The Wings will not lose this series!
The Wings will not lose this series!
The Wings lost this series?

Yeah I was the guy screaming and yelling for the past week saying the Detroit Red Wings would not lose to San Jose in their Western Conference semifinal. Well the impossible happened as the Wings lost 3-2 in Game 7 to the Sharks Thursday night in San Jose. Even when the Wings trailed in this series 3-0 I said they would come back and win.

It was a gut feeling, a tidal wave that lasted for three games and change. I believed right until the final buzzer that the Wings would pull this out. I cannot tell you why I felt that way. Normally when a team is down 3-0 I write them off. I do not believe teams come back from 3-0 deficits. But this was different even though the outcome I expected did not happen.

The Sharks did not outclass the Red Wings. Each game was decided by a play here and a play there.
Do you want to know how close this series was. Both teams scored 18 goals on 246 shots. That is what you call a photo finish. I witnessed the game with a bunch of Red Wing fans and they were all disappointed in the result but not upset with the effort. They all knew of my “Red Wings will not lose this series” proclamation and we had a good time. But some folks were upset. One guy said I jinxed the Red Wings by saying they would rally from 0-3. But he admitted he thought the Wings would lose in five once they got down 0-3. I jinxed them in Game 7?

I am still trying to figure that one out. But if you are upset or angry and want at me, go right ahead. I am a big boy and you can throw your slings and arrows from 2-6 on the Valenti and Foster Show. I also accept blankets and soft pillows if you want to throw them my way. They are much softer.

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  1. jeremy says:

    stick to sports with inflatable balls Foster.

  2. Big Larry Lar says:

    Most of the hosts on 1270 are affraid too post anything too critical on the detroit sports teams for fear of being denied locker room interviews and what have you. So they skirt around areas the talk of deficiencies. Riger and Caputo . I rest my case.

  3. jg wentworth says:

    I learned at young age when playing hockey that it is never the goalies fault. I think this is still true today, but there are exceptions to this. For being hockeytown we sure have some dumb fans. And announcers to make Larry happy. We are fixated on the goalie subject in detroit. The past goalies have all seemed fine: Osgood, Howard, Conklin and Legacy. It is an easy discussion so the fans and hosts run with it. Red Wings need a couple stay at home defense men and some wingers who can control the puck in the corners and win the scrums down low and feed our snipers. Much of what the red wings have now are offense of defensemen. Lidstrom. Rafalski, Erikson. The Penguins exploited this when they won the cup. The wings must diversify their defense. Maybe snag Sheldon Souray from Hershey. Bring Janik up from the Griffins and lose Erikson, Salei and or Stuart. No more mild tempered euros on defense.I liked stuart at first but not so much in the past 2 years. Erikson = Willie Huber of the 70’s. I have heard the cliche “cant teach size” but he isnt aggressive enough to be in the nhl, period.
    We need a hint of more grit. Would love to add a Byfuglien type and a Cam Janssen. The wings are still a good team but I feel just need to be tweaked. What are your thoughts.

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