But they know every word to the latest rap “song”.

      1. beelzebubba says:

        You summed up the whole problem. Help is available for those who need it and seek it. The black community made great strides and then took a u-turn. Hip-hop & rap ‘music’ often puts out a self-defeating message that ho-chasing, pimpin’, drug-dealing is acceptable behavior. It is an anti-social message and Detroit today shows the result of such stupidity.

    8. G says:

      Jim makes a very sensible recommendation. As Chris Rock explained in his insightful social commenatary “Black People vs. Niggahs”:

      “Wanna hide your money? Put it in your books. Books is like Cryptonite to niggahs!”

      Thank you LBJ’s “Great Society”, government school teacher’s unions and generations of federal bureaucrats for destroying the lives of black Americans in ways that the KKK could only dream of… and never come close to achieving.

      1. JC says:

        You Misspelled Cryptonite.
        Its Kryptonite.

    9. Wilhelm says:

      47% can NOT read and yet public school teachers have lavish pensions, lush pay and can never be fired…

    10. TLA says:

      Worse yet, they can vote and sit on juries…..

    11. bill says:

      Obviosuly, they are not spending enough money on their government schools. .

    12. mark says:

      Gee, I wonder what the demographics are on this? Where’s the big “O” when you need him. Hey bro, can you spare me a job or handout from your stash?

  4. John Cowan says:

    I want to say something all clever and cutting about the city run completely by libs, but what is the point? Detroit stands as a monument to what liberals are all about. 47% illiteracy; how long before the only people in the kingdom that can read are religious officials and the ruling class?

    1. WRTolkas says:

      Mr. Cowan,

      Excellently written comment. You must be a historian.

      1. HalfEmpty says:

        Your’re professional cynics. Look at the bright side, 53% are literate. I mean, that’s not to bad is it? IS IT?

    2. DavidM says:

      Unfortunately, our children are turning out illiterate while being used as pawns to line the pockets of statists who insist that they’re doing everything for the children, and that they’re the champion of the underprivileged. The results say otherwise. Our public schools spend far more per student than private schools which do a much better job. Worse, our public schools subscribe to the weird notion that rewarding false accomplishment in order to avoid short-term disappointments is better than giving children the tools to succeed in the real world. The result is what you’re seeing here, and it is both heartbreaking and infuriating. Perhaps we should fire every one of the managers of the public schools, and use the savings to send these unfortunate illiterates to a real school to learn what they should have been taught to begin with. At least they’d have some prospects for a better life.

      1. RufusVonDufus says:

        Send these kids to the private schools and see how long they last. They don’t want fools who get pregnant in gym class and snort their coke in the cafeteria while others are reading the Playboy pictures in study halls. The privates are much smarter than that! They only take the kids who are serious about education.

      2. TXAG13 says:

        It’s hard to motivate people to learn when the government pays them every month to sit on the front porch and smoke… Gotta cut a lot of the welfare before we see motivation to succeed.

      3. ExExZonie says:

        “Perhaps we should fire every one of the managers of the public schools,”


      4. ohiokimono says:

        If the system is failing them….then why as parents are parents not stepping up and teaching their kids? I taught my kids to read, write, and do basic math. Stop passing the blame.

      5. AGordon says:

        The one thing most private schools have that many public inner-city schools don’t is parental involvement. Sure, the outcome will be better if the parents is active in the education process, makes sure the kids get to school, does homework, etc. Any teacher or educator can tell you that. Schools can’t make up for poor parenting, nor can tax dollars, nor can money in general. That’s a human thing, not a political thing.

    3. Jon says:

      We are descending into a new Dark Age, but this time there is no Christian Church. It is interesting to note that the Muslim enclave of Dearborn is a mere fifteen minutes from Detroit’s city center. The only language future residents of Detroit will be reading is Arabic, if anything. Nature abhors a vacuum.

      1. Frank says:

        Little bit of a stretch but agree on the Christian church angle in the sense that Libs seem to have very flimsy morales, ethics, and seem to be mostly agnostic.

    4. mcnertny says:

      Is this a surprise,,with the schools being closed there.Why bother to try and educate those types anyway,,their civilization is de evolving anyway

    5. Mike!! says:

      Outstanding comment. You hit it right on the head John.

  5. Carlos says:

    That’s what happens when Democrats run a city or state for decades. You get Unions full of bad teachers and crooked employees. You get government kickbacks to special interests groups that pay themselves big salaries and barely make an impact on the community they say they are assisting. You get a welfare State that teaches and encourages everyone to cheat the system at every turn. You get a city and or state that makes hard working tax payers look like fools for playing by the rules. Eventually the fools wise up and leave and once they do, we’ll there goes the free ride, baby! No more bennies for the bummies!

    1. frederick fliintstone says:

      all true, but as far as kickbacks, repubs are just as guilty at instituting crony capitalism. libs are the worst, but we just need less of government altogether.

      1. easterniron says:

        Excuse me..didn’t you hear about GE (friend of Obama) pay NO taxes? And what about Obama handing over GM to the UAW, cronie-ism is not just a republican affliction.

    2. BeReal says:

      I could not have said that better than you did Carlos – excellent!!

    3. RufusVonDufus says:

      Decades, Carlos? I think not. How long was that fool mayor? Not very long. Keep electing brain dead D’s like your congressman and those idiot council members who only care about the lining in their own pockets.

    4. OneManWolfPack says:

      not at the table Carlos…

    5. Scott Smith says:

      This comes down to parenting or the lack of it!!!!

      Without stating my race, I wonder what the percentages between the races?

  6. B says:

    Toady…wrong! That’s what they have government social workers for. I’m in Baltimore. I shudder to think what “the rate” is here.

    1. rocky says:

      i’m not shocked…this is what unions do to cities…

      1. toyia says:

        What does a union have to with people not being able to read???? Seriously.

      2. dday10 says:

        Teachers Unions, in this case.
        Of course, these other have there impacts from a different direction.

      3. Mark Matis says:

        Look, they’re Preferred Species. They’re quite capable of doing this to themselves WITHOUT any union help.

    2. Mike says:

      Literacy rate is low.
      Crime rate is high.

      Detroit is majority black.
      Similar stats for any other majority black city.

      /End of subject

      1. Mike says:

        “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        Truth and stats can’t be refuted, so we’ll just go ahead and delete ‘un-PC’ comment.

