Report: Cheaper Gas Coming Soon!

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Gas prices could be dropping soon — and dropping a lot.  That’s according to Patrick DeHaan of, who said the price of oil dropped sharply on Thursday, as did gasoline futures in the Midwest.

DeHaan told WWJ Newsradio 950 that Metro Detroit will soon see that drop at the pump.

“Don’t expect this all at once, but prices will be edging down as soon as tomorrow (Friday),” DeHann said.

He said we could see prices between $3.65 and $4-a-gallon by Memorial Day.

Meantime, even though fuel prices hit a record high in Michigan earlier this week, that doesn’t spell doom for summer tourism in our state.

Travel Michigan spokesman Dave Lorenz said he expects tourism to be up about four-percent, as Michigan State University earlier predicted.

Lorenz told WWJ the biggest influx of tourists will be from the Windy City.

“Here’s the thing about Chicago and some of our other out-of-state markets: Chicago gas is substantially higher than it is anywhere in Michigan. So, they know that when they come to Michigan, they’re actually saving money,” he said.

Lorenz said camping may go down temporarily before bouncing back when people adjust to the higher gas prices.

He said Michigan residents may stick closer to home, but he doesn’t think they’ll give up their leisure spending.

  • TaterSalad

    Thank you Speaker Boehner and the Republica Party for getting this legislation started and putting pressure on the speculators and their “futures” purchases!

    House GOP Bill Will Reverse White House Efforts to Block or Delay Job-Creating Energy Production
    Posted by Katie Boyd on May 05, 2011
    Today, the House will vote on the Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act (H.R. 1230), legislation that will boost American energy production in order to address soaring gas prices and help create jobs. H.R. 1230 requires the Secretary of the Interior to promptly conduct offshore lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Virginia that have been delayed or canceled by the Obama Administration. Click here to learn more about the bill from the Natural Resources Committee.

    This is one of several bills that will be considered in the coming weeks as part of the American Energy Initiative, an effort on the part of the new House majority to stop anti-American energy policies that are driving up gas prices and costing jobs. The House has already passed the Energy Tax Prevention Act to stop the EPA from imposing a “cap-and-trade” energy tax that will drive up prices and destroy jobs – and there are more bills to come. Learn more and follow our progress on the American Energy Initiative at:

  • Brian

    So connect the dots, 14 billion $ profit (not gross) every three months BP blows it in the ocean costing major job loss’s and economic strain while tax payers pay majority to stop spill/cleanup. the president stops all drilling to ensure comprehensive safeguards are in place instead of allowing corporate negligence. rather than comply, they encourage, I’m sure with ‘experts’ and ‘factual studies’, fear in the unregulated speculation of futures that prices will never drop until we drill and let the strain on the average citizen at the pump pressure the administration to back down. ergo at the cost of the taxpayers again, regardless of the fact this tactic costs even more jobs and causes increased inflation through higher costs to transport commodities. now republicans who have sat back while this unfolds want to step up and claim to be the saviors? My thanks for ‘using’ the American people as leverage goes to corporate America AND Republicans.

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