DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A television crime drama that took its name from and made its home in the Motor City has been cancelled, one of its producers said Friday.

“Detroit 1-8-7” Executive Producer David Zabel confirmed to The Associated Press the news of the cancellation, which had been suspected in the weeks since the show’s Detroit-based production wrapped this winter.

Also confirming the show’s cancellation was series regular Erin Cummings, who tweeted Friday: “To clarify: yes, it’s official. Detroit 187 has been cancelled. Thank you for the support.”

ABC had no comment Friday. The network will officially unveil its fall schedule on Tuesday.

Zabel and other producers repeatedly made the case to renew the show, most recently meeting with ABC executives this month to discuss ideas for a second season.

ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told the Television Critics Association in January that “Detroit 1-8-7” was among a few shows for which ratings, not quality, was an issue.

Zabel told the AP in March that he hoped ABC would have “the integrity and courage to stick by a show they know is good,” but added that he hoped the studio would be “diligent and crafty enough to find a way to allow us to continue on elsewhere.”

Zabel said “1-8-7” would do well on a cable network, citing “Southland,” which is thriving on TNT after being cut by NBC.

Still, such a move would be a longshot. He said Friday that the “finances don’t make sense especially with things the way they are in Michigan,” referring to the state governor’s proposal to change a program that offered some of the most generous film tax credits in the nation.

Cummings echoed that notion, saying she can’t help but think that cutbacks in the Michigan film incentives had a role in the cancelling of the Detroit based crime drama.

Gov. Rick Snyder proposed a limit of $25 million a year on incentives as part of his budget-savings plan, and the state’s current incentive program for filmmakers is not capped.

“There are things that are still being explored,” Zabel said. “But we’re almost at the end of the road in terms of options.”

“Detroit 1-8-7” was filmed in and around Detroit, and its soundstage was in the city’s enclave of Highland Park, which closed its doors in April. It starred Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel.

“My attitude is we spent a year making a good show and having a really cool experience in Detroit,” Zabel said. “I wish it could go on longer.”

There is no doubt fans of the crime drama will be disappointed to hear of the show’s cancellation, many of them noting they not only fell in love with the show for its depiction of Detroit, but for the captive story lines and dynamic cast.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Comments (192)
  1. Davis says:

    Wow this was a great show! I hope another station picks it up….

    1. Pat says:

      This was one of my favorite shows! Too bad. I thought it was very good……

    2. Al Clark says:

      Actors, scripts made this a great show. What a bad
      choice by ABC.
      I hope the other channels grab Detroit.

    3. BARBARA WELLARD says:


    4. Judy says:

      What a mistake to cancel Detroit 187. It was one of the best progras on TV – great actors, great writers, interesting series.

    5. Mike says:

      I loved that show – Maybe USA or TNT will pick it up! Michael Imperioli was great as lead actor – Fitch was a complex character and he really sold it!

    6. mary scheinost says:


    7. Rolan says:

      this was a great show. I just finished watching all 18 shows in two days. I guess those that choose whats on tv dont want anything on worth watching. Everyother program on tv sucks. in a way, perhaps its a god thing because, otherwise, they would have ridden this pony into the ground until we all hated it like they hve done to every other program on tv. RIP

  2. Mrs Howard says:

    Shame on ABC! This was the best cop-drama since NYPD Blue, & that one’s a hard act to follow. Michael Imperioli is outstanding, as is the rest of the cast & the writing. PLEASE find a home for this program, it is most deserving of a second chance! p.s. Hey ABC, this was one of only two programs on your network we watch (other than sports, of course)…shame, shame on you for letting Detroit 187, & it’s audience, go!

    1. ayesha williams says:

      detroit 187 is a great show riick snyder only knows how to run a busiiness,not a whole state. he is being recalled in july maybe the next gov. will bring back the tax break for movies and shows here in detroit

      1. John Hunt says:

        I thought you liberals hated tax breaks for companies? it’s the liberal policies of the last 40 years that has bankrupted Michigan!

