DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A television crime drama that took its name from and made its home in the Motor City has been cancelled, one of its producers said Friday.

“Detroit 1-8-7” Executive Producer David Zabel confirmed to The Associated Press the news of the cancellation, which had been suspected in the weeks since the show’s Detroit-based production wrapped this winter.

Also confirming the show’s cancellation was series regular Erin Cummings, who tweeted Friday: “To clarify: yes, it’s official. Detroit 187 has been cancelled. Thank you for the support.”

ABC had no comment Friday. The network will officially unveil its fall schedule on Tuesday.

Zabel and other producers repeatedly made the case to renew the show, most recently meeting with ABC executives this month to discuss ideas for a second season.

ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told the Television Critics Association in January that “Detroit 1-8-7” was among a few shows for which ratings, not quality, was an issue.

Zabel told the AP in March that he hoped ABC would have “the integrity and courage to stick by a show they know is good,” but added that he hoped the studio would be “diligent and crafty enough to find a way to allow us to continue on elsewhere.”

Zabel said “1-8-7” would do well on a cable network, citing “Southland,” which is thriving on TNT after being cut by NBC.

Still, such a move would be a longshot. He said Friday that the “finances don’t make sense especially with things the way they are in Michigan,” referring to the state governor’s proposal to change a program that offered some of the most generous film tax credits in the nation.

Cummings echoed that notion, saying she can’t help but think that cutbacks in the Michigan film incentives had a role in the cancelling of the Detroit based crime drama.

Gov. Rick Snyder proposed a limit of $25 million a year on incentives as part of his budget-savings plan, and the state’s current incentive program for filmmakers is not capped.

“There are things that are still being explored,” Zabel said. “But we’re almost at the end of the road in terms of options.”

“Detroit 1-8-7” was filmed in and around Detroit, and its soundstage was in the city’s enclave of Highland Park, which closed its doors in April. It starred Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel.

“My attitude is we spent a year making a good show and having a really cool experience in Detroit,” Zabel said. “I wish it could go on longer.”

There is no doubt fans of the crime drama will be disappointed to hear of the show’s cancellation, many of them noting they not only fell in love with the show for its depiction of Detroit, but for the captive story lines and dynamic cast.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Comments (192)
  1. Lynn says:

    What’s wrong with ABC?? You finally get a quality show with superb actors and strong story lines and then you decide to cancel??? In comparison, Body of Proof is just fluff — unbelievable plots compared to Detroit 187. Not all of America watches stupid reality shows. Please, Detroit 187 — can you jump over to another network? Would follow this show anywhere at any time slot. Totally bummed.

  2. Mark says:

    I am sooooo sad to see this show be canceled… I did truly like this show and was an avid viewer. Why did this show canc? writers and actors, as well as videographers did a great job. Storyline was just as great. Also, it was amazing to help out a city in our united States that is and has been becoming a ghost town. I happen to be from Detroit. It was fun to watch familiar streets and cities in and around the Detroit metro area. Thank you for a great experience.

    Bring it back

  3. John jaszcz says:

    A shame that the show was cancelled. The depth of the characters surpassed most cop shows. As an ex-Detroiter living in the south the show brought back many memories of the city and also filled us with hope that “our town” is still fighting to come back! Too bad the governor won’t relax the restrictions on the tax incentives for a show that makes Detroit look good to the rest of the world!

  4. Becky Martin Durham NC says:

    this was one of the best shows out there. why do they cancel the good shows and leave those awful reality shows. i guess i will start supporting red box because there no more good shows on the air. I HATE THOSE REALITY SHOWS……….

  5. Marfer says:

    This was avgreat show!!!!!!!!!shame that the show was cancelled!!!!!!!

  6. Barbara Elliott says:

    What a shame – a quality show with great performances and story lines, as well as character personal issues. This had the making of a new “NYPD Blue” and we all know how successful that was. Enough already with trying to “one-up” the other networks by airing reality & competition shows. Why not stick with good old fashion drama. I too hope another network picks this show up – it would be a great addition to any line-up.

  7. Andrea says:

    Detroit 187 was a very well done drama series. The acting, story lines, etc. were spot on. In many respects, this reminds me of the series “Homicide-Life on the Streets” in that it was highly acclaimed and prematurely cancelled by NBC.

    What a shame that we are losing out. Let’s hope another, wiser network will pick it up. I would most certainly watch regardless of the network it is on.

  8. Judy says:

    What a mistake to cancel one of the best shows on TV. Detriot 187 had great actors, outstanding writers, and believable stories. Hopefully, TNT will pick it up.

  9. Stefanie says:


  10. Eleanor says:

    I can’t believe another great show got cancellled. Detroit 187 was perfect casting and the story lines were supurb. I am so sick of these reality shows, and silly comedy shows. Maybe another studio will be smart enough to pick
    it up.

  11. sharon says:

    It’s really a shame. This show was excellent. Unfortunately, ABC and the other major networks don’t know how to handle a show of this quality. I totally agree with the idea of marketing it to TNT or another cable network that has vision.

