Gov. Rick Snyder attended an invitation-only discussion with Michigan-based alternative energy CEOs at Energetx Composites LLC in Holland Wednesday prior to a luncheon held in his honor held by the Tulip Time festival.

He presented Energetx with the first ever “Reinventing Michigan” award to honor the company’s innovative application of composite materials technology to the clean energy industry and highlight the need to create an environment where small businesses can grow.

“Energetx Composites embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that once made Michigan the leader in job growth,” Snyder said.

Snyder used the presentation to call for passage of his tax package, which would include replacing the Michigan Business Tax with a flat 6 percent profits tax — which would amount to a $1.7 billion cut in business taxes — coupled with higher taxes on pension payments and elimination of a tax credit used by low-income workers.

Energetx uses composite material technology originally developed for boat building and applies it to manufacturing windmill blades. The governor said it is important to call attention to the company’s success so it can serve as an inspiration for others who have an idea to do things differently to achieve better results. For more on the company, visit

In his inaugural address, Snyder announced that throughout the year he would celebrate Michigan’s history and recognize leaders who are contributing to the state’s reinvention, with the goal of changing people’s perceptions about Michigan. That effort is being spearheaded by The Henry Ford President Patricia Mooradian.

Also on the committee are Elizabeth Parkinson, senior vice president for marketing and communications at the Michigan Economic Development Corp.; George A. Moroz, special assistant to the president at The Henry Ford; Geralyn Lasher, director of communications for the governor’s office; and George Zimmermann, vice president of Travel Michigan.

The “Reinventing Michigan” award was created by the glass artisans at The Henry Ford. It incorporates a light bulb symbolizing inspiration, invention and innovation. The award was paid for with private funds.


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