    2. The Colonel says:

      You want the truth! We live in a world with walls and where men with guns have to guard those walls. And ABC?…….. well they just couldn’t handle that truth! R.I.P. Detroit 187

    3. Christopher Pawelski says:

      Mrs. Howard said: “Shame on ABC! This was the best cop-drama since NYPD Blue, & that one’s a hard act to follow.”

      I couldn’t agree more! It was the same style and had the same feel of NYPD Blue and it was the best show on tv. I cannot believe ABC didn’t give it another year. Must we be subjected to dreck like Dancing with Stars and similar ilk?

      I sincerely hope TNT or some other cable network picks it up!

    4. Mr Barry says:

      I couldn’t have said it better. However, mindless garbage for morons like Fox’s “Animation Domination” continue to thrive. Go figure.

    5. Kern Lee says:

      I think everyone is missing the point when they blame ABC. I put the blame on the taste of the average TV viewer. If more people were watching there wouldn’t be an issue. I enjoy NCIS (along with most of America) but I think D 187 is a much better show because it has a genuine feel and doesn’t try to be cute or resort to over the top action. I think most people can’t appreciate the low key subtlety and realism of the show. Too bad.

    6. Kevin says:

      Networks have no patience anymore. If it’s not a grand-slam home run in the first few weeks, they pull the plug on the show mid-season w/o giving it a CHANCE to develop an audience. I hope a network like the 101 (DirecTV) gives this series a new life. They rescued “Friday Night Lights” from the discard pile and allowed that series to continue.

    7. Judy S. says:

      That is such sad news. Detroit 187 was a fabulous show with fully developed characters, wonderful story lines, and incredible actors. This was one quality show and I will truly miss it. If ABC were smart, it would give it a second chance with better promotion. Too bad there are only low level reality shows left. Are we dumbing down- or what!

    8. DR.L. DAVIDSON says:


    9. Charles says:

      You’re being naive if you think ABC is out to entertain you. And the problem isn’t that ABC doesn’t recognize quality shows. ABC airs whatever makes money. Income is determined by viewer numbers and D187 simply didn’t have large enough numbers. The average TV viewer wouldn’t know good acting and good scripting if it bit them on the nose. That’s why there is so much garbage on TV and intelligent shows like D187 get cancelled.

    10. K. Oliver says:

      I’ve never commented online before but I feel this strongly about this. I echo the comments – “Shame on ABC”. This was one of the best cop shows on TV in a long, long time. Everyone that I turned on to watch 187 became a fan – too bad ABC wasn’t.

    11. Laurel says:

      I’ve read each and every one of the comments and each has a point. Programing is horrible, if there is any characters that the audience can relate to get rid of it. This is a great show and the characters were just beginning to take shape. This was a class act, quality program, was that the problem. It was too adult. Governor Snyder, some money was better than none. Think of all the people that were employed, all the meals that were paid for, all the rooms that were rented. Bad move Rick. Please do what ever it takes keep this one on. We finally had something to be proud of in Michigan, other than sports team and cars.

    12. Joyce says:

      Bad move. This was the best show on tv. I hope TNT does pick this up because I’m spending more time watching that channel now because of the quality of their programs, ie Memphis Beat, Leverage, etc. Apparently ABC doesn’t care about keeping a sold viewer base.

    13. Greg Merritt says:

      I loved the show. I hope it can move to TNT or somewhere

    14. Todd Carlson says:

      I agree, bring it back. This show was so amazing and I love the city of Detroit. ABC is stupid for doing this. Why don’t they cancel DWTS what a waste. BRING BACK 187!!