        Doesn’t matter – most people know the truth, but they’re just too afraid to state it.
        Apparently you haven’t read some of the other comments below.
        So, go ahead, ‘moderate’ away…

    3. Cranios says:

      The government teachers teach them nothing, and the government welfare system makes an ignorant life tolerable, so there’s no desire to accomplish anything. Let’s face it folks, it is black Americans they are talking about here, for the most part. The government (Democrats) have DESTROYED much of black America, killing them with kindness by creating bad incentives and thereby robbing them of dignity and motivation. What a travesty. We need more government like we need a hole in the head.

  7. WRTolkas says:

    And 90% don’t have or will not have a job. So what is the surprise here?
    Detroit: the continuing tribute to Mayor Coleman “Drive Whitey Out of OUR City” Young.

    1. Karl says:

      I saw those emails. What a joke but a perfect example of how Detroit works/or not. The ex-Mayor Kwame had ‘Mayor’ monogrammed on his shirt cuffs. Bling, bling go da bell.

    2. dday says:

      Exactly. And this is shocking, why? Nowhere is the teachers union any stronger. This is just a very natural correlation.

      1. obvious says:

        While teachers deserve SOME blame. Let’s not let parents off the hook. Educations begins and ends at home. It starts at birth and is SUPPLEMENTED by school from grades K-12 and then continues (whether in college or otherwise) througout our lives.

        In Detroit, many people think, “Why are aren’t the schools teaching my kids?” The question should be, what can I do to make sure my child is learning.

    3. karl edwards says:

      The hate white vote succeeded and now feeds on itself.

      1. Ben says:

        No! No! You got it all wrong!

        You got it wrong. White people are the problem to everything.

        Minorities failing at literacy? White people’s fault!

        Crime such as rape, murder, theft? White people’s fault!

        Poverty? White peoples fault!

        Isn’t life easy? We can blame white people for EVERYTHING.

    4. richstacy says:

      No one should be even mildly surprised at this “news.” Throwing money at public schools will not work if you allow the teacher’s unions to perpetuate mediocre education by poor teachers. Bad surgeons, dentists and lawyers are eliminated in the marketplace. Bad teachers, on the other hand, are given tenure. In teaching, thanks to the unions, competition does not weed out the poorest and reward the best. It seems to be just the other way around..

      1. Cherly says:

        Let see that we can get this right, some of the highest paid School Districts in the country when it come to Teachers pay. Next some of the highest failure rates for the monies, yet nobody fails. Ok now we get the Government unemployment Service and Training machine involved. More monies for 12 years of failure. Isn’t this beautiful, now you know why this country is broke! I can’t wait for economic collapse and it is closer then all these government parasite want to admit. God will not be able to save Amerika, only suffering and misery will bring this country back to reality. I really don’t give a dam what you’re all think your entitled to. Get a glue Death and Taxes. Countries go broke and fail when there isn’t anything left to steal. Look and study why the Communist nation in Eastern Europe and Asia failed during the 80’s. Nothing left too steal.

      2. evilwhitey says:

        Yes….and we all know who the vultures were, that quickly moved in to pick the bones clean.

  8. karl anglin says:

    Don’t bet on that!

  9. Andy says:

    The aftermath of letting the government be involved in education.

    Note that in Hawaii the illiteracy rate for public school graduates is about 60%, that for private school graduates 0%. The natives ignore the free public schools and go to great trouble to run their own so that their kids can read.

    Unfortunately on the mainland we all are sucked in by propaganda and let the public schools destroy our future by handing over all opportunity to the kids (like Mr. Obama ) who went to private schools instead.

    1. Bob says:

      Having grown up in Hawaii, I have to tell you that your logic is idiotic. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to send your child to school from kindergarten through high school is not something that everyone can afford. Of course kids that graduate from private schools can read. They come from wealthy families and are constantly taught the value of education both at school and at home. Aside from that, kids that can’t read are expelled before they have a chance to raise the illiteracy rate of the school. No, in your mind the answer is to privatize all education. Tell me, then, what will happen to all the kids whose parents can’t afford private school tuition? Perhaps we should just kill them off. After all, they’re usually Hawaiian, Filipino, Samoan, etc. rather than white or Japanese. Who cares about them, right? “The public schools destroy our future.” OK, how do they destroy it? What’s your alternative? The answers are that you don’t know and you have none. You’re just regurgitating what a few pundits told you. “Glenn Beck told me that privatization was good. Privatize everything! No more government!” God bless the internet, land of the armchair politician.

      1. SallyR says:

        Or, rather than kill them off, perhaps we could give them vouchers to go to a school of their choice. If given a real choice, who would go to the public schools? By the way, my family lived below the US poverty level and all 7 of us children went to Catholic schools. We paid what we could and the rest was charity.

      2. John Birch says:

        Hey Bob, nice of you to chime in with the usual nonsensical ranting of the left. It must be great to be a mind reader, nowhere in his post did Andy say the answer was to privatize all education. While not accessible to everyone (What is?) the fact that private schools work better at educating children than public schools is undeniable. Do you honestly think that every child that attends private school is from a wealthy family? Are you that grossly ignorant?

        Government schools are largely broken, and it’s not due to lack of funding, if we can’t face that fact we cannot fix them.

        So these poor folk have horrible public schools, no access to charter schools, and can’t afford private schools. If they care about their kids education they can home school. I did.

        The fact is that bad choices in life cause bad consequences. They always have and always will. No amount of liberal hand wringing, taxation and government spending will help losers.

      3. Brian says:

        What you do when you privatize all schools is create a grant system with the billions of dollars the government wastes on a horribly inferior public school system. Those who could not afford it would get vouchers and if a school failed to teach well, the MARKET would close that school down because students would transfer to other schools. Flunk students who deserve to flunk, fire teachers who can’t teach, make people with children pay for their childrens’ schooling, and if you didn’t want to send your children to a private school, you could home school them. If you are prepared to actually BE a parent, it doesn’t take a village. Why should I pay for your kid to be passed through a failing system just to come out illiterate.

      4. Colin S. says:

        Bob, what kind of public schools does Hawaii have that they cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars?” Get off your high horse, I’m a public school product as well so don’t patronize me and my other successful public school graduates.

        And by the way, not every conservative is in love with Glenn Beck. Get over yourself, your partisan bs is what is hurting America.

