DETROIT (WWJ) – Despite complaints about the loss of business by some merchants, a new report shows a very small number of actual citations have been issued as a result of the state’s year-old smoking ban law.
James McCurtis is with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

“It showed that we had about 1500 violations across the state, of those about 117 (were) issued citations.” says McCurtis.

A new study from the Michigan Department of Public Heath shows that restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and patrons are complying with the state’s year-old smoking ban law.

McCurtis says only two establishments in the state actually had to shut their doors until compliance with the smoking ban was eventually reached.

“It shows us that local health departments are making sure that businesses are following the rules, making sure that citizens, residents in these different businesses are following the rules. It also shows us that businesses are receptive of the law and they are respecting the law,” says McCurtis.

Meantime, a new statewide poll commissioned by the American Cancer Society shows public support for the smoking ban now stands at 74 percent, up eight points from last year.

  1. mike says:

    Your polls are nothing but propaganda. I quit eating out the moment the ban took place. The ban is illegal and unconstitutional. Try to ban smoking in my house.

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