  3. L.C.Hahn says:

    Dirty sexy money,Eli stone, the unusals,Eastwick,Hank,Mr sunshine,Better off Ted, Pushing daises, and now Detroit 1-8-7 all these shows were excellent,why shut them down ?They were either hard hitting exciting or really funny.even when ABC replaces these shows with something that is just as good …they cancell them to.I really don’t know the process of how to determine what stays and what gos but they(ABC)needs to re think their way of doing things

    1. ayesa williams says:

      you are absolutely right , maybe it is a ploy to get us to keep watching to see whats next. get us hooked and then oops its cancelled.

    2. back to watching reruns says:

      you have mentioned some of my favourite shows–so sick of connecting with a show and every season they get cancelled and some moronic based crude and ignorant show gets added that has no story line and can’t think out of the box. And really..we all know reality shows are set up…

    3. Dr. L.Davidson says:

      I am in your conrer LC Hahn!!! They were great shows!!

    4. $haron says:

      What an absolute disappointment. I was in love with this show!!!

  4. Barbara Rhodes Miller Vaughan says:

    Totally ticked at this cancellation.. As if Body of Proof is any good? I don’t think so. I should know better than to get hooked on watching anything anymore.

    1. Edwina J Murray says:

      Plse do whatever you can to get this show renewed. It is fantastic, great writing and plots One of the few shows worth watching this past season.

    2. Ali says:

      Hi from Australia where Detroit has suddenly disappeared from the TV guide. This was an excellent program – much better than a lot of other rubbish on here.
      So sorry and best wishes to all on the show. Really enjoyed it.

      1. Ronzo says:

        Could’nt agree more!!!!!!! Don’t let quality stand in the road of GLITCH

  5. Evans says:

    Detroit is my favorite show and there are many fans out here in the West. Us Californias love it. I hope some other station is smart enough to pick it up!

  6. Steve says:

    A shame. That was the highlight of the television week. The networks are doing their stupid reality and competition shows, and vapid “comedy” shows . . to the point there’s only 2 or three hours a week worth watching. Now it’s down to 1 or 2 hours. Haven’t cancelled the cable yet, but I can see that coming. I have a television with nothing worth watching coming in.

    1. ayesha williams says:

      dont it just irritate you the way these dumb reality and competetion shows clutte r up television just remember the days of no reality shows, no competition shows it will be that way again everything has its time it will run itscourse and then it will be gone with something else to replace it

  7. Ken Ramball says:

    Blame Rick Snyder. I guarantee you he is at the bottom of a lot of stuff like this.

  8. John Lintz says:

    It was a good show that became great. And like many others, it was cancelled prematurely. But oh thank god we still have Dancing with the Stars and Keeping up with the Kardashians and Pregnant at 15. Yawn.

  9. K. says:

    Great! Now we have room for another Real Housewifes of……

  10. GLB says:

    This is sad! About the only thing I religiously watched during the week. Detroit 1-8-7 was one of the few truly good shows on TV. How about another reality show?

  11. Diane S says:

    Bad move to cancel this show – it was fantastic! It made me proud to be a Michigander, and I loved seeing all the shots of the city I grew up in. Shame on you ABC for dropping a good show with a fantastic cast.

    1. max says:

      My feelings exactly. What makes ABC think they can replace it with anything better? Oh, wait – they’re the same idiots who cancelled it! No wonder they’re at the bottom of the network TV pile…

  12. Kailua Surf says:

    Although we live in Hawaii, we religiously tuned in to see Detroit 1-8-7 every Tuesday night. Can’t stand the reality shows (except for Amazing Race), and Body of Proof lost our interest after two viewings. Hope someone smart enough associated with one of the cable networks brings back the Motor City police drama for its avid followers. It’s an good show with a solid cast. Bring it back in one form or another.

    1. Pat says:

      I couldn’t agree more. A huge loss of a terrific show! I hate reality shows as well and do not watch them.

  13. Toon says:

    My husband and I loved this show – much better than Hawaii Five-O and the CSI series. Certainly more interesting than ABC’s assortment of boring reality shows. Hope it finds another network.