      5. Santa says:


        How did the pioneers achieve success? Did they get subsidized education? Did they work and do everything they could to learn? The idea that a public education system should go beyond basic literacy (remember the 3 ‘R’s readin” fitin’ n rithietic;) .. they were coined to indicate that everyone should be ‘functionally’ literate. The rest come from personal effort, and hard work. Many parents homeschool their kids, and the kids end up getting into Harvard and other excellent universities.. the onus is on the parents, problem is neglect on the part of a generation of entitlement seekers (not unlike yourself) who expect that they should get what they want and need out of a vending machine called ‘government’, or ‘system’ … this starts with the sexual predation which has single men impregnating single girls, then splitting, leaving the girls (who are not mature enough for the job) to raise the kids, so the girls go on welfare, the kids grow up in poverty and the streets, and they become hood rats (sometimes just to survive) and criminals, and they repeat the process, and after a couple of generations, we have what we have now, it’s very sad, but it isn’t the ‘system’ or the ‘government’ who can solve this problem, it’s the individual and the local communities…. back to the churches and the mentoring and parenting that the children need to avoid this cesspool of depravity.

      6. Glen Beck says:

        The Angry white liberal strikes again.

      7. AKgrandma says:

        Sorry Bob, teaching your child to read has NOTHING to do with money. I was a working poor, single mom; but I read to my children every day and helped them learn to read when I found the public school was failing to teach them. I took the time to give them the educational help they were not getting in the public school, often learning history and math right alongside them. Just because I could not afford a private school, did not mean my children were left behind. Parents need to take responsibility for the training of their children whether they have money for private schools or not. “My kids are dumb because I was poor,” just doesn’t cut it!

      8. WRTolkas says:

        Dear Miss SallyR,

        What you received was not charity. The funds for your sibling’s and your Catholic education were from intelligent people investing in our country’s future. From your excellent writing ability, I can see that the investment is paying off. The investors would be proud.

      9. Sean says:

        Bob, you are violently defending a system that is clearly failing. This one statistic in Detroit is not isolated; it’s repeated in our urban centers throughout the country. Over the past 50 plus years liberal/progressives have made it their full time occupation to destroy all positive institutions in the U.S. They have spent energy, effort and money to ensure children can’t pray in school or that U.S. history is not taught or that standards are systematically lowered. You are reaping what you have sewn. As far as privatizing you would put education contracts out for private bid. The parents would not have to pay because it would come from money already spent on failed government schools. I guarantee a private company can educate a child more efficiently than a union monopolized government system. If we try it what have we got to fear a 50% illiteracy rate?

      10. Tigerdawg says:

        Sorry, Bob; but it’s most people are not willing to sacrifice their lifestyle enough to send their kids to private school. I am keeping a 15 year old vehicle running, living in a smaller place, and giving up the vacations I used to do to pay for school. Very few truly cannot afford private school, and those often can get assistance from the school.

    2. Rick says:

      Excellent comment Andy. You get what you’re accountable for.

    3. ksucatinokc says:

      Yea, but what about making people “feel” good about themselves?? LMAO!!!! Good post!!

    4. Chris K says:

      Do you think it’s a coincidence that those who can afford to attend private school come from more affluent families and are thus much more likely to have parents supportive of their education?

      Correlation does not imply causation.

      1. kipmjf says:

        No one needs to attend any school in order to learn to read. Just ask someone who can read to help you learn. You can find such a person at any library in the country. People like to help.

        My sister taught herself to read at age 3 by asking my mother to read to her, following the words with her finger.

        Close the public schools, sell the property, give half of the education budget to the parents in the form of debit card vouchers, and refund the balance of the school budget and the proceeds of the sale of school properties to the taxpayer and you will see a revolution in education that would put the industrial revolution to shame.

        There are plenty of qualified entrepreneurs who will fill the chasm that is public education with efficient and effective education for less than half what our public institutions are costing us, only to fail us.

        Sports can be managed by community centers or private gyms via the same voucher system.

        1. agordon says:

          You made one of the most insightful comments on this board -your sister asked your mom to read to her. It’s easy to blame the schools, like many of the postings here do, and overlook the role home life and family/parents play into the success of education.

      2. Nick Monty says:

        KIPMJf* Are you kidding me? If you gave the money to these parents they would not spend it on their kids. Just look where their welfare money goes; into shiny rims and cars.

      3. Michael S. says:

        Problem with your theory is that the funding is there in both cases. I sent my kids to private school for 1/4 of the cost per student of public schools. Not only did they get an education, but it cost a LOT less money. Unfortunately, I still had to pay for the worthless public schools through my property taxes.

        This problem could be fixed by simply running the school system as a private enterprise. We could even subsidize those who “couldn’t afford it” and STILL save billions of dollars. Give parents a choice and see what they will choose.

    5. Michigan haole says:

      Accurate comment. While working here I met a young man 17 years still in high school who was taking algebra, but couldn’t even add a column of numbers. Unions are very strong so is the Democratic party. Living out here has changed me from a moderate to a strong Libertarian.

      1. Phil says:

        You became a strong Libertarian after moving to Detroit? Geez, even more proof of the horrible educational system in Detroit. Now people who move there are becoming morons.

      2. Deb says:

        I can totally understand where you are coming from. Union people can’t see that they are part of the problem and they never will. I can’t understand how anyone can GRADUATE without being able to read.

    6. Ray says:

      @ Andy Are you a Tea Party peon? Straight in there with anti-government claptrap. If you “freidmanite” nutcakes stopped cutting back on public education then maybe standards would rise. But that is not your goal – you want most US citizens to be illerate slaves working for nothing.

      People like you are destroying the US. But we all know that you work for the Koch Brothers. Probably voluntarily at that. Lol.

      1. chris says:

        @Ray……that excuse is so old it is pathetic. How many years has money been thrown at the public school system and we are even further behind. Obviously you are a progressive that likes to spend everyone’s money on worthless projects. It is a proven fact that private, parochial and charter schools are all way ahead of public schools.

        What about the offer of philanthropist Bob Thompson to spend 200 million dollars on the building of charter schools that the fools in Detroit declined?

        1. AGordon says:

          Actually, not it’s not a fact. Plenty of studies are showing the kids aren’t doing better (as a whole) at charter, etc. schools. The fact that they aren’t held to the same testing standards and requirements/accountability as public schools just makes it easier to skew data because it’s not apples to apples, but apples to oranges.

