Summer is right around the corner and many Metro Detroiters are starting to coming out of hibernation.  That means it is time to be out and about!  The first weekend of June is filled with many events!  That is what we are talking about on this week’s “Street Beat.”

June 3rd is my parent’s wedding anniversary.  Normally I would spend that day doing family activities.  But they are in New Jersey, so I will not be able to make it this year.  June 4th is my oldest BFF Jaya’s birthday.  We have been buddies since the age of 13 and unfortunately in the past few years, we’ve missed each other’s birthday.  This is year no different!  Jaya lives in Washington, D.C.

I am spending the first weekend of June in Metro Detroit!  On June 3rd, I will attend the 12th annual Bravo Bravo! event.   This year’s theme is the film industry.  All proceeds will go to the Detroit Opera House.   The party will be at the Opera House too!  Expect 35 different bars and restaurants and a ton of fun!
Dominic Arellano and Piper Carter, Co-Chairs of the event, talk about the Michigan Opera Theatre, the Opera House, and their Bravo Bravo! fundraiser.

Pericles Chiatalas and Father Nick Kotsis (photo: WWJ-TV)

Pericles Chiatalas and Father Nick Kotsis (photo: WWJ-TV)

On June 4th, I will attend the Ya’ssoo Greek Festival in Ann Arbor.  I LOVE Greek culture and food.  Consider this a warning: Don’t get between me and some Baklava!  I got a chance to speak with Pericles Chiatalas, Co-Chair of the Festival, and Father Nick Kotsis of St. Nicholas Parish about this event.

Josetta Wood and Angela Andary of Swan for Life (photo: WWJ-TV)

Josetta Wood and Angela Andary of Swan for Life (photo: WWJ-TV)

I will be a special guest speaker for the Swan for Life Foundation’s “A Day for Hope” celebration on June 5th.   I am very excited about this event because this organization provides comfort to families stricken with cancer.

As you will see in this week’s “Street Beat,” my family is in that awful category.   Angela Andary of the Swan For Life Foundation and Josetta Wood, a cancer survivor, share  information on the National Cancer Survivor Day event.

Remember to catch “Street Beat” this Sunday at 11:30 am on CW50!

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  1. Kris says:

    What a busy weekend! Bring me the leftover Baklava!!

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