DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A television crime drama that took its name from and made its home in the Motor City has been cancelled, one of its producers said Friday.

“Detroit 1-8-7” Executive Producer David Zabel confirmed to The Associated Press the news of the cancellation, which had been suspected in the weeks since the show’s Detroit-based production wrapped this winter.

Also confirming the show’s cancellation was series regular Erin Cummings, who tweeted Friday: “To clarify: yes, it’s official. Detroit 187 has been cancelled. Thank you for the support.”

ABC had no comment Friday. The network will officially unveil its fall schedule on Tuesday.

Zabel and other producers repeatedly made the case to renew the show, most recently meeting with ABC executives this month to discuss ideas for a second season.

ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told the Television Critics Association in January that “Detroit 1-8-7” was among a few shows for which ratings, not quality, was an issue.

Zabel told the AP in March that he hoped ABC would have “the integrity and courage to stick by a show they know is good,” but added that he hoped the studio would be “diligent and crafty enough to find a way to allow us to continue on elsewhere.”

Zabel said “1-8-7” would do well on a cable network, citing “Southland,” which is thriving on TNT after being cut by NBC.

Still, such a move would be a longshot. He said Friday that the “finances don’t make sense especially with things the way they are in Michigan,” referring to the state governor’s proposal to change a program that offered some of the most generous film tax credits in the nation.

Cummings echoed that notion, saying she can’t help but think that cutbacks in the Michigan film incentives had a role in the cancelling of the Detroit based crime drama.

Gov. Rick Snyder proposed a limit of $25 million a year on incentives as part of his budget-savings plan, and the state’s current incentive program for filmmakers is not capped.

“There are things that are still being explored,” Zabel said. “But we’re almost at the end of the road in terms of options.”

“Detroit 1-8-7” was filmed in and around Detroit, and its soundstage was in the city’s enclave of Highland Park, which closed its doors in April. It starred Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel.

“My attitude is we spent a year making a good show and having a really cool experience in Detroit,” Zabel said. “I wish it could go on longer.”

There is no doubt fans of the crime drama will be disappointed to hear of the show’s cancellation, many of them noting they not only fell in love with the show for its depiction of Detroit, but for the captive story lines and dynamic cast.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Comments (192)
  1. sirkackletree says:

    This was a great show. Can’t believe some of the shows being cancelled. The Event, The Chicago Code, and now this.

  2. Gary V says:

    Law and Order has lost the plot (except UK) So this was a great show to fill the void.
    In Australia we only have a few choices and this was second only to spooks.

  3. Norby says:

    one of the best show on TV what a bunch of idiots to cancell this show

  4. jeff says:

    great show we loved it on the east coast. abc bad move.. i guest i”ll go back to cbs blue bloods ect.

  5. triplec says:

    Detroit 187 is an awesome show!! It finally gives Detroit a good light. I spend a lot of time as a photographer downtown photographing the urban life. Its not all ghetto and if you know where you are going ex. Woodward ave. it is safe to walk around even at night. They are beginning to get some cool restaurants downtown like rub BBQ and a few in the Kresge building. Detroit has a long way to go before it is great like it used to be or as great as cities like Chicago. I wrote Mayor Bing and told him how pleased i was with the few efforts he made at reviving Detroit. He has a huge task as there is no money and no jobs. I also told him that we desperately need a shopping district downtown to draw people from the subs or give people a reason to live in Detroit. They seem to be converting all the buildings downtown to lofts and with the expensive living cost downtown i would never live there if i had to drive 30-40 min just to go to the grocery store or mall. Its not worth it unless Woodward is restored to its former shopping glory like Chicago’s magnificent mile, which i visited and was blown away. I think it is crucial to have as much positive media attention for Detroit. When i travel i get a lot of people that still think Detroit is ghetto and there are good things you just have to look. without great shows like Detroit 187 the film/media students like myself will have to move to L.A. or NYC. which is unfordable due to the lousy economy. Without the film industry in Michigan all the students attending creative arts or media schools in Michigan will be forced to move and there are more than you think. If Detroit 187 is cancelled it will put hundreds out of work and force them to move to a different state to find work pushing us even closer to another depression. DO NOT CANCEL IT, US CREATIVES NEED THE JOBS IN MICHIGAN!!!!! I also agree that ABC tends to cancel anything that isn’t a reality show. Awesome shows like Ugly Betty were canceled because they had lousy ratings. Why? because during the last season of ugly Betty they kept switching the time and day it was set to air. No one ever knew when it was on. everyone i ever came into contact loved ugly Betty but never knew when it was on. They sabotaged the show. Everyone i knew including myself just gave up and ether downloaded the show or netflixed it. From the perspective of a media student going into their career…. Burn them at the steak lol. Thank god most of my fave shows are not on ABC (futurama aquateen and south park)

  6. DJC says:

    I concur – one of the best shows on television once again yanked away. Detroit 1-8-7 was so superior to all the garbage being forced to us under the guise of “reality television”. I confess, I also didn’t watch at 10pm – but never missed an episode. What do you think DVR’s are for anyway?? It’s no wonder so few people watch the big three any more.

