Ok, maybe it’s not exactly for the love of the game but that has got to have something to do with it as the Lions, on their own gathered once again on Wednesday at Detroit Country Day school to workout. Matt Stafford showed up just as the throwing portion of the work out started and looked good tossing passes effortlessly to his receivers. Stafford when asked about the shoulder afterwards said, “It feels great, I don’t think about it until you guys ask me about it.”

Defensive lineman Kyle Vanden Bosch was responsible for putting together the week of work outs and was pleased with the turnout. “You know seeing what other teams put together; you know I have been more than happy. Seems like this has been probably the best organized and most well attended player led work outs of anybody.” Vanden Bosch also had some words to say about the lockout claiming “it would be a travesty for everybody involved if we miss football games next year.”

Lion’s receiver Nate Burleson showed up with a new hair style as he was sporting a faux Hawk and it seemed like he had a different attitude then his team mates as well. Burleson claimed “you know to be honest (the lockout) is not that frustrating for me, for other people I’m more concerned about it for.” Burleson along with Calvin Johnson and some of the tight ends were in attendance to take passes from Stafford, Drew Stanton and even Shaun Hill.

As the Lions continue to work out at the school, it should be noted that no player is spending any money on the training or to be in Beverly Hills. Furthermore, some of the players were throwing and taking passes from some of the kids that attend Country Day. Through the windows of the football facility, students could also be seen peering through on their way to class or during a free hour. Some kids were also allowed to attend the practice and take pictures and interview players.

Watch the player’s interviews below for the entire story!


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