      2. Esteban Cafe says:

        Ray, you must be kidding. Detroit: awful public schools, welfare dependency, deadbeat parents, rampant drug addiction… sounds like a Democrat stronghold to me. You Americans: so rich that you cannot see how useless it is to throw more money at the problem – it has never worked. A quick review of your 50 states show that a tiny state like Utah(?) spends far less but has much greater scholastic results than NY, CA, IL and the other large states.

        My friends and I are amazed at how some of you Americans think so simplistically! As if $ was a solution to this situation! GROW up.

      3. chris says:

        @Esteban……you got it pegged except for one thing – it isn’t ALL Americans, just a certain segment. There are those of us with common sense and we are trying to make an impact and changes. We have been silent too long.

        Sure wish there was a “like” button here – so many comments have been made that I like!

    7. Lala says:

      You suck..You are a bigot and A Racist
      You read Huckleberry Finn as the cornerstone of Americana literature–We read it as overexaggerated Black vernacular

    8. whitehorizon08 says:

      This is damning considering that Iraq (unlike Afghanistan) has a literacy rate in the mid-70 percentile range.

      1. cgwin says:

        That was pre Saddam, then Iraq was a Mecca of thought, prose and intellectual thought. All of that was suppressed by him, the few institutions of higher learning left open merely taught his philosophies and propaganda, open discourse was banned, and few women went on to higher Ed.

    9. Andrew says:

      It’s the government’s fault that Detroit slum? Did you just completely block out the utter collapse of Detroit’s entire auto-industry resulting in the single most dramatic reduction in population and services ever seen in a major city in America’s history? But, sure, you don’t like Obama so it must be his fault. The auto-industry’s failure to adapt to changing economic climates has absolutely nothing to do with Detroit.

      1. Deb says:

        Yes, it is the government’s fault. The people who feed off the public have absolutely NO motivation to better themselves. And you don’t like Bush so everything was his fault. The auto unions have just blame as the auto industry as to why there was a collapse there.

  10. BYOB says:

    Wait for it….Wait…..
    “More money is needed to…..”

    1. AtlasObjectivist says:


  11. Tanstaafl2 says:

    There is help – contact Literacy Volunteers

    1. CDesignMaster says:

      Can you put that in a Voice Mail, how do you expect illiterates to know what you wrote?

      1. scottfree says:

        Priceless. I havent laughed that hard all year.

  12. Doug says:

    I’m sure if we just spend One More Billion each year on the school district, we can get that rate to an even 50%.

    1. LC says:

      That’s the problem NOT the solution! I’m sure you meant that sarcastically but, that’s exactly what the government and school administrators say. As a public educator, I saw more and more children “socially” promoted in public schools. That means, even though they can’t read or write, they get promoted. Reason: not enough money to ‘reeducate’ them for another year. Put a value on an education and parents/children will see it’s an advantage not a “free” ride!

      1. Dale says:

        LOL. That was an OBVIOUSLY sarcastic statement. It’s NOT what the government says, it’s exactly opposite. The goverment would have stated 40% (down from 47%) instead of 50% (up from 47%)

      2. marc says:

        LC- YOU ARE the PROBLEM

  13. amitor says:

    That is the reason why they voted for Obuma.The best way to control anybody is to keep him or her ignorant.

    1. Jim in HOuston says:

      They say ignorance is bliss. Therefore, Detroit must be a very blissful city.

      1. TheBruce says:

        If ignorance is bliss, then Detroit must be Oz.

  14. katyward says:

    What’s the surprise? I could have toold you the same thing. If parents fail to parent, do not make their kids go to school, sit down, shut up and pay attention to the teacher then the children are not going to learn to read, write or do math. And the teachers are shoveling against the tide like Hercules. Duh.

    1. momsaid says:

      These illiterates went to school. Passed along to stay with their age group and preserve their self esteem, they graduated with diplomas they couldn’t read. But they felt REALLY good about themselves. Parents are only one part of the problem.

  15. Sea Witch says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Have you ever watched Hardcore Pawn? No wonder the city is a mess.

  16. Mikey says:

    yes, they can and do, One of the 43% helps them.

    1. J-Biddly says:

      Maybe one of those 43% can help you with your maths, too…

    2. DRT says:

      Mikey must be from the part of Detroit that can’t perform basic math – that would be one of the 53% (100-47=53)

  17. jlnewell says:

    That’s why liberals go to school – to read welfare aplications to illiterates.

  18. Sienna says:

    Not one person on here talked about the lack of parental guidance. School doesn’t stop at 3 o’clock when the bell rings. How many of the 47 percentcome from single family homes, or are being raised by grand parents who are to old to care. I would bet that nearly half, if not all, never had a parent open up a book and read with them before they go to bed at night. Most of them are to busy worrying about the next joint they can buy, or who they are gonna sleep with at night. This problem starts at home. Take responsilbilty and be a parent. Or close your legs and don’t have kids at all!

    1. jay says:

      Yup, too many unwed mother. They are this country’s greatest liability. BAR NONE

    2. Ray Martinez says:

      Sienna, you’re 100% right on this one, some parents could care less if their child attended school, did his/her homework or even read a book. I lay this problem at the feet of the parents and the politicians we elect, that just don’t give a damn. When we stop paying attention to the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and others and start thinking about what’s best for our families, the things will start to change for the better.

    3. Guy Incognito says:

      I don’t know, I thought single family homes were the norm.

      1. Johnnie B. says:

        So wrong! Everyone knows townhouses and condos are the norm. ;-)

  19. Citizen-A says:

    There are plenty of cities in the south and Appalachia that are predominantly white that also have very high illiteracy rates. They are probably very conservative places as well. What does that prove? That poor people are disproportionally disenfranchised when it comes to education? It’s not a political problem, its a cultural problem. When education is not a priority people will be ignorant, regardless of color.

    1. NotDeadYet says:

      White or black is not the issue. Unfortunately, there are many people who are, and always will be, willing to live at a subsistence level. We have significantly raised the bar on what that means, with handouts and subsidies. We have found, over and over, that you can tell some people, “We will pay you to go back to school”, but you can’t force them to become educated.