  12. Heithur says:

    So tired of falling in love with these cop shows that never get a second season!

  13. carol baumann says:

    Please find a new slot somewhere for this really quaity production.It would be a shame to lose this show and superb cast. There are so many fans of Detroit 187 who won’t write in, but will miss this gem.

  14. The truth says:

    It does not surprise me that one of the finest shows on TV is cancelled. The networks find it more profitable to produce reality garbage than producing works of art. They insult our intelligence with mindless bimbos and their broken nail dilemmas, instead of producing quality shows.
    Unfortunately no one has the fortitude to stand up and promote quality when it’s easy to make lots of money producing trash. It’s time to step up and send the reality trash back down the hole that they crawled out of, and stop promoting the inept mindless shows.
    I hope that HBO picks this show up and makes it into another HBO masterpiece. It’s pretty obvious that ABC does not have the mindset, or the skills to make it happen.

  15. Richard Virgin says:

    Does ABC honestly something else would have done better up against the Good Wife? Give me a break- they should have put a throwaway show in that time slot and put 187 in a place where it could really draw its own audience. It is a fabulous show and now it is gone. Hope someone else picks it up. I make sure to watch about four shows a week and 187 was one of top two shows of the week. It also had the guts to hit some things that most shows would never consider.

  16. Andrew Esposito says:

    I thought Hollywood liberals love paying extra taxes…. Oh, I guess they only like it when other people pay them.

  17. BRO says:

    Detroit 1-8-7 is a great show. I will miss watching it.

  18. Cathy says:

    I’m so sick of ABC cancelling shows that we’ve gotten interested in. It’s been happening for years so we’re turning to the cable channels from now on where we can get some really good drama shows like Breaking Bad and The Killing. Detroit 187 was much, much better than Hawaii Five-O but it’ll make it because it’s so cartoonish. ABC needs to get a reallity check on what people really like to watch.

  19. John says:

    I agree. This was a great show, I hope it is picked up by TNT or USA, some channel like that. This and The Chicago Code are 2 of my favorite shows, and both are canned. Yet, stupid shows remain on the air like Jersey Shore. What is this world coming to. Great acting, great writing, just a great show. I wish they would save it, and I think shows should get a minimum of 2 seasons.

  20. cecee hubert says:

    Plz dont cancel 187 I love this show and watch it faithfully. Y is it when u get a hit that u cancel it and bring back the same old shows year after year. ready to give up on local channels and stick to cable becuz they dont kill the great shows before they even get a chance to be a hit

  21. Roger says:

    wow,,,The big 3 networks continue to shoot themselvs in the foot over and over,, My wife and I look forward to new television seasons to see if we can find any high quality offerings,,, This show was gritty,, felt like someone just dragged a camera into the street and started shooting,,great characters and writing,, But I guess the networks wont be happy till the letters CSI “city of your choice” dominates police dramas,, who get fired next?? who cares?? dancing with the ?? people really watch this?? Another season of the biggest fat ass you must be kidding me?? You got a winner here,, give it a chance!!

  22. LouAnne says:

    Both my husband and I are disappointed with the cancelation of Detroit 187! So sad they made that decision as it was one of our favorite shows. Great plots and wonderful acting. I wish they would reconsider as it was one of the best shows on television last year.

  23. MARY C. says:

    187 WAS A WONDERFUL SHOW. People are so jaded from junk reality shows, they don’t know a good one when they see it. There has to be a network out there that is smart enough to pick it up. Last season it was my favorite show. Great stories and characters. A very intelligent show. BRING IT BACK!

  24. Carol R Strand says:

    My friend and her teenage granddaughters and I all thought this was perhaps the best police procedural since Hill Street Blues. *Well, the grandkids didn’t know that show, of course). The characters were terrifically fascinating. It is … a crime … that ABC cancelled it.

    I think this show attracted intelligent people of any age group old enough to watch a procedural. But I guess they don’t program network TV with intelligence in mind.

  25. Penney Nile says:

    I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing the show in the TV listings lately. That’s a shame… I really liked the show, and I loved Fitch. A great character.

  26. R.E.H. says:

    I totally agree with all the positive comments above. This was one of the best cop shows out there!!! Having grown up in the area of Ohio just south of Detroit, it was nice to see a GREAT show filmed right there in Detroit.
    The acting was SUPERIOR and I will truly miss this show. I am SICK AND TIRED OF REALITY SHOWS–ALL OF THEM and would like to see
    Detroit 1-8-7 return to the airwaves.

  27. Kathy says:

    I just loved that show. Couldn’t wait to watch it every week. What a shame to see it go. Great actors. Hope to see Micheal in another show

  28. Tadpole says:

    Nelson ratings are a joke I know I have been part of it. I never missed this show thanks to the DVR. But looks like I will have some free time next fall as along with Detroit 187, Chicago Code, Lights out and Terriers were also axed from their networks.

  29. karen says:

    This was one of my favorite shows. Hope one of the cable channels will pick it up. ABC puts on some really terrible shows and then cancels one of its best. Go figure.

