DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb is speaking out against a two-hour documentary on the district, that aired on cable television, entitled “A National Disgrace.”

Bobb calls the piece unfair and says while many huge challenges remain in the district, they have made progress over the last two years.  And this special, he says, completely ignores that.

“This is a two-year old story and a lot has changed, both at the Detroit Public Schools and the city of Detroit,” says Bobb. “In addition we also have in place a major academic plan that will help to drive student achievement for years to come.”

“The Detroit Public schools are markedly different that it was two years ago. Some of the people he interviewed are no longer in the Detroit Public Schools,” says Bobb.

Bobb says this special on the Detroit Public Schools grossly and completely neglects an entire year or more of their efforts to change things.

He says the graduation rate has improved from 58%  two years ago to 62% and at some schools it’s higher.  

“A National Disgrace” aired on cable’s HDNet Tuesday night; it’s a cable channel not accessible to a lot viewers in metro Detroit.

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  1. A Former Detroiter says:

    A recent statistic gives 47% Detroiters are not able to read. What’s fair about that? Trying to change things is not the same as things actually changing. Besides it takes a student’s drive to achieve success and not them being chauffeured to the destination.

  2. Detroit Metro says:

    A whole culture must change and teach the children that getting an education is more important than clothes, jewelry, etc.

  3. Larry Hightower, CPA says:

    I am not surprised that lame duck Emergency Financial Manager, Mr. Robert Bobb, thought that Dan Rather’s HDNET Special National Disgrace: the Detroit Public Schools was unfair… him and his disastrous two-year tenure in Detroit.

    The first hour of the special should have been called the Revenge of Dr. Connie Kennedy Calloway. Dr. Calloway lied to Dan Rather and his team of investigative reporters, time after time.

    They didnt’ even pick up huge inconsistencites between Dr. Calloway’s narrative and what Robert Bobb claims he found when he took over for Dr. Calloway in March, 2009.

    Dr. Calloway was fired because she and her CFO, Joan McCray botched a forecast of the Detroit Public School General Fund Deficit, and the related monthly Deficit Elimination Plan reporting to the state.

    Also, a majority of the Board voted to terminate her contract because she and former Board of Education President, Carla Scott, tried to convince former Governor Jennifer M. Granholm to appoint Dr. Calloway as the Emergency Financial Manager, which would have cut the Board out of any decisions on DPS finances.

    More than anything else, it was the hiring of Dr. Calloway, from a 5,000 student school district in Normandy, Missouri, that led to the worsening of the already bad financial problems of the district, and the appoiintment of Robert Bobb.

    How Dan Rather and his team of investigators missed that and the fact that Dr. Calloway had been fired from her job at the Trotman, Ohio school district is a journalistic national disgrace.

    1. Bueeus says:

      Dr. Calloway has filed a civil lawsuit against the Detroit Board of Education and each individual board members. three of the four complaints against individual board members were dismissed. A settlement conference will be heard in Judge Murphy’s courtroom. Roy Roberts is the new Emergency Manager, who must approve all financial matters.

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