LANSING (WWJ/AP) – WWJ’s Ron Dewey reports that road commissions and other local governments will be watching a case going before the state Supreme Court very closely.

A Northern Michigan couple — Arthur and Elaine Whitmore — say they were injured in 2006 when their motorcycle hit a pothole in the Charlevoix area. According to Michigan law, government can be held liable if it knew or should have known about a road defect.

At issue will be the Charlevoix Road Commission’s argument that the Whitmores failed to show the agency had notice of a single, specific pothole that caused the accident. While the justices agreed to hear arguments, they will decide whether to take a full appeal or order some other action.

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  1. A Michigan Engineer says:

    Impulsive – Impact Vehicle Durability

    Considering the rapid deterioration of America’s roads (this phenomena is not unique to Michigan) auto OEM’s need to improve their vehicle ability to withstand higher road loads and to cushion the impact felt by passengers. This means improved vehicle development for active damping in struts and shocks and the dissipation of rapid energy input through pothole road profiles and vehicle speed variations.

    American engineers can solve this problem

  2. Detroit Metro says:

    The roads in Michigan are so much worse than anywhere else in this nation. Contractors are putting down substandard materials, and the government keeps paying our tax dollars on constantly fixing them. If the government can’t get honest contractors with suitable materials, they should get rid of the roads and give everyone on mass transit.

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