  7. Jozie says:

    I’ve been so looking foreward to more Detroit 187. Cant believe this show is cancelled. What a disappointment. One of the few shows I felt worth watching and ….. THE ONLY REASON I TURNED ON ABC !!!! Hope some other network will give it a chance.

  8. denise says:

    we loved the show. what is it with this network, it is canceling everything that is good. come to pittsburgh and film here. pittsburgh loves to have films and shows filmed here. i feel bad that it wont be on anymore. i have beem waiting to see when it is going to start. what a sad day , it was a great show.

  9. Jo Derbigny says:

    The only reason I even watched the show is because of my girl Aisha Hinds, who’s a stepper, and the dance community wanted to give her all the support we could. I really enjoyed the show, I sorry that it’s been cancelled.
    Aisha, keep your head up girl, we’re rooting for you and your next movie.

  10. Connie Korteland says:

    It was the only show that I watched on ABC. I am really disappointed in that station.

  11. Richard Giles says:

    A real shame as it was either the best or at least one of the best shows last year. The quality and chemistry of the cast was totally excellent, and that is a really hard combination to achieve.. I felt the same way when “Third Watch” was taken off the air. Both were superior programs in quality and being entertaining.

  12. Ryan Vandegrift says:

    ABC you make me sick you greedy money hungry pricks you guys don’t know what a good show is you are a joke and i hope ABC gets cancelled. I hope another network picks up detroit 187 and i hope they smother it in your face. You lost something good but then again you don’t know what good is. You are a joke and i’ll never watch another program on your network again. Thank God Monday Night Football is no longer on your network.

  13. Bob says:

    ABC, you suck… not wasting any more time to say more.

  14. Kurt says:

    Bummer. I love cop dramas and D187 was a good one. It would be nice if TNT picks it up. If you have not seen Southland it’s a good one as well. Last season I think D187 and Southland were both on about the same time so if you missed it check out some episodes. Season 4 is coming in 2012.

  15. BILL says:

    too bad. great show, Everytime you follow a good program the so called XPERTS decide that its not , I think they need better experts

  16. Rick says:

    GREAT show. Really hope it gets picked up. FX, do you hear this?

  17. Craig says:

    I loved this show. It reminded me of Homicide, Life on the Streets.

  18. darr247 says:

    They put it against Parenthood and Good Wife, then complain because it didn’t win its time slot? Too bad they didn’t cancel Lost while Heroes was kicking the smoke out of it.

  19. Rodney says:

    Cost may have been a factor. A large ensemble cast has got to be more expensive than another idiotic reality show. I will miss it. Good cast and good stories. More dancing with the stars, I guess.

  20. Frank says:

    The producers must be kidding? This was a very good show. The characters, the story lines and the acting. Why don’t they take a good look at this winner and put it back on the air in on a different day and time slot.

  21. MaxMacdonald says:

    I am an aussie, and have been watching it since it landed in Australia, its a great show just like NYPD Blue… how come they cancel shows which take time to evolve and get into a groove… com e on networks bring it back… Mac

  22. Trina says:

    Just hearing of Detroit 1-8-7’s cancellation and I am so disappointed! Just when I fall in love with a wonderful cop show with a good storyline and an amazing cast it gets cancelled. I sure hope another network picks it up! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  23. Debra NYC says:

    I got totally hooked on this and started watching it on HULU only to have the whole thing get yanked because it had “expired.” Quite a shame. One of the best shows I have seen in a long while.

  24. Todd says:

    This is a bunch of bull! ABC sucks and i will never watch the station again. Its funny they report all the time the city needs money and jobs, but what do they do, you guessed it. Take jobs and money away from Detroit.

  25. Jerel says:

    Man they don’t know what a good show is because this was one……..

  26. joe says:

    are you kidding me this was a great show . abc never keeps the good one’s maybe someone need to get rid of abc hope the show goes to cable

  27. D. Solomon says:

    Really ABC you cancelled on of the best shows on tv last season. I loved this show – I actually thought it evolved better than NYPD Blue. The traditional networks are going to loose their place to cable ’cause they only want to invest in cheap reality tv. Come one USA, TNT or FX, pick it up! Please!!!!!!

  28. carol t says:

    i love this show. you left us hanging in the middle of a story. bring it back or another network will hopefully pick it up. great cast great acting great story line.

  29. maudie pickenpaugh says:

    why would you take off a great show now we will never know what happen in the show

  30. Curt says:

    Great show. They take this show off and leave Dancing with the non-Stars on??? Come on man. Now all I have to watch on ABC is Modern Family. Maybe FX can pick it up. That way I could watch two FX shows but its a start.

