LANSING (WWJ) – Members of a Lansing-based National Guard unit arrived at Dewitt High School Sunday for a homecoming ceremony.

About 100 soldiers from the 46th Military are home after completing a one-year mission to Afghanistan.

Corissa Barton – with the Michigan National Guard – says it’s always heartwarming to see the soldiers reunite with families and friends.

“When you see a unit, that everyone made it back safely, they didn’t take any casualties. I’ve seen a ton of these and every time I cry, they are good tears. Just to see their family and friends and  everyone just so happy to have them back. I’ve been there myself so I know what that feeling is, so I think that makes it a little more emotional as well,” says Barton.

Barton says they always have a deployment ceremony for soldiers who are leaving, and a homecoming event for those who are returning from their mission.

“Being on Mother’s Day, it made it a little more special for the moms of the soldiers that were there…on a special day like Mother’s Day, I think everyone is just grateful to their family members there,” says Barton.


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