When you invest years in a television show and the mystery of it ends, you miss it.

That’s the way many of my friends felt when the series “Lost” ended.  There were so many twists and surprise moments, discussions and dinner conversations, it seemed no other show could feel the void.  Until now.

At this year’s upfront, CBS previewed their new fall lineup.  The new show that tested better than any CBS drama in the past 15 years is from the creator of “Lost”, JJ Abrams.

“Person of Interest” even features “Lost” alumni Michael Emerson, who played Ben, the conflicted bad guy, (or was he?).  In “Person of Interest” Emerson’s character Finch enlists Jim Caviezel to stop a violent crime from happening to people identified only by their social security number.  Are these people the victim or the perpetrator?

Abrams and former “Dark Knight” co writer Jonathan Nolan promise to heat up your Thursday night lineup. Can’t wait.

Here’s a clip: www.cbs.com/primetime/person_of_interest/video/

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