Qur’an-Burning Pastor Will Attend Arab International Festival In Dearborn

DETROIT (WWJ) – The Qur’an-burning pastor from Florida is planning a third trip to Dearborn.

WWJ’s Rob Mason reports that Terry Jones plans to attend the upcoming Arab International Festival in Dearborn.

Jones first came to Dearborn on Good Friday for an attempted protest, instead prosecutors sent him to court and he was briefly jailed for failing to pay an ordered Peace Bond.

The following week Jones returned to Dearborn’s City Hall where counter-protesters became angry when Jones approached steel barricades that were meant to separate him from the crowd.

The Arab International Festival takes place in Dearborn on June 17.

  • TaterSalad

    Freedom of speech unless you are taling about Muslims and then it has to be suppressed by them. I’m putting money on the Pastor on this one and the Muslims will go berserk and start their usual whining and hate mongering and blaming someone else except themselves.

    • Josie

      So, what do you think would happen if a Muslim burned a bible in a heavly Christian area? No Christians would “start their usual whining and hate mongering” ? They’d be blaming ALL muslims for it, where at least in this case, the Muslims are only blaming this one bigot.

      • Josie

        Remember – Jesus said “judge not lest you be judged”. Too many Christians are Christian in name only and wouldn’t follow what Jesus taught if their lives depended on it – um, actually, it does.

  • Seeking Peace

    Michigan has enough economic distress, racial issues and health problems. We don’t need a southern bigot coming into this state’s neighborhoods to give more grief. The Constitution gives freedom of speech but where does it say the freedom to annoy, the freedom to incite riot, the freedom to abuse humanity and the freedom to cause social disturbance? The same laws also protect from abuse by the mentally disturbed. Lets not keep up with the Jones

  • Do The Right Thing

    Let’s please educate people. Pastor Jones is Only out after Radical Islam. Burning The Koran was wrong but he did it to get peoples attention to Radical Islam. Radical Muslims that want to see US Citizens dead. He has the right of speech under the US Constitution. Most who are criticizing have not listened to his message. He is not against Muslims or against freedom of religion or against the Koran. He is standing up against Radical Islam in which hatred and killing of US Citizens is encouraged. He may be going about it in the wrong way, burning the Koran is wrong, but he is a US Citizen standing up for what he believes in which is something more Christians should do. If Radical Islam and hatred is tolerated, even encouraged in our own country, what type of message are we sending to our children. Sometimes you need to stand up for what you believe in. Pastor Jones may be doing it the wrong way but none the less, he is standing up.

  • PrierbGarkime
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