DETROIT (WWJ) – After a standoff with police at her home in which the State Department of Human Services removed the child from the home, Maryanne Godboldo is slated to be reunited with her 13-year-old daughter Ariana on Friday.

On May 4th, Judge Lynne Pierce of Wayne County Juvenile Court ordered that the Godboldo/Hakim family and the Michigan Department of Human Services cooperate to take care of all outstanding matters before the court to secure the release of Ariana Godboldo by 11:00 am May 6 or face contempt charges by 1:30 pm Friday.

According to a release, Judge Pierce stated that the Michigan Department of Human Services should stop “stonewalling,” and facilitate the release of Ariana to the home of her aunt, Penny Godboldo, by Friday.

In the last 24 hours, the State Attorney General’s office filed a motion for a re-hearing on all matters before Judge Pierce; and before the State Court of Appeals in order to delay Ariana’s release.

“We fully expect to pick up Ariana today per Judge Pierce’s order,” Roger Fahrina, attorney for Ariana’s father Mubarak Hakim, said in a release.

Ariana has been held under state care at The Hawthorn Center in Northville.

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Comments (4)
  1. Ginger Taylor says:

    Props to judge Pierce for holding the department’s feet to the fire. This case is an outrage and it is unbelievable that they have held on to this child for more than a month.

  2. t says:

    what a bunch of idiots, invading the woman’s home and kindnapping her child to force on her strong medicine that doctors did not even agree on, what is worng with those people, do they actually think they are doing service, they should be criminally indicted as well as those coward swat team members that forced their into the house.

  3. Outraged Mother says:

    Outrageous! I am offended by the CPS bullies and yes, the cowards with the guns, bulletproof protection and bataons who forced themselves upon this woman. This is kidnapping by force. The CPS lied, there was no warrant, there was no reason for any type of “state intervention”. Also, the girl raped whilein the care of CPS!!!
    I am fantastically outraged and the CPS workers involved in this illegal action need to GO TO JAIL!!! The CPS workers, who initiated these illegal actions, under the Supreme Court rule of 2000 that parents have the right to protect their children, and stand up for their best interests–under the Supreme Court ruling the CPS broke the law and they need to be arrested! That is what I want to hear. What is going to happen the real criminals in this outrageous case? Can someone make this public? WE WANT JUSTICE done here. And just releasing Arianna back to her mother is not enough. I want to hear about charges, lawsuits that we can also follow on this case.


  4. Mike says:

    Doesn’t firing a weapon at police with the intent of doing bodily harm constitute a felony conviction. Also if the daughter has serious mental problems, what is the mother doing with a gun in her house that her daughter might and could get her hands on ??? This smells very strange, to say the least!

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