Grillin’ The Sharks For Game 7

DETROIT (WWJ) – If Detroit Red Wings fans want to grill the Sharks for Game 7, you can do that… literally. 

At the Starfish Seafood Shoppe at Gratiot Central Market, you can buy shark meat for $6.99-a-pound — and it comes from California! (Also Canada or Texas, sometimes).

Bobby Fisher, who works behind the counter, said he prefers the power of the octopus. He’s serving calamari at his place.

“I’m (not) doing anything with sharks, man. Nothing!” Fisher said. “I just don’t like the Sharks like that. I don’t like the way they taste, and they’re predators, they’ll eat you up. So, you gotta take care of them good. You gotta get them in (game) seven and send them home,” he said.

If you’re curious, some say that shark tastes a little like salmon.

Coming off of another third-period comeback win at “The Joe” Tuesday, the Detroit Red Wings are hoping to make NHL playoff history, Thursday night, in San Jose.

If they win game seven against the Sharks, the Red Wings will become only the fourth team in the history of the National Hockey league to win a series after being down three-games-to-none.

The puck drops at 9 p.m.

  • Todd

    I don’t mean any disrespect to a fellow Wing’s fan, but can we interview someone who can complete a coherent sentence? I mean, I sometimes say things like that, but only when I finish an entire 5th of vodka.

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