  14. G.W. says:

    One of the few shows I actually watched. Great story lines, great cast, great city for it to be filmed in. Let’s hope another station picks it up…

  15. says:

    I am shocked at the amount of positive reviews for this show. I watched the pilot and the final expisode, I didnt think it was that good.
    There stpry seemed bland and over dramatized. Some of the acting was terrible. It was a medicore show that needed to be cancled. It was nowhere near the level of NYPD blue.
    I am a Detroiter saying all of this, if it adds any relevance.

    1. robin c says:

      you should have actually watched more than two episodes before you formed your opinion. you have no clue about the depth of the show when you don’t even watch it! this is much much much better than nypd blue and any other cop show out there. you suck

    2. triplec says:

      I am in the film/media industry (as much as Detroit allows) and live in the subs of Detroit. I agree with everyone else. You need to watch the whole season and then form a conclusion. I think the biggest downfall of the show was not having at least 1 major actor/actress. From a professional standpoint i think it is a great show. This show accurately depicts Detroit. The story lines are allot more real than csi and nypd. This show has no over dramatized suicide killings or car bombings, because how often dose that happen? In Detroit almost never The reason similar shows like Harry’s law are doing better is because they have Kathy bates a big star actress. Shows like nypd and csi are unrealistic. How often are cars set to explode in NYC or super high speed chases? not often. I need shows like this in Detroit to create jobs in my career field. I cant afford LA or NYC.

  16. Mary says:

    We love this show and are so sorry to hear it’s been cancelled!!!!
    Very depressing!!!!!!!!

  17. Lynn says:

    Excellent series. I watched every episode if I missed it on tv watched it on HULU. Most of the tv shows out there are not worthing watching. The bachelor and bachlorette are ridiculous. It was nice to see a tv series filmed in Detroit bringing the film industry to Michigan and creating jobs. Thanks Governor Snyder……The acting was excellent loved the cast. It will be missed. The only show that was worth watching.

  18. Hunter says:

    That is just wrong. What a great show. Wrong! Wow. What craziness. That show rocked.

  19. Fricks says:

    Total bull!! My husband and I LOVE this show!!

  20. Sandy says:

    Way to go ABC, cancel another one that everyone seems to like. First 2 good soaps, now a really good cop show. Why not go total Reality shows and lose all your viewers. Another stupid mistake on your part.

  21. John says:

    Boycott ABC and Rick Snyder!

  22. Recall King Rick says:

    Here’s how you can “boycott” Rick Snyder: volunteer for the Recall Rick Snyder campaign at

    Turn off the TV (nothing left worth watching except PBS) and start circulating petitions. We need 1.1 million signatures starting May 21.

    To our friends in HA and CA–please donate money!

  23. Steve says:

    I really enjoyed this show and it’s characters. Nielson ratings are no longer accurate since very few people have home phones anymore. Most people I know just have cell phones. Wake up ABC your cancelling one of your only good shows

  24. Pooba says:

    Detroti 187 was more than a cop show. It was impeccibly written, with incredibile actors, featured in story lines that developed as characters lives played out. Placed in a downtrodden fabled city, the mysterious life of Michael Imperioli, the tough guy, and Michael Imereoli, the protective father, each week left me wanting more. Well done…my hats off to the producers and to the City of Detroit for all the grittiness you had to offer that made this show one of the best I have seen. NBC you left all of us wanting more…what are you thinking?

  25. Gingergirl says:

    I…am…heartbroken. This show was one of the best of its kind (I firmly believe that the downturn in viewship may be owed, among other things, to the increasingly large volume of reality shows.) Please, somebody out there, ANYBODY!…pick it up…pick it up! Detroit 187, with its fresh and thrilling plots and awesome cast, deserves to be shown!

