Thursday morning the Lions only spent about 30 minutes on the Detroit Country Day field before packing up and heading back to their homes. Over the course of the last four days a lot of questions have been answered including the health of the franchise, Matt Stafford. Yesterday Stafford claims he only thinks about the shoulder injury that he needed surgery on when the media asks him about it. Today, when the quarterback was asked if there was a game tomorrow could he play in it? His response was absolutely! Stafford was also seen after the workout throwing balls to students, one of which was a 60 yard tight spiral that looked impressive and yet effortless. Lions safety Louis Delmas was also in attendance on Thursday and commented on Detroit’s draft. “Last year I thought we did a great job, phenomenal job drafting (Ndamukong) Suh and now we got (Nick) Fairley. I’m going to be back there laughing basically. It’s going to be like me going to a movie theater watching a movie seeing all the damage they are going to do up front. All we can do is sit back and let the balls float to us.” Delmas also backed free agent and former Lion Dre Bly who was working out in Beverly Hills all week long. “He might be 85 years old but he still can keep up with us” said Delmas when asked if he expects Bly to be in the league next season? The player led practices went so well that the team expects to do it again on June 6th where they will focus more on football instead of fitness. Kyle Vanden Bosch was impressed with how good of shape his teammates were in saying “every offseason when we start working there is a couple of guys that fall off that are obviously in really bad shape, but that has not been the case here.” Many of the Lions commented on how happy they were that so many of the players showed up to participate and how sure they are that the Lions got the best attendance of all the player led work outs throughout the league. Check out the videos below for the entire story from the player led workouts!


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