      I was hired as a consultant in a steel plant, in one of the communities you are talking about. In order to operate a new generation of computerized equipment, the workers needed to be able to read. I instituted a literacy program. It was very positive and respectful to adults who had never learned to read. The voluntary participation rate was dismal. It was not until they realized that they would absolutely lose their jobs that SOME of them became motivated to even attend. Many simply said that they would apply for unemployment and government aid. You can’t fix that by throwing money at it.

    2. Merrick says:

      Well, there;s a nice set of unsupported and unreferenced generalities to sell your untenable thesis. Of course it’s not a political problem. But the politics of Detroit IS Detroit’s problem.

    3. Jim in Houston says:

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more. The difference then and now was parental responsibility and work ethic. We knew if we didn’t do well in school that when we got home we would have wished we had. Today’s parents don’t want to be parents, they want to be their child’s friend. When their children are children, parents need to be parents, when children have grown up parents can be friends. Until then, they have a responsibility to their children to be parents.

    4. Aggie95 says:

      perhaps that is correct but how often have those cities made #1 on the FBI list of the most deadly cities …..Detroit is top 5 always and often # 1 and consider how far Detroit has fallen …once it was the wealthiest city in the U.S. now its in essance a welfare state onto itself

      1. Curtis Gwin says:

        Maybe you should look around the country more at crime stats! There are many urban cities pushing Detroit for those titles! Birmingham, Ala, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis or Houston the list goes on and on. Fueled by lack of jobs and failure of their educational systems they are in has big trouble has Detroit is. Don’t think this is an isolated problem that has only happened in the last 2 years!

    5. maryjokopechne says:

      we’re not talking “probablies” we’re talking Detroit, Philly, DC …. reality, you dope.

    6. Garth says:

      You obvioulsy haven’t been to Appalachians recently. They’re a good deal more literate and educated (the two are different) than most places. They’re not on welfare walking the streets talking on cell phones. They actually work even though many are unemployed. You can’t teach ethics like this anymore.

      1. Tom Bryson says:

        I live in a poor appalachian town myself. Half the people here are on drugs or selling drugs. Old people are a major source of drugs – they get Medicare funded narcotics and flip them. The murder rate is the highest of any place I’ve lived. There is a lot of illiteracy. People don’t keep gardens any more. Girls are interested in popping pills, getting pregnant, a different guy each year, and getting on state Medicaid and WIC. You can’t hire anyone that will show up and do a days work. But they still all go to church on Sunday.

    7. indycars says:

      Name ONE that has comperable rates

  20. Bummlins says:

    What do expect from high school dropouts, and extreme dixclexic cases? Plus didn’t mention in article if they were latino speaking or not/

    1. Levi_A says:

      You do realize that “dyslexic” simply means “can’t read”, right? Here are two identical forms for you to turn into the redundant of redundancy department.

      1. Andcap says:

        Um, no. “Dyslexic” does not mean “can’t read.” It is a term to describe someone who has dyslexia, which is defined as “any of various reading disorders associated with impairment of the ability to interpret spatial relationships or to integrate auditory and visual information.” It’s a disorder that makes it more difficult to learn to read, but many, many people with dyslexia can read and achieve great things (e.g. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da VInci, Winston Churchill, Ted Turner, Scott Adams, Fannie Flagg — just to name a few).

    2. Dave says:

      There are very few latinos in Detroit. There is, however, a relatively large percentage of Somali immigrants.

  21. NotDeadYet says:

    The answer, of course, will be to throw more federal money at the problem. Because we all know that the problem was that not enough money was spent on their education already.

    Only when you take away money from those who will not help themselves (and their community) will you make any inroads towards solving the problem. It’s called tough love, in other situations. Those who are mentally challenged, or otherwise unable are one thing. But many people simply won’t do a thing about this, because someone else is there to make sure that they get by on a day to day basis. You may not like the sound of it, but you know it’s true.

  22. bigbiz2 says:

    Thats rasis!

    1. BeReal says:

      You may have intended to misspell “That’s racist” or maybe you’re living proof of the Detroit problem. You scored a “0” on this spelling effort bigbiz2…. and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

      1. Darren says:

        Those who cannot recognize sarcasm are doomed to comment upon it.

  23. Bob says:

    I’ll bet their union people

    1. Pierzy says:

      I bet they know the difference between “their” and “they’re.” You should try it – it’s fun!

      1. Texas Tom says:

        How about “your” and “you’re”, or immigrate or emigrate?

      2. TruthTeller says:

        [I bet they know the difference between “their” and “they’re.”]

        Umm…. no. You know the difference. They don’t. They’re illiterate, remember? Or do you not understand the meaning of “illiterate”? I guess it’s possilbe to be able to spell and still be functionally illiterate.

        People who mistake “their” and “they’re” can still fill out their own job applications. They just won’t be getting a job as proofreader on an anonymous Internet forum. So I guess you have some job security.

    2. joe says:

      I bet you not – you first need a job to be in a union

      1. Deb says:

        No, you don’t need a job to be in a union. There’s lots of unemployed union people.

  24. Radoc says:

    Obama and the democrats are asured of another 47 percent of the votes in2012. with the help of community orgainizers.

    1. Curtis Gwin says:

      Or look at it another way, the Republicans can count on another 47% not voting! With the voting restrictions and requirements that they are tirelessly working to instill (or get removed) this is going on all over the country, they can count on fewer people voting it’s how they stay in office!

  25. JoeX51 says:

    The Welfare dept. will fill the forms out for them

  26. Myke says:

    Learn to read or become bio-diesel. We could solve our nations energy needs with bio-diesel made from the willfully ignorant functionally illiterate. Toss in illegal immigrants, drug abusers, three time offenders, pedophiles, and we’d have no shortage of fuel plus free up thousands of prison beds, apartments and homes, and lower the cost of gas, food (fewer consumers), housing, and criminal justice. It’s time we stopped overlooking this abundant fuel resource. It can be found anywhere there is cable TV service and public schools.

    1. BeReal says:

      …and anywhere welfare $ is readily available.

    2. Alison says:

      Soylent gas anyone?

      1. Jonathan says:

        Nice reference.

  27. J-Biddly says:

    You a verb.

  28. milcon2 says:

    I’m sure Obama has folks to do this for them,

  29. Bernie Bouck says:

    I think we need more UN ION teachers !