  26. Imagine47 says:

    Detroit 1-8-7. This was one of the best new shows on TV and best cop shows since NYPD Blue. Cancelled???? That is really sad. You’ve got to be kidding me. I have to believe it’s because of Rick Snyder’s ridiculous TV/Movie tax break cuts and his asinine budget and new tax policies. Can’t wait until we vote him out of office and cancel him as governor.. This clown was a major mistake by the voters of Michigan but it is one that will be undone next election.

  27. Mike says:

    Another show too good for the general public. Just another example of the dumbing down of America. Hopefully this show will wind up on cable, where most of the good shows are. Thank goodness for cable and PBS

  28. Debby says:

    I have been waiting all winter for the season premier of Detroit 187. Ahhhhhh I am so disappointed that ABC would cancel such a quality program.The stories, the actors, the setting; who’d a thought a show filmed in Detroit would have such a following. It is the best show I have watched in a long time. I can not believe ABC would cancel a show that ranks up there with NYPD.Blue. Shame on you ABC.

  29. R.W. says:

    NOOOO!!! This was one of the BEST shows on ABC….no…on TV! I cannot believe ABC cancelled Detroit 187. WHY? The cast was awesome and so was each episode. I guess I have no reason to watch ABC now, except when my local news come on…UGH…so disappointed with ABC right now. I hope another network picks up the show.

  30. Monique T. says:

    I loved the show and watched regularly with my family. Well ABC you won’t see me.

  31. Shirley and Jim says:

    We only have 8 shows we watch every week, and this was one of our choices. It is a shame that stations cancel really good shows and keep all the silly “reality” television. We hope the show is picked up by another network. We will be tuned in if this happens.

  32. Kristi Eikanas Gifford says:

    What a waste! One more great show that the networks have dropped. Interesting charcters and story lines are apprently not necessary anymore… just make room for one more reality show!

    1. triplec says:

      I think the biggest problem is that the viewers are turning to major cable networks Or even better internet TV. I have even noticed more and more people in the last few years ditching cable TV and going totally internet (downloading, netflix, hulu) I currently watch all TV on the internet using my mac mini connected to a 55″ LCD. The problem with this is that all the ratings ABC are looking at are lousy because most of the audience is over on cable TV or the ever increasing internet. If ABC dose not get ratings from the internet then all their shows will cancel. If networks don’t embrace the future and switch to HD streaming over the net then i can see them going bankrupt eventual. I never watch ABC. Dose this mean i don’t watch any of the shows ABC has to offer? Of course not i just choose to watch them on the internet at my convenience or even better download them. I have noticed the move to internet TV because the audience dose not want to pay for a bunch of commercials and shows that are not on at their convenience. The economy docent help ether $60+ for commercials and reality shows yuck!!

  33. Jones says:

    Who is sitting at the table making these decisions??? These cancellations are really getting to be a drag. There is no reason to get caught up in the plots anymore because you only get left out to dry. I admit the hour 10:00EST was somewhat late for me, but I never missed a show.

  34. George says:

    I’m from Ireland and we love the show here. I can’t believe it’s finished. Sick to the teeth of Reality tv.

  35. Pam says:

    This is ridiculous! Body of Proof is awful and even worse is Chicago Code, where the accent is more Boston than Chicago…..and the acting lame. *I am giving up on ABC for not supporting the best show that has come on TV in a long time.

  36. Traci says:

    FIrst Friday NIght Lights and now this! UGH! I would love to see one of the cable networks pick this one up.

  37. Will says:

    Okay ABC, you give this show a late start up against THE GOOD WIFE and then cancel it because it didn’t post audience numbers you wanted? Get a clue: you have a winner here. Find a slot for it that allows it to grow its audience and doesn’t force that audience to have to choose between the two best shows on television!!!

  38. nate says:

    Absolutely the best show on television . I can’t understand why they kepp the garbage and cancel the good shows!!!!

