My eyes popped out of my head when a recent report showed 47% of Detroiters are functionally illiterate.  That means nearly half of all people living in the city have trouble reading.  That’s where this week’s episode of “Street Beat” (CW50 at 11:30 on Sunday) comes in.

We talked with community leaders from Eastside Tutoring and Jr. League of Detroit.  Both organizations work together in hopes of helping people learn to read. 

We also spoke with Dr. Anthony Youn.  His new book “In Stitches” is about his life as he becomes a doctor.  Sounds boring, right? WRONG! Dr. Youn’s memoir is more than just about his medical profession.  He tells the story of growing up here in Michigan as a Korean-American, and how it was decided he will become a doctor, even before he was born! 

Our show’s producer, Kris Kelly, is attached to his book.  She has convinced me to give it a shot, so Dr. Youn was nice enough to give me one.  Thanks Doctor!

Poetry slam raises money for the Chaldean Community Foundation (photo by: Syma Chowdhry, WWJ-TV)

Poetry slam raises money for the Chaldean Community Foundation (photo by: Syma Chowdhry, WWJ-TV)

 Reading is something we seem to take for granted.  The English language is another part of our life that we, as Americans, sometimes forget to appreciate.  English is one of the most popular languages spoken around the world.  Imagine living in America not knowing a “lick” of English? 

The Chaldean Community Foundation helps refugees from the Middle East adapt to American culture.  One of the first issues they tackle is teaching immigrants to learn speak, read and write English. 

A recent poetry “slam” helped raised money to help this organization.

These are just some of the topics discussed in this week’s episode.  Overall, if you are reading this blog, consider yourself blessed!

Watch “Street Beat” this Sunday at 11:30 am on CW50.

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