  30. JoeaStroturf says:

    Great just how Obama and the Dems like to have you. They’ll help you with your votes and where to get your free healthcare and foodstamps.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    1. cgwin says:

      Funny we already die earlier than nearly every other industrialized country ( and many so called 3rd world countries) in the world!(about 12th) Our infant death rate puts us about 21st in the world and the number of women dying in pregnancy or childbirth we’re about 27th. Cloward and Pivens must be Republicans since thats where the first 10 trillion of debt came from(and that was with no recession!). Don’t believe it Google it, you won’t hear these stat coming from anti healthcare reformers.

      1. Deb says:

        And Healthcare Reform is going to improve our mortality rate how? I have yet to hear of anyone dying because they were unable to get Healthcare. Each time I’ve had anything done at our local hospitals, I’ve had to sign a form that told me that they could not refuse me care because I was unable to pay for it.

  31. Jenna says:

    You obviously didn’t come to Raleigh. It has the highest rate of PhDs per capita in the nation.

    1. Pervy Grin says:

      How many of them were educated there? Not many, I’d guess. Most are high-tech professionals that come from elsewhere, often from other countries.

    2. Charles says:

      Yes Pervy and guess where their kids are going to grow up, go to school, and contribute to the future – NC. I cannot wait to get back to NC, a true Eden on Earth

    3. Guest says:

      Do you know how hard it is to get an online Ph.d? It takes a loan that you don’t pay back, the ability to read/write, and access to a library where you can use a computer. I’m not impressed with Ph.ds. If they work for the government, have a Ph.d from the past 10 years I want to see their diploma on the wall.

    4. kipmjf says:

      And Omaha has the highest number of millionaires per capita. I am willing to bet most of them do not have a Phd. I wonder which works better, a Phd or common sense?

      My B.A. and J.D. route was the hardest way to earn money that I have ever heard of.

  32. dingo says:

    Wow, but I am not surprised! Hell I live in Cobb County Georgia and it is probably the same….

  33. Kissd says:

    Exactly. The sheeple is multiplying.

  34. Mary-Tom Plautz says:


    Parents help but we are just talking about reading! 13 years to get a student to read should not matter if the kid is being tought on the fly on the street with green eggs and ham. Don’t make excuses simple one.

  35. Tony says:

    I am a returning student to college, age 49, and have been SHOCKED to see this first hand. I retired a few years ago after selling my business and decided to get a degree. The very first class I too, ENG 101, the students were expected to read aloud, these were not immigrants, or foreign students, and I nearly fell out of my chair. It was unbelieveable to sit and observe the level of reading skill these kids and adults possessed. Now over three years later, just this past week we were takign turns reading aloud in another class adn several students still lacked the basic skills to successfully navigate reading a single paragraph. They had simply been passed along and were now either junoiors of seniors in a university class. I would submit that in certain areas the level of functional literacy is mosty likely much lower than this article even suggests. I have seen this first hand. We are doomed.

    1. Kathleen says:

      Chris Freind, an independent columnist, reported recently that 33% of 10th graders in an upscale area here in PA could not read/write. Anyone who does not fault the government, unions, and teachers for failing our children is someone who is not fully functioning.

    2. Merrick says:

      I was a grad student/TA at Wayne State in the early 90s. One of my students was the valedictorian of her high school in Detroit. She was at Wayne State because WSU had a policy of offering 100% scholarships to the valedictorians of all Detroit high schools. The problem was, at least in her case, she was valedictorian by “accident.” Don’t get me wrong, she was a very nice girl, and probably with a lot of help could have been prepared for college. But she hadn’t been prepared. She was valedictorian because, unlike the rest of her high school classmates, she’d stayed in school, hadn’t gotten involved in drugs, hadn’t gotten pregnant, hadn’t gotten in trouble with the law, and got along with her teachers. That made her the cream of her class. But her teachers were so busy putting out all of the other fires every day that they didn’t actually get around to preparing this poor girl for college. I don’t have any idea what finally happened to her. I’ve always feared that she finally got frustrated and gave up and now has several children, no husband, and is on welfare. I hope not. I hope she succeeded.

    3. Curtis Gwin says:

      You just hit on both the problem and the cure and it doesn’t cost anything! Young kids do not read out loud in school anymore! Teachers are to afraid to make them do it for fear it wouldn’t be politically correct! If all children read out loud from an early age has we did they would at least be able to read at a functional level by the time they reach higher grades! Regardless of their parents or parent!

  36. Tom says:

    Would this be English, Ebonics or Arabic?

    1. cgwin says:

      Inshallah I don’t know cuz I speak all 3 plus a couple of others! And all with my Lansing public scholl education and a couple of years of communmity college!

      1. Deb says:

        I’m assuming you didn’t learn to spell in English though.

  37. Snarf says:

    LOL….Rock said books are like Kryptonite to you-know-who…..

  38. Kela says:

    You would be surprised at how many black people you can find in a library. I am astounded at how little people think about black people. Every black person is not what the media and television make them out to be There are a lot of educated black people.

  39. Jim says:

    Thats the reason they need Polical Organizers to tell them how to vote and do everything else.

    1. Mark Santeramo says:

      clearly the Republican plan to continue this dumbing down of our nation is working…the only way they can achieve any political power is by dismantling education so the majority of our citizens have absolutely no clue how bad they are being raped by the party. If you don’t believe that’s part of their platform than you just do not folow politics.

      1. danpa says:

        ARE YOU A TOTAL IDIOT……???
        REPUBLICAN and DETROIT don’t fit in the same sentence palsy…

      2. danpa says:

        hey DING DONG…… name those REPUBLICANS that are in Detroit…. i’ll bet you can’t find ONE….. at least, NOT in the last 50 years…..

      3. sailordude says:

        LOL, funniest troll piece I’ve read in awhile. Blaming the GOP for black illiteracy in a Democrat state. Now that’s either very funny or you are very delusional!

      4. Historyshowsus says:

        You are another fine product of our public school system.
        The education system in this country and almost every educational theory is written by leftists. The government of Detroit is almost totally Democrat.
        It was a Republican that created the federal education system and appointed a cabinet member and it was a Republican that enacted No Child Left Behind.
        Get a clue.

      5. Reason8200 says:

        The libs have controlled the educations system for years mark, that is why it is failing. Liberalism is a disease that destroys everything it touches and our public school schools are ripe with it.

      6. TiminPhx says:

        You win for having the most stupid comment of the day.

        The Democrats run Detroit and yet, you find a way to try and blame the GOP.

