Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split?
10. She got tired of him going commando all the time – Jr
9. He kept calling her by the wrong name. Sarah Connor.
8. Why are Arnold and Maria shiver calling it quits? She saw him on dateline trying to catch a predator -fooch
7. Why are they getting a divorce? Arnold kept dressing up in his Terminator outfit and asking Maria for cyber sex.- Kirk in Commerce.
6. Why are Arnold and wife calling it quits? Because he’s the terminator. Andrew in Lincoln Park
5. Why did Arnold and Maria split? Over time, he has replaced steroids with hemroids… The “It’s not a tumor” joke can only be cute for so long. DAN
4. Why are Maria and Arnold calling it quits? Maria got sick of Arnold constantly leaving to go back in time to change the future. -mike from Ann Arbor
3. Arnold just finally decided to say hasta la vista mother of my children. Dan from Berkley
2. “Why are Maria Schreiver and the Governator calling it splitsville?” Cuz he’s going to hook up with that chick from total recall. Wish I had 3 hands! Ct
1. Kamron from ypsi- y did Arnold and Maria call it quits? Arnold only likes eating out at Planet Hollywood restraunts…that’s it!!


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