  30. Ken says:

    THIS WAS A GREAT SHOW!!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED………..wish there was a way to express this to the powers that be.

  31. S P says:

    Have never been to Detroit. The series showed me a city trying hard to “come back”. The acting was great. It seems to me that the networks do not show any integrity or courage when they do not continue with series like this. It is no woder that smaller companies are eating away at their viewer audiences. In the end their greed will do them it too.

  32. MadMike says:

    There was just one thing wrong with D 187, it was only on one night a week. I couldn’t wait for the next show, seriously. What a story line, what a setting, what characters. Something like that happens only once every ten years, maybe longer. ABC, rest comfortably knowing you gave it up, you incompetent nincompoops!

  33. Sue says:

    Why didn’t you give Detroit 187 a chance? it was the best show on TV – Stupid, stupid, stupid move ABC – it would have been your top rated show if you would have promoted it more. I hope another channel picks it up and makes you very sorry…..Dumb move.

  34. Hector says:

    This is a very good show its very unfortunate that ABC canceled it. I hope they let a cable network like TNT take over.

  35. David Wilson says:

    Still sad 2 months later. I just rewatched the finale and wow … ABC, sometimes dollars and cents aren’t everything, as long as the show made money, why did you need to cancel it?

  36. Jimmy says:

    If a GOOD series dose’nt make producers and other TV personnel rich, cancel it. Who cares what us TV viewers think. It’s money or nothing.

  37. Linda Archie says:

    WOW I can’t believe this program was cancelled. I have been waiting for a new season. Such a disapointment. Not a whole lot of good TV out there anymore.

  38. MikeT says:

    Well, I suppose we have to look at the glass as half full: Consider that there’s now an extra hour for a new reality show! All the good writing has migrated to HBO, Showtime, and TNT anyway. Let’s hope this one joins the gang!

  39. LRK says:

    I loved this show. Someone please pick it up. It was the best show on TV. People just don’t know what quality TV is. ABC never gave it a chance.

  40. Bob says:

    187 was always a stupid name since “187” is only used for murder in California.

  41. Mark says:

    This was one of the best cop shows on in quite a while, a series I thought I was going to get hooked on just like NYPD Blue. ABC cannot continue to keep killing off great shows; I sometimes think it would have been better to not have started it then to have gotten so many people hooked. ABC just gave me another reason to think they’ve got morons making the decisions and running the place. I’ve gotten hooked on so many of their shows only to watch them get cancelled. It makes me think I should just stick to watching things on Netflix so at least I know what to expect ahead of time. The only saving grace is that, at least this series ended with some sense of closure; I really hate it when the show gets cancelled and leaves you hanging (Defying Gravity? Flash Forward?). II know I should have queried this sooner to find out what was going on with Detroit 1-8-7. Having moved out of the Detroit area many years ago, I enjoyed the passing shots of the city. I truly hope that one of the cable channels would consider resurrecting the series (like Southland), but I realize that’s a long shot. I would even forgive the producers if they filmed the series in Chicago and pretended it was Detroit just to get it back on the air! The stories were good and the characters were great.

  42. R A says:

    Bring back Detroit 187.
    Sick of the crime shows trying to out do each other showing gruesome nightmarish scenes and violence. This show gave you a full believable story of each character and told of crimes that happen in every big city without showing graphic scenes. Filming in Detroit was great for ex-Michiganders to remember.the good ol’ days. This program was touching in a lot of ways. Get smart, bring it back.

  43. terri D Caballes says:

    I cant believe they would cancel this show….What a shame! it was our favorite show in the house, how sad. Why do they continue to cancel great shows and keep cruddy shows. This is very sad. Please do what you can to restore.

  44. Dan says:

    Shattered!!!! I have been watching this show From Australia. Nothing comes close to the class of Detroit 187. Where to now?

  45. Debbie says:

    I love this show, I hope TNT or someone picks it up. Yet another great show taken off the air, but some of the worst sitcoms are still on tv, I just don’t get it!!

  46. v riley says:

    I also enjoyed this show. This should be re-evaluated.

  47. lyl says:

    Remember when tv was refered to as the boob tube; well thanks to network execs like those at ABC that moniker is sure to ring true again. it’s a sad state of affairs when networks are so full of garbage (i.e. reality shows like Jersey Shore, Bachelor, etc.) all to keep the mindless public believing they are presenting reality!! I want to escape reality and believe for a few moments that good scripts, excellent acting can still be found on the boob tube. Oh well public broadcasting here I come!!

  48. CRH says:

    Wow I was checking to see when the new season for Detriot 187 was starting and to my ULTIMATE DISSAPOINTING SURPRISE I found out it was cancelled!! What is up with ABC???

  49. Sharon says:

    I have just learned that Detroit 187 will not be returning to the fall line-up and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. This was one of the very best dramas on television; the cast and writing were outstanding. Please, find a slot for this memorable and moving tv show.

  50. janice says:

    what a shame, they cancel all the good ones it was one of the best shows on tv…bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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