        You, yourself, might be able to read, but as to intelligence, you rate up there with the 47%.

    2. charles says:


      Totally inane statement on your part. Detroit has only had Democratic mayors since 1962.

      1. Mark Santeramo says:

        and what does Detroit having a Democratic mayor for the last 40 years have to do with anything. I’m talking about the GOPs current platform right now…and it’s inarguable that they do not value education which therefore means that they do not truly care about the future that we are leaving to our children…the future that they might not be educated enough to handle or even advance further when the GOPs brilliant plan to cut deficits and give more unpaid for tax breaks to the wealthy consists of demoloshing education spending. Republicans thrive off an ignorant population and if you practice your civic responsbility to this nation than you know exactly what I mean. They exploit people’s fears through outrageous exaggerations and propaganda statements because they know that the majority of Americans only get their information from one source. Until this changes to where people watch a variety of news channels and read different websites in order to develop a well rounded opinion, our nation is going to continue to be run by the ignorant.

        Can you name me one potential GOP candidate for president, announced or not, that you think has a shot to win against Obama? LOL, I’m an Independent and I’m not a die hard Obama fan, but I am competent enough to know that he’s still the best choice so far compared to the 10+ names being floated around by conservatives. Obama will win a 2nd term BECAUSE OF THE IGNORANCE showcased by the conservative party. Care to try and dispute this? Yea, I thought so.

        1. Aggie95 says:

          LOL ….he berides Republican and their education policies ignoring the fact that the most ignorant citizens of the U.S. reside in democrat run and controlled cities ….oh its been 60 years since Detroit had a Republican mayor

          1. TTownTony says:

            Here are the composite ACT scores for 2009 graduating seniors:
            Texas 20.8
            Alabama 20.3
            Louisiana 20.1
            Michigan 19.6

            It only took 12 years for Alabama to go from ZERO automobile industry to being about 1/3 the size of Michigan. We now produce over 1 million vehicles per year and every plant we have is expanding. In out city we make M-Class, R-Class, and G-Class Mercedes Benz and will soon add 3000 workers to make the C-Class. Pretty good for a state of inbred dummies.

          2. rlsmith says:

            Nothing for anyone to be proud of, right?

          3. Alces1 says:

            It should be noted that the 10 worst school districts in the country were in Orleans Parish.Katrina closed the schools and many of the students attending those schools moved to Texas.As a result the composite ACT scores for Louisiana students went up and the scores for Texas students went down.While the State of Louisiana has improved our educational system in Orleans parish by having private, charter and a Catholic school system, we still have a major problem with crime even though the population has been dramatically reduced.The same people that contributed to our low educational system are responsible for our crime statistics.I’m sure it’s the same story in Detroit and other major urban centers.

          4. rlsmith says:

            Gonzalez–go back to Mexico. You will be at the head of your class.

          5. Josh says:

            How about you and your family go back to Mexico?

        2. MDWhite says:

          Yes…yes…we know. As you’ve skreed for the 12th time, you’re an “independent.” Uh-huh. As “independent” as a Berkeley grad student.

          Too bad your pathetically stupid, lame arguments all sound like DNC/Chris Matthews/Ed Schultz sound bytes.

        3. Steve Roberts says:

          It’s clear from your post that your are NOT an independent as it is nothing but a repetition of the same liberal-Dem talking points I have been hearing for the past 30 years. If you are indeed a teacher that would explain a lot about the sorry state of public education. Instead of repeating the same old garbage why don’t you explain how the doubling of per-pupil eduction spending since the 70’s has only resulted in a massive decrease in student performance. Then use this to justify further increases in spending. I anxiously await a well reasoned response

        4. Anthony Phillips says:

          Money spent on education does not spell success. We currently spend far more on education than our nearest competitor, yet we as a nation rank in the mid twentieth position in science and math. Our education dollars are ill spent.

        5. lessthantolerant says:

          Thank GOD you did no have any of my children. A sad pathetic teacher like you would certainly contribute to the 47% illiterate population in Detroit.

        6. Josh says:

          With you as a teacher, no wonder our schools are a failure.

        7. Historyshowsus says:

          Seems to me that a lot of people in these replies are caring “to dispute this” so…… thought wrong (if you ever actually thought).

        8. Esteban Cafe says:

          You are correct Mark: GOP people do not understand the US education process at all. Neither do foreigners. We are amazed at how much you spend per pupil yet achieve a very low yield. Please argue those facts. Your school districts are receiving historically high amounts of money.

          As far as “Educating the future of our nation” you should address all the wasted dollars in Grievance Studies that you force kids through. Has anyone in Black, Women, Gay, Transsexual or other Studies departments ever produced anything that can compete in the market with the Chinese, the EU or Japan? Of course not. They become dependents upon the state—like teachers. Thumb sucking and looking back at past grievances continues to haunt them. The Japanese were nuked, for crying out loud (love your American colloquialisms) – look what they’ve done since WWII. And they were essentially nuked again with the recent tsunami and Nuke plants that went awry. Yet they are neither whining nor dependent upon their government. I was embarrassed at the display of your New Orleans Americans—all that dependence was sickening for someone who admires Jeremiah Johnson Americans—those poor Blacks never left the plantation, did they? In that case, they took the person out of the ghetto, but they could not get the ghetto out of the person. The rest of America has got to get over their guilt or whatever it is that keeps them feeding the Education Monster, and exercise Dr. Phil “Tough Love.” I like how he do that.

          Tax cuts for the wealthy is a problem? Isn’t it their money? You know that 50% of your people—The Poor—pay no tax at all. One of your Founder said that “When one American can vote $ out of another American’s pocket into his own, the liberty of both will wane and disappear.” You are now doing that. Obama’s stash, indeed. Please grow up Mark; the rest of us need a strong America.

    3. Jon in Cali says:

      Mark Santeramo, you are a idiot. Liberal policies have created the Detroit phenomenon. Educate yourself.

      1. Tim The Tool Man says:

        Maybe Mark Santeramo was educated in Detroit.

      2. Mark Santeramo says:

        LOL, what are you talking about man.. as a teacher myself, I am educated on the issues. I don’t just watch FOX and think I’m a genius as most likely you do based on your response. In order for this nation to succeed Americans must take some pride and personal responsibility for their education as it is a lifelong process that continues on well after school ends. Now if you want to be a smartass and not talk facts, that’s fine, but do you think you can really dispute the FACT that the GOP/conservatives/Republicans have done NOTHING for education in this country besides cuts? Come on, argue that, please, go ahead. Republicans DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS and so what we see are statistics as shown above.