  31. Elz says:

    I agree with Curt. The ONLY show on ABC worth watching is MODERN FAMILY. Can’t we do something?!? What about TNT? They revived SOUTHLAND after NBC foolishly let it go! Where will we intelligent people be able to view quality programming when the major networks choose shows such as WIPEOUT and DANCING WITH THE (gulp!) STARS ?

    1. Mike says:

      I’m sure the producers are trying to find a home for it. It was a great show, In some ways, was similar to NYPD Blue.
      But the whole concept of it being in Detroit, the cast was great, the dynamic of the characters, of the whole show was itself! Maybe AMC or TBS will pick it up. Spike or Lifetime could too.

  32. michele says:

    michele,, I love this show I just heard it wasn’t coming back… It was so great,, every time I love a show,, they get rid of it or change it,, loved last years Harry’s Law,, this season they have totally missed it up!!

  33. Christopher A Rose says:

    Wow, another good show, with at least a couple of non whites, in it, canceled. Way to keep it white, Hollywood.

  34. Diana Thomas says:

    Sickening! I never would have thought that such a great show, with such great actors would ever have to worry about getting cancelled. I am soo disapointed with this decision and hope that TNT picks it up. I still watch Southland there faithfully, after it was moved there due to cancellation. I am sure this show would do great there too! These major networks all want to save money and put on these stupid Reality shows, where they don’t have to pay out as much money. They really don’t care about us viewers, it’s all about the money!

  35. vicki says:

    We loved this show…so sad to hear!!!

  36. BNZ says:

    Really too bad Detroit was cancelled – I used to live in the area and it was great checking out all the landmarks but sad seeing the condition it’s in. BUT the acting and story lines were super so that’s really why I watched it The nostalgia was just a bonus. If they’re smart one ot the cable channels will pick it up and I know it will do good there!.

  37. Ty says:

    Don’t pass on Jordan and get Sam Bowie! Not a smart move to cancel a great show. Someone else will pick it up and “win championships”!

  38. T. W. says:

    Reality shows, what the world needs more of RIGHT! the reality shows are not true reality. walk the streets of any big city that’s reality! so why put in on the air? TV was meant to escape from reality. Always kick Detroit to the site of the road, when something good happens to the city or the State of Michigan, someone takes it way! Great Job ABC…..and any other groups that were part to this……..

  39. PD says:

    WOW! REALLY? Here I am thinking this show will be making a mid-season appearance like last year and it’s canceled?! What a huge disappointment!

  40. Ginger says:

    We’re very disappointed to learn this show has been cancelled. Someone hoped TNT would pick it up. Considering TNT cancelled “Men of A Certain Age,” another good show, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  41. denise says:

    how dumb! figures they’d keep the brainless bachelor series and get rid of a real show like this one.

  42. Vincent Mashburn says:

    What’s sad is that because of viewer popularity or the failure for viewers to enjoy your show,if it doesn’t hit you right away,we can it. Detroit 1-8-7 even though I never did get to see it because of scheduling conflicts is a very tight show shot in Detroit which showcases the city and all of it’s surroundings. The cast is great depicting everyone’s mannerisms and habits. The theme to Detroit has a nice bass line and riff which got me immediately and compared it to Starsky and Hutch. It’s unfortunate it was cancelled either through budget or other factors but through DVD it gets another shot at life. I realy grew to like this show just like the character portrayed by Imperioli. Fantastic. Touche to Detroit 1-8-7.

  43. Deanna10664 says:

    Producer of Detroit 187 made a bad call. My family and I enjoyed watching it.

  44. mhsterry says:

    So sorry to hear of Det187 cancellation. I was literally searching channels for the premier. Imperioli was perfect and a “real guy” excited to see how his possible love interest would wind up.

    HOPEFULLY, some smarter station will pick up like they did Southland and kept that awesome show going.

    1. Charles says:

      Been waiting for it, no wonder I couldn’t’ find it.
      Just found out Men of a Certain Age and Terriers were cancelled.
      What a waste, instead of good provocative adult minded programing we get The Bachelor an insult to intelligence and our society targeting TMZ minded garbage….”That’s garbage Frankie”….

  45. xxxxx says:

    It was cancelled because it got too close to the truth the establishment does not want the public to know. It showed the present reality of what was once a huge and important American city. Why should industry and population just leave? It makes no sense unless one considers the possibility of an agenda by the power elite to degrade America. It is part of the UN Agenda 21 and the sustainable development agenda. Tearing down the city, rebuilding it to be “smarter” (more like a prison = smarter), and making it smaller and more centralized so the people can be ruled and controlled, and exterminated eventually. The show nearly came right out and admitted this.

  46. Victoria says:

    We just finished watching the whole 187 series (18 episodes) on Netflix, and now can’t BELIEVE that there are no more. What a huge diappointment! with all the junk on TV how could they do this???

  47. april says:

    Just watched it on Netflix. I wasn’t sure about it at the start but now that I’ve finished it, I’m very sad to see it was canceled.

  48. Leonie says:

    major bummer, always the good shows, never the bad ones

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