Two notable quotes from today’s Lions player-organized practices:

“It’s disappointing. A couple weeks ago, when the lockout was (temporarily) lifted, there was a tremendous amount of excitement and guys were ready to get back to work. Even though nothing was settled, guys were ready to move forward and get ready for next season. Now, we continue to wait, and it’s just frustrating.”
– Kyle Vanden Bosch, on the ruling Monday that keeps the NFL’s lockout in place until appeals can be heard on June 3rd.

“Obviously, you know me….even if I’ve only been here a year. I do whatever it takes to put a smile on my face, and when you’re not working – with too much time on your hands – you get to doing crazy stuff. Hopefully, we’ll get back to work soon or else I might come back with all kinds of piercings on my face, looking like a clown.”
– Nate Burleson, on why he went with a “fro-hawk” for his new hairstyle in the off-season.

Listen below to Nate Burleson’s comments

Listen below to Calvin Johnson’s comment


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