        When the education of our nation’s citizens is considered to be one of the lowest priorities for the minority power in our current government, alarm bells should go off indicating that this particular party has absolutely zero clue how to maintain a prosperous nation well into the future. Educaiton is the backbone of society and our economy; I always find it hilarious how once Republicans get older the first thing they want to do is attack teachers, etc., despite them being some of the most important employees in our economy considering the influence they have on our children and the future direction our country potentially may take. Witholding billions of dollars from our students in favor of more tax cuts for the wealthy THAT HAS SHOWN FOR YEARS NOW THAT THEY DO NOT PRODUCE JOBS…well, that’s the argument we are having today.

        Educating the future of our nation or give greater tax cuts to the wealthy that don’t need them. Hmm…and yet this inarguable issue is one that the GOP has no qualms about attacking. Cutting deficits are fine but not when you do it at the expense of “the future of our children” which Republicans say they care so desperately about.

        Please…you sounded dumb enough with your comment to me…at least try to type something back that actually makes sense.

        1. NotDeadYet says:

          I believe you really are a teacher, Mark. Because you are so good at spouting the Marxist dogma. You suggest that Republicans do not understand the “educational process”. But, based on the actual results (in Detroit, but also in our country as a whole) it is you who do not understand the educational process. What you do understand is the indoctrination process that you were subjected to, and which you now impose on children.

          How does it feel to know that you, personally, are responsible for a portion of the incredible educational deficit in our country? Are you proud? Does it make you feel better to vilify those who have worked hard and been successful? Do you really believe that our children would rank higher in education, if only you would have gotten more raises in your career? Or maybe you believe that it was the lack of administrative help that made you fail so miserably in educating a generation of students?

          This talk of tax cuts for the wealthy is smoke and mirrors. The amount of money spent on education in this country has been rising disproportionately to everything else, and the quality of education has fallen at an alarming rate. You people need to focus less on political idealogy and excuses, and more on teaching.

          BTW – my dad was a university professor. My mother a teacher. One uncle was a superintendant of schools, and three of my aunts were teachers. What you know about the “educational process” would fit in a thimble. When the progressives took over, education went out the window in favor of indoctrination. It’s not even up for debate.

        2. Aggie95 says:

          And if Republican are so terrible at eduction why does democrat controlled area’s suck when it comes to education .Andl lets see when blacks and hispanics are excluded from tests do you know where we rank …..3’rd in the world ….and we have increased spending on education and what have we gotten for it … want to know what the problem is ….70 % of ALL births in the black community are to unwed mothers ….38 % of welfare recipients are black…..12 % of the population 42 % of the prison population…..12 % of the population but have committed 59.3 % of all felony murders in the U.S. since 1976 other crime numbers are equally as dismal ….if a black male what is more likely to happen….go to prison ……graduate from high school ……murdered or graduate from a university

          1. Aggie95 says:

            did you know Mississippi has the nighest rate of elected black public officials

          2. casey says:

            Guess that explains why TX has the fastest growing economy :/

        3. Jason Day says:

          Mark Santeramo, watch Waiting for Superman, it doesn’t matter how many taxpayer dollars you flush down the education toilet it comes down to union control not allowing the good teachers to remain while getting rid of poor teachers. Every job sector has sub-par employees, just because teachers perform a good service doesn’t mean they should be given the benefit of the doubt even when they suck. It has nothing to do with Republicans, you are being partisan and dishonest, Repubs want to make cuts across the spectrum from everything because in case you haven’t noticed, we are BROKE.

        4. ksucatinokc says:

          Spoken like a good sheep trained in “feewings based” education!!!!

          Socialism doesn’t give children a future, if we still taught that in schools…we wouldn’t be in this situation.

          Christian conservatives established this country and it’s education system (if you crack open a real history book), your socialists hijacked and created what we have to day AND they only wasted billions and billions of dollars to do it!! Sweet!!

  40. TruthTeller says:

    One very important thing to note is that every single one of them has a right to vote. If they can’t read a prescription bottle, or perform everyday tasks (according to the article) how can they possibly be informed about the issues or the candidates? The answer is that they take instructions from community organizers and “leaders”.

    An illiterate populace can be manipulated much more easily for political gain. You should at least consider that there are those within their own community who have a vested interest in perpetuating the illiteracy problem. The very people who scream loudly, and demand more money be thrown at the problem. They preach about victimization, while they themselves victimize. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s a conspiracy theory. Being able to tell a large bloc of people how to vote? That’s real power.

    1. Tracy says:

      Hence why the democrats here in Milwaukee oppose a measure to require people to show ID to vote. If you can’t read, odds are you you’ll have a hard time filling out the forms required to carry a valid government ID.

      If you can’t read, you’re also more likely to vote democrat in this state.

  41. John says:

    If you insist on teaching to the lowest rated student and in multiple language, you get moronic children. No wonders that America is in a death spiral with an education system and laws that applaud studipity.

  42. Kathleen says:

    There is no need to be literate. Obama, Perez, and Holder, under the guise of AmeriCorps, sends in members to ensure these people get every and any thing they can squeeze out of the myriad of social services available to those who choose not to work, read, or write – all paid for with our tax dollars.

  43. Frank Castle says:

    HAH!!! They have Community Organizers to help them do that.

  44. Captain Obvious says:

    Illiteracy and hopelessness are the same conditions ripe for radicalizing and recruiting the disposable, ground-level cannon fodder type of people that are exploited in the poverty stricken Islamic world. Combine that with a large, ever-increasing number of Islamic people in the Detroit area, and it does not take a genius to see the likely outcome.

    1. jen says:

      sadly your words are accurate – Wake up America. It’s later than you think!

    2. human pride says:

      How does Islam corrolate with illiteracy? Save your racism, religious zealotry, and your ignorance for your next Klan meeting, sir.

  45. stev says:

    Why should this story SHOCK? Doesn’t everyone know by now that over 80% of black male teens in Detroit drop out of high school? For the black girls it’s over 50%.


  46. JIm in Houston says:

    Someone from Acorn will help them. However, what do you expect from a city run by union goons and democRats?

  47. Cribster says:

    Could you please rewrite that in ebonics so I can read it?

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