Lawmaker Wants To Save The Landlines

LANSING (WWJ) – There’s a push in Lansing to make sure those who still have a phone in their homes do not lose them.

Utility companies are losing money on their landlines because nearly half of their customers who were paying for the old telephone technology have dropped off.

WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports the state is now stepping in so the landlines can be preserved.

Republican Senator Mike Nofs said landlines are used beyond powering home telephones.

“Everyday it’s still losing and losing, but you need that backbone in those switches to be able to complete those wireless call,” Nofs said. “If we didn’t have landlines, we wouldn’t have wireless service.”

The importance of landlines stretches beyond cell phones: in case of a power outage, your landline will still work; when you call 911 from a landline, operators receive your exact location automatically; plus, your landline phone number can be listed in your local phone book.

Nofs said he will rewrite the communications act to protect the utilities and to keep those existing landlines in use.

  • alex

    I will never give up my land line. I lost power for 3 weeks and only because I had my land line with a corded phone was I able to call 911 cause someone tried to break in figuring I’d be an easy target. So please don’t make another stupid mistake as with the ‘digital tv”…if I did not have the little black & white with batteries and not had ‘over the air’ waves, we would not have had any news on when to expect power back, cause cable or satelite don’t work without power), but to take the land lines too, would be just wrong.

    • frank

      I have power out for a week. I charged my cell phone with my car battery. I havent had a land line for 10 years

  • Jim

    I like land lines, vinyl records, stick shifts, incandecent bulbs, and water from the tap. You do and use what you like, but leave my stuff alone!

  • jack

    Cool… then those need the old stuff can just pay more for it.

  • Paul

    Land line pricing is skyrocketing out of this world, so if you want to save the land lines, bring the prices back down to within reason and dump the hidden fees. They always quote the base fee then double it in hidden fees when the bill comes.

    • rmsbl4

      Sounds like the airlines.

  • Larkin

    The one good thing about landlines is that they are buried, at least in most areas. The land line will still work when the power is out, it will also work when the tornado had taken out the cell tower in your area. As for Frank, well yes I can charge my cell phone in my vehical also, I can also use other small appliances with the power inverter that I keep in my jeep. The point is, if the tower goes down, and around here they do. (Ice, lightning, tornado etc.) A land line has saved lives and property.

  • Wollydevil

    If you get rid of land lines how would the old people use life line to page help ??

  • HarryR

    Landlines are very expensive to maintain, at least with the old copper wire technology. We should make it worthwhile for the RBOCs to replace copper wire with fiber technology. While initial installation is expensive, maintenance is cheap and the fiber can carry high speed internet as well as hundreds of cable channels. Then the cable companies would have true competition and the consumer a choice.

  • Jeff


    I have power out for a week. I charged my cell phone with my car battery. I havent had a land line for 10 years

    If the power outage is big enough and the tower goes down for no electricity…the cell wont work. I dont have a landline either

    • Mike

      If the power outage is big enough, who cares? No one will have service but, those who have both land line and cell will have had the line line for nothing. dah?

  • Moou

    I am required to have a land line for work – it’s in my contract. I got rid of my cell phone and have been quite happy about it. Nothing works for everyone. It’s irritating when huge companies try to force the public to do things their way. Nice to see someone in government working to stop that.

  • Mike

    Here comes another law provoked by lobbyists. Our crooked politicians taking money for passing a bill. I’m getting rid of my land line as soon as possible. What a bunch of crooks.

  • Mike

    Just wait, soon there will be another law so we have to pay ATT extra cash for nothing. Here’s an idea, make it against the law to be a lobbyist. If big biz wants to talk to law makers make it so they have to do it on television. If they get caught talking to law makers in any private venue they should be taken out and shot.

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