  39. Sandeep Joshi says:

    shame on you ABC first you did this with KyleXY and now with detroit 187
    what the heck ????
    detroit was one of the best homicide drama i saw these days and you guyzzz are ripping it of the air…atleast this show deserves a second chance may be by changing its slot…plzzz ABC try to renew it for next Season plzzz plzzz plzzz

  40. TVGizmo says:

    ABC needs to change to WBC, yes Worst Broadcasting Company. This network seems to have a “going out of business” strategy. No major sporting contracts, no programming longevity. Man from Mars was another great program that was axed by these network nerds. They need to look at Fox’s business model. You don’t flip on Fox Network and see “Paid Programming” slots all over the schedule.

  41. Gerald Simmons says:

    this is an outragous outrage. Anything Detroit gets the boot first it seems. This show got much better as the episodes came week to week and the network never even noticed any of that. This is really really hard to accept. I hope another network picks it up. As the season went the conversations about the show got much better. people cant wait to see the upcoming show. I’m one of those people. Fire the people responsible for this, please. After this stop picking on this city. Newt Gingrich said he was like Texas growing thriving, And Obama was like Detroit. to complete this statement… Detroit is coming back stronger and better so is President Obama. I think newt is like ABC. constantly doing really really stupid stuff. It’s not too late to change your mind do it.

  42. Sank says:

    ABC execs missed the boat by canceling Detroit 187 then they sank the entire fleet by replacing it with Body of Proof. Little wonder that ABC is not the leading

  43. kathy says:

    Detroit 187 has been one of our favorite shows. The acting is excellent by all. I guess the televvision executives think people would rather watch stupid “reality” shows with terrible acting than good dramas with excellent acting. Every actor in the series was wonderful. We are very sorry to see it go. Hopefully one of the cable networks will pick it up. it seems perfect for TNT.

  44. Miriam says:

    As an ex Detroiter, I was happy to see my hometown depicted in a TV series. I liked how Detroit i-8-7 showed some of the beauty and quirky aspects of the city, not just the dilapidated buildings. Even more, I liked the characters and their interactions with each other, while they went about solving the crimes. It wasn’t “Homicide” one of my all time favorite detective dramas, but it was certainly a step or two above most drama or police shows on TV. I wish it would have be renewed.

  45. Motor City Fan from Atlanta says:

    To Michael Imperioli and the rest of the awesome cast, crew and writers: Hang in there guys! we’re rooting for you. Or you could always come down to Atlanta where we have good incentives for such productions!

    1. triplec says:

      Don’t steal our jobs lol. Detroit needs the show to help save the city. Atlanta doing fine. I have a friend i visit in Atlanta.

  46. Twilite Donovan says:

    Detroit 187 is BY FAR the best show on television. I’m stunned that ABC would decide they don’t want to renew this show. I can only hope that another cable channel will pick it up and continue production. It’s a fantastic show, well acted and well written. Maybe ABC should consider keeping Detroit 187 and cancelling DWTS.

  47. Anne Marei says:

    This is the best quality programming I’ve seen come out in a long time. Too bad ABC can’t figure out how to place their line-up so shows like this can thrive. The acting, writing and plots were superb. I’m so disappointed.

  48. linda joyce says:

    Very disappointing – This was a great show with very interesting story lines and great actors. I will miss it for sure. Maybe another network will pick it up.

  49. Zack says:

    ABC: where good programs go to die!!! Canceling both my 187 and my Event. I’m through with you. I was just watching something on ABC and after reading this, I changed it. Puke!

  50. kathy says:

    shame, shame, on ABC for cancelling a great show. what is wrong with the people who make the decisions to cancel and not listen to the viewing audience. Don’t we count for something? I wish that you guys that make the big bucks can get your act straight for once and listen. There are people out here you love Detroit 187 and what, because we like it., you want to what?, cancel it. That’s right. This seems to be your motto. If its good, cancel !!!!!!!!!!!. Whats wrong with this picture. Hopefully another network willl be smart and pick this show up.

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