Other roles for Joe Thornton…
10. Joe Thornton is set to be the featured interview in a documentary about the history of Magic Sponge and Can of Spray. -Carl in Flint
9. Joe Thornton would be a good Peter Pan with Disney on Ice. Eric from The D
8. Playing the stunt double for Nancy Kerrigan in made for TV movie for the Tonya Harding planned attack! Whyyyyy! Jc in white lake
7. Future roles for Joe Thornton? Not sure, but did you see Dwayne Wade running onto the ice with a wheelchair for him? Chris
6. Roles for Joe Thornton? Brenda Warner has him pegged as Dwayne Wade in “Rolling with a shoulder” – Chris in warren.
5. Other roles for Thornton….Lady Godiva! Tim Sterling hts
4. Joe Thornton first pro in new reality show. Diving with the stars. Gary Williams Fenton mi
3. Joe Thornton will be the star of the remake of the hit series the fall guy
2. Joe Thornton will be the new host of Diners Drive-ins and DIVES, on the Food Network. West in Farmington
1. Future roles: a bartender at the local dive